Skin79 Super+ B B triple Functions cream.

Skin79 Super+ B B triple Functions cream, Skin79 Super+ B B triple Functions cream review, After trying Garniers B.B. cream and not being impressed I decided to try a real asian B.B. cream. After much scouring of the internet I decided to try this one. It actually is quite expensive. I did find it way cheaper on Amazon, which I know you guys are like but wait wouldn’t that be a fake? Nope it’s not, I went through a lot of the reviews and checked the whole package to make sure it’s authentic.

This product claims to help with Whitening, Wrinkles improvement and SPF 25 with a hint of color. The container is my favorite about this product. I wish more companies had the similar containers. It’s a pump! I love pump face makeup! It makes life 10x easier.

The BB  cream itself is on the thick side, but I still only use one whole pump to cover my face. I really like that it was thicker, I felt and saw that I was getting better coverage. The color definitely matched my skin better than any american BB cream I’ve used so far. Those left me looking a bit orangey even if I used the fair colors. I did come to terms that this wont cover all my imperfections but covered enough I deemed it was okay to be seen in public.

When I used this I did not use lotion or use face primer. I did set it with powder. The coverage lasted for at least 6 hours up to 9ish. This lasted me the whole time I’m up to when I come home from school so 7am to about 3pm. I did not notice a smell to this.

My one and only complaint is that I broke out using this. That is the only reason I will never use this again. I can’t be using any products that break me out. It’s such a shame because I did really like this BB cream. Other than that I would advise this to everyone.

Before BB cream.
Unblended BB cream.

 As you can see in this picture, at first it comes out not looking like it will bend in. But it blends in really well.

After BB cream is blended.

It definitely did even out my skin tone, well sorta. It appears to give my skin a pink tint, it fades throughout the day to give a more even look.

I know some of you may say ‘oh no this is a fake.’ They recently changed their packaging again to counter-act. with a lot of fakes floating around. I bought this about 8months ago, and never got a chance to review it. Sorry for the delay!


  • Gives medium coverage, some bigger acne scars showing through
  • Last for at least 6hours with only using a setting powder
  • No bothering scent to it.
  • Thicker cream base


  • Broke my skin out. 

VERDICT: This may not have been nice to my skin, but it is a much better BB cream then any of the ones on the american market. Yes I do know that you shouldn’t compare an Asian BB cream with an Western because they both are total opposites. I do like this one a lot better it’s just a shame that I determined that this broke me out. Pass. I bought mine from amazon for about $15. If your worried about fakes you can buy it from here for $28 where it’s officially sold.

PS Thanks to Hurricane Sandy School and work have been canceled which gave me the chance to write up a bunch of blog posts! At least some good can come out of this hurricane.

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