Look Ma! I’m a hipster!

So I received the email from Firmoo from their customer service about receiving a pair of sunglasses or glass exchanges for reviewing it on my blog. I was extrememly skeptical about this offer. After a few back and forth emails I decided to give it a go.

That being said, my expectations were extremely low going into this. So I sent in the style and my prescription and hoped for the best. While I waited for my glasses in the mail I looked through the site and customized the glasses I want, the way I wanted them. My total was less than $100. Which you can’t find that kind of deal on prescription glasses anywhere- or at least ones with the thinner glass because my vision is so poor.

I received my glasses in the mail two weeks later. The glasses themselves came in a hard glasses case and bubbled wrapped to make sure they came safe and sound. In the package included my glasses, 1 soft case, 1 hard case, spare screws and a screwdriver, and cloth to clean my glasses with. All nice extras that you usually have to pay extra for. I know for a fact that a hard case at other glasses places are an extra charge.

 Onto the best part, do I actually like my glasses? Surprisingly yes. I got glasses on the larger side with thick frames. The frames themselves are made of sturdy black plastic. The screws that hold the glasses together seem kinda flimsy but I’ve dropped/knocked them off my face at least a dozen times for the three weeks I’ve owned them so far. So I’m sure these glasses are pretty tough.

The prescription is perfect, which is what worried me the most getting glasses from an unknown place. I have extremely poor vision, so glasses are vital for me to wear them everyday, or contacts. These glasses do not give me a headache.

I got the pair of unisex glasses that look like RayBans. HERE I got them in the gloss black frames. I find that these fit my wide, and slightly chubby face. I have big cheeks and I find that this fits my face perfectly! Much better then a small frames which make me look snooty! I like this shape a bit better for the face since it actually isn’t as sharp as the Rayban wayfer frames. Very stylish right now!

Don’t forget that Firmoo right now is offering to new customers the first pair free all you have to pay for is the shipping. I would totally take up this offer. Glasses are so expensive nowadays! I know this deal might seem very shady. I was at first not believing it, and I was thinking it was some kind of scam, but this is the real deal ladies. A must try!

I know I look like a hipster in these glasses but find myself adorable if I do say so myself.

 VERDICT: I am extremely pleased with these glasses. I would recommend Firmoo.com to anyone whether they be prescription glasses or sunglasses. I’m super happy with mine, and planning to buy a second pair in a different color just because they’re so cheap! They just recently put up cheetah like print glasses, that I can’t wait to buy! (or bribe my mom into buying for me! What ever comes first)

Glasses were sent from Firmoo.com for review. These pictures are mine, and my honest opinion of the glasses up for review. 


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