Viva La Juicy VS Noir Tease: Perfume dupe??

Want to have a little Viva La Juicy in your life but don’t wanna shell out the cash for it? I have the perfect solution for you! Victoria Secret’s Noir Tease perfume is the answer. 

I swear to you guys they smell exactly alike. Well almost the only difference I can smell is that Viva La Juicy smells just a little heavier. If you don’t believe me check out their lists of notes.

Noir Tease $45:

Viva La Juicy $70:

The notes they have in common are all bolded. Since they have 7 notes in common, with the other notes similar to each other it’s a no brainer why they smell almost exactly the same. In all honestly you can’t really tell the difference unless you’re really trying to point to each scent and compare. The first time I sprayed Noir Tease I instantaneously thought it was Viva La Juicy. 

VERDICT: Since these perfumes almost smell exactly the same I would suggest to just buy Victoria Secret’s Noir Tease perfume. You can save yourself just about $25, now granted the bottle isn’t nearly as cute as Viva La Juicy’s bottle but I rather have that $25 in my pocket that I could buy something cuter to show off with. 

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