Julep Daylight defense SPF 30 review

 I for one will openly admit how much I love Julep. It is a bit pricey, just about $20 a month for two polishes and a full size spa item they pick each month for you is a bit much. But I love it, and it has been my one guilty pleasure. I don’t get every month, and I don’t mind having to go online to skip a month.

SO, I picked out June’s Boho glam box which in it I received my Julep Daylight defense SPF 30. I’ve been using this as my face sun screen since I nixed my Avon sunscreen two weeks ago. I have been liking it so far.

This sunscreen has a very strong citrusy scent, but quickly fades away once you apply it. Rubs into the skin nicely. This isn’t a runny sunscreen, even after it’s been in my beach bag for hours on a hot beach.

I find I have about an hour in between of each application. I do apply this not only to my face and neck, but to my shoulders and chest as well. I was so happy with this at first because here I thought I found a sunscreen that doesn’t sting my face.

That didn’t last for long. Last Sunday when I went to a baseball game with family, I was using this to apply to my face. The temp was 96 degrees, so it was super hot, and not a cloud in the sky. This sunscreen didn’t even stay on my face, melted right off. As it began to melt it stung my face big time. I was only in the sun pre-gaming for maybe two hours before I had to put a hat on and hide in the shade. I got burnt using this as well.

VERDICT:  So in the end I’m not a fan of this anymore. It melted right off my face in the heat, not good for summer. It also stung my face. So at the price of $22.40, without a doubt this is a pass. Thank god I got this for free!!

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