Worth the Splurge? Anew Solar Advance Body Sunscreen 30spf

ANEW SOLAR ADVANCE Sunscreen Body Lotion, avon sunscreen, spf 30Summer’s here so that means I’m usually outside everyday lifeguarding. So I’m always on the hunt for a good sunscreen. Something that doesn’t burn my face, and melts. I never seem to find what I want. Summer means to me is a hunt for a good sunscreen that doesn’t cost a fortune, but also good for my skin.

Well I can’t really say this sunscreen was cheap, it cost me $14 when I bought it on sale but the claims seemed nice, so I figured I’d try it out. Avon claims: Sun exposure can cause visible signs of aging. UV Rays penetrate skin’s surface, damaging DNA and creating harmful superoxide free radicals that attack skin cells. The best protection is to avoid sun exposure. When this isn’t possible, broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must to help protect skin from the sun’s harmful rays. 
Formulated with RepairShield™ Technology. Skin looks and feels dramatically tighter and toned. Broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Lightweight, quick-absorbing. Very water-resistant.

ANEW SOLAR ADVANCE Sunscreen Body Lotion, avon sunscreen, spf 30

Now here’s what I thought about this sunscreen: Like most sunscreens it comes out white, medium consistency.  It rubs in easily.  It has a pretty strong scent smells like most avon products do, a slight chemical smell. It fades away after a new minutes. I don’t feel like this melts off in the heat, it also doesn’t make my skin sticky after use. 

ANEW SOLAR ADVANCE Sunscreen Body Lotion, avon sunscreen, spf 30, avon suncreen swatch, swatch

It did sting my face. I don’t like that at all. I can hear you guys saying now ‘But Meg it’s a body sunscreen not a face sunscreen.’ I know that and I take that into consideration while I write this review. As a lifeguard it’s the biggest pain carrying around two different kinds of sunscreens to apply. I like to apply quickly and not lug around so much with me when I go to work. 

Now did I notice my skin in better condition? No. My skin felt the same, but I felt like I had shorter time between each application before I got sunburn. I feel like the protection in this sunscreen was lacking. I honestly always like to use spf 30, but I usually get about hour and a half between application with normal sunscreen. But I found myself having to reapply every forty-five minutes or so. 

VERDICT: This stings my face, it also doesn’t last as long as other sunscreens I’ve used. I didn’t notice any skin improvement. For $24 when it’s not on sale, this is definitely not worth the splurge. Pass

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