Salon effects 809 Fur-ocious Vocals review

Salon effects 809 Fur-ocious VocalsAbout a month ago when I had $5 CVS extra care bucks burning a whole in my pocket and a Sally Hansen BOGO sale going on I bought this baby. I’m a sucker for cheetah print anything, so a pretty blue cheetah print nail strip can not be ignored!

I find these super easy to apply. I do apply mine a little different. I always put a coat of OPIs Chip skip on my nails before application, it’s not actually a base coat, it’s well I’m not quite sure. But it soaks right into my nail. When it’s time to file it down to fit my nails I don’t do that. I fold them over my nails and tear the extra off, – not the right way to do it but it works all the same for me.

I topped these with two coats of a top coat, and that’s the last time I did anything to them. These lasted 9 days on me. Which is a surprised since I like changing my polish at least twice a week. These nail strips were just to pretty to take off! I loved them!

Salon effects 809 Fur-ocious Vocals

Salon effects 809 Fur-ocious VocalsThe wear was great! They seriously took a beating because I was down the shore the whole time they were on, and I was at the beach everyday! I went with a few little kiddies so it even survived playing in the sand and making sand castles! These nail strips are some tough cookies! There was no chipping or pealing. There was a little wear on the tips by day 9, but that’s too be expected. The only reason I took them off was due to nail growth.

VERDICT: For $9, but you can always get them for cheaper because they are almost always on sale, I say they are a steal! If you think about it, you go to the salon and mani is ten dollars, then to get design on your nails is usually fifteen dollars for ten designs. You would pay close to twenty-five dollars for a mani like this but I bet the design wouldn’t look anywhere as nice as this! There wear is great as good as it’s 10day claim of wear. I will most definitely be repurchasing these!

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