Rimmel’s Lash Accelerator Serum

I received this in the package of Rimmel goodies I got when I was in the running for the Rimmel’s 10 back in December. I wasn’t actually interested in this so it sat unused in my makeup collection unused. Well that is until last week , that is.

The product itself is of medium consistency. It’s clear with a faint mascara scent. The wand isn’t like a usual mascara wand. It’s like a wand with a spiral indent down the wand tip. There are no bristles. At the tip is a brush which is super helpful applying this serum to your lash lines. I feel because of it’s spiral applicator it’s hard to evenly distribute through your lashes. Also because of the applicator it clumps the lashes together, which can be a pain when using it during the day under your regular mascara. It feels like a watery-gel but not runny when applied.

Here’s what Rimmel had to say about this product: New Lash Accelerator Serum with GROW-LASH Complex helps to support the natural growth of beautifully long, remarkably strong lashes. With a unique hybrid applicator for precise application to lashes, lash line or brows!Lash Accelerator Serum with GROW-LASH Complex:- Around-the-clock conditioning and fortifying gel helps to support healthy lash & brow growth- Shapes, separates and sets lashes and brows into place- Improves the appearance of lashes, making them look longer and fuller looking- Creates fuller, re-shaped and natural-looking brows- Quick-drying clear gel is lightweight and easy to 

So I applied this twice a day to my top lashes, and at night to my bottom lashes. I used this for about 3 days before I stopped using it. It stung my eyes. It made the skin around my eyes itch. I don’t consider my skin sensitive, not at all. I was so surprise how much it actually irritated my eyes and the skin around them! I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt but after the third morning I couldn’t keep doing it so I washed it off right away.

Since I only used it for about 3 days I can not comment on if it improved the health of my lashes or helped them grow longer.

VERDICT: Due to how it irritated my lashes I can not comment if it actually works but I know I won’t recommend this to anyone.This is a pass for me.

This product was given to me by Rimmel when I was in the running for Rimmel’s 10 contest. 

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