Maybelline’s ColorTattoos review and EOTD

Maybelline's color tattoos, Color tattoo tenacious teal, color tattoo edgy emerald, color tattoo bold gold.

You’re probably thinking ‘Oh no, not these things again!’ but I’m sorry you guys are gonna have to suffer through another review/makeup looks by them because I was so late in buying these. At first I didn’t even want to bother with these. I thought they were so over hyped and not worth the time. Also I was never a big fan of cream shadows so I wasn’t so desperate in trying to get my hands on them. So if you guys keep reading you can find out what I thought about them and how I used them.

I bought the three shades I think I’d use the most 40 Tenacious Teal , 45 Bold Gold and 50 Edgy Emerald. All three looked super pretty in the bottle so I bought them when there was a promotion for bogo1/2off at CVS. Who can say no to a CVS sale? I know I usually can’t!

The product itself is like any other cream shadow, a pain to blend. I found when applying with your fingers it gives a sheer wash over color so it’s better to use an eyeshadow brush to apply. But remember to wipe your brushes on a wipe after each use of this eyeshadow, to keep your brushes useable.

I find that it’s easier to use this eyeshadow as a base color, or the only color you use on your lids due to the nature of cream shadows. I love Tenacious Teal- a lovely bright blue shimmer with silver glitter which reminds me of topical waters. Edgy Emerald – a vibrant teal green this also reminds me of a mermaids tail, or what color it is in my head, both colors perfect for summer. I’m having a little shoppers remorse about Bold Gold – Deep golden color with gold flecks, a little dull for me. What Gold Gold is great for are those ‘you just sweep a color on your lids add mascara and out the door you go’ days.

Maybelline's color tattoos, Color tattoo tenacious teal, color tattoo edgy emerald, color tattoo bold gold.

 I applied all three shades to the inside of my arm around 9am when I first did my makeup.

Maybelline's color tattoos, Color tattoo tenacious teal, color tattoo edgy emerald, color tattoo bold gold.

 This is a picture of the swatches the next morning around 10am. 

The wear for these eyeshadows is amazing. On my lids I did prime using ELF’s essentials primer before I applied these. I found that if by some misfortunate I didn’t get to wash my makeup off after a night now my eyeshadow if nothing else was perfect. It stays put even when you rub your eyes, which can not be said about most eyeliners!  When it comes to washing off, these come off easily with a little soap and water.

My favorite way I wear these shadows are as eyeliner. That was has been my go to summer look. Simple but gives a pop of color.  I use my elf Defining eye brush, a short hair angled brush to apply it. These go on super smoothly and doesn’t tug at the skin.

uk skins effy eye makeup, maybelline color tattoo eye look, effly skins color tattoo, maybelline  This the first look I tried to recreate the effly from skins look in this picture.  I used Tenacious Teal on my waterline applied with my elf defining eye brush.

maybelline color tattoo edgy emerald, edgy emerald eye makeup look  In this second look I covered my entire lid with Edgy Emerald and blended a matte brown in my crease so it wouldn’t look so harsh.

VERDICT: Even if I’m suffering from buyers remorse when it comes to Bold Gold, I’m really happy I own Tenacious Teal and Edgy Emerald. For around $6 or $7 I say I would repurchase this once those two run out. These are perfect for the summer! You’re crazy if you don’t run out and buy these if you don’t already own them now!

Do you guys own any of these? Have any eye looks you love creating with the color tattoos? 

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  1. Kbear11
    September 26, 2012 / 6:46 pm

    Hello! That first eye look is so beautiful! What shadows did your use on your upper lid and crease? I love it, thanks!

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