Born Pretty Plate m75 review

BornPrettyStore Stamping plate m75

I bought a set of 16 plates months ago from the BornPrettyStore. I actually quite like the set, and I got it for around $15 you can’t really go wrong with the 100s of different possibilities for manis. In this review I’m showing you plate m75 which is a plant and flower design plate. 

While stamping I found that all these designs stamped well. I didn’t have a problem with the stamps being too shallow. I was able to get the design to evenly transfer. Most times it turned out perfect but any mistakes made where my fault because I’m still learning. I’m always in a rush to get my nails done, because of school so I haven’t gotten much practice in. But I’m free on Summer break so be prepared to be flooded with NOTD!! 

I used Julep polish Hayden for the stamping polish over Sinful polish’s Irish Green. I found that all the Julep polishes I’ve tried so far work great for stamping (I’ve only tried this with my small collection of 5 Julep polishes) 

I love this design combo personally, I think it’s a fun twist on flower manis. The website also sells a bunch of other different items. I haven’t tried any of their stamping polish yet but that’s next on my list of things to get from them. 

VERDICT: I totally recommend buying stamping plates from the BornPrettyStore, this came in a set of 16 for $15. I do have to warn you if you want this for a certain event I suggest ordering a month ahead of time, since It’s coming from China it takes a couple weeks to get the the States. Personally the wait didn’t bother me. 

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