Accutane Month 1

Okay so one of the reasons why I was gone from  blogging for a little over two months because I was extremely self-conscious of how bad my acne got on my face. I’ve had super bad acne before when I was in high school, went on accutane and it went away. Within the last year my acne has come back, and it came back BAD, unfortunately.

My chin/jawline broke out in cyst acne the worst kind in my book. They were painful and huge bumps! My acne popped out of my makeup so much. I hated how my skin looked, and I teach swim lessons so my bare skin is exposed for every one to see. It’s beyond embarrassing.

I’m on the first month of accutane now. My skin has improved a lot so far. The amount of cyst acne along me jawline/chin has been cut in half. My cheeks now always feel hot and are rosey to look at. I’m thirsty all the time, my skin started to feel dry and I use eye drops at least once a day.

I can easily deal with the dry skin. I just started to use a face cream verses a face lotion and my skin feels so much better now. I only use gentle acne wash on my face once a day and only at night. Any other time I use purpose soap on my face. I stopped using acne creams because that would have super dried my skin out.

I’m starting to feel like myself again which is great! The reason this is relevant to my blog is because how makeup lasts and effects my skin is now different.  Accutane seems to be heating up my skin, so my makeup wears away fast but my face is much less oily.

I’m also having trouble battling dry skin as well. So there will be a small shift in the items I review but my blog will be staying the same.

All post will be labeled Accutane so if you’re not interested in reading about my journey to clearer skin then you know what to skip and what to read. 

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  1. Janet
    April 23, 2012 / 2:53 am

    I've heard of accutane many times but wasn't able to try it yet. Looking forward to your reviews on the accutane =)

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