NYX Smokey look kit.

If you remember awhile back I did a post about a long awaited NYX haul, it’s here. In that beloved haul of mine I bought NYX’s purple smokey look kit. The purple smokey look kit is a 9 eyeshadow kit with 2 lip gloss. The eyeshadow shades vary from a light pink/purple to dark blue, violet,  and even it throws a black shadow in for contouring! 

If you click down below you can see what I have to saw about this cute palette! 

I swatched all 9 eyeshadows on my hand. I did this without a primer and a base, so they are not as vibrant as they would look on my eyes, but still really pigmented.  The staying power is excellent! It lasts me all day if I use a primer and a base. (I have super oily lids so I need both to make eyeshadows stick!) 7 out of 9 shadows are very deep colors. Only two light shades in this palette. 

The two lip-glosses that included are pale pink, and shimmery golden tan color. The shimmery golden tan color has super fine glitter in it, does not have a gritty feel like most shimmer lipglosses. The pale pink just barely tints your lips. Both lip-glosses last maybe four hours. Doesn’t last after food or drink. 
These lip-glosses doesn’t have a lot of shine but I like it that way, they’re very subtle. The have non-sticky feeling to them.

The kit comes in the shape of a small black square compact. It includes a mirror. I double edge sponge wand, and a double edge lip brush wand. I don’t use either myself, I use my own brushes for the eyeshadow and my fingers for the lip-gloss. 

This is one look I created with this kit. The lid color is the first color of the middle row, it’s the light pink/purple color. In the crease is the the e/s in the bottom row in the middle the dark purple color. I used a little black shadow in the outer crease/lid. I highlighted with E.L.F. facial whip in spotlight(white.) 

SIDENOTE**** In this picture of I used Rimmel’s Volume Accelerator mascara. It does amazing things to my eyes but is super wet, and takes about a minute to dry so please don’t mind the mascara mistakes on my lids.  

 In this next look I used the pinkish/purple color all over my lid again, the middle row first shadow. I used in the crease the dark blue e/s in the crease and blended it up and out. It’s in the top row middle e/s.

VERDIC: While I do love this kit, and it’s fun to have, I think that this isn’t a must have for those on a tight budget. Now it is pretty cheap for a great quality palette $13. The eyeshadows come in a small amount. I’ll give this palette 4 months top before I hit bottom on a few eyeshadows. I also find I don’t reach for this palette often. It’s more of a night out palette not everyday. I also find the lip-glosses throw away-able. I’m not a fan of lip-gloss to being with so it does nothing for me being in this palette. SO what I am saying is: yes this product is amazing quality and is pretty cheap. Yet I wouldn’t say this is worth putting into you college budget to buy. 


  1. Melu103
    October 1, 2011 / 1:22 am

    🙂 yea i stopped getting fake nails for all those reason and also because they destroyed my real nails .. but i had no other choicei been biting my nails since i was 5 and i stopped two years ago ..but some days stress takes overand i go down that path again.and i hate to see my hands like that ever again so to avoid it i get acrylics .:) i am really happy and exited that you started the weight losstake pictures before and after!you will feel so much better after! 🙂 anything you need or want to ask let me know … i been dieting and trying to stay fit all my life!i wish you the best!have a great weekend hun!xoxowww.onlyaflightaway.blogspot.com

  2. PolaBerry
    October 1, 2011 / 3:28 am

    great post! I always debate weather or not to get nyx palettes. I usually just get their single eyeshadow and love them! This palette caught my eye, I love purple shadow but I am on an eyeshadow "no buy" so I'll pass for now

  3. DaphYin
    October 1, 2011 / 5:23 am

    Maybe it's not compulsory in a college budget but this is a lovely review! 🙂 I love the makeup looks especially the first one. These are beautiful colours indeed – anyway my favourite colour is purple so :PVery nice post!http://daphyin-makeupisart.blogspot.com

  4. Sandra
    October 1, 2011 / 6:49 am

    I think this one would be great for traveling!www.sandra-thepuzzleofmylife.blogspot.com

  5. Anonymous
    October 1, 2011 / 3:41 pm

    Cute, love all the purples

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