DUPE for Too Faced Pink Leopard Brightening Bronzer

Too face Pink Leopard Brightening bronzer dupe

R to L Too Faced bronzer, Forever21 Bronzer, Too Faced bronzer

So I went on a back to school hunt for some new cheap clothes. So I found myself looking through all the sale racks at forever21 hoping to find something in my size/that actually looks nice on me. 

So I me being me I went through their makeup section. Forever21 had a couple cute palettes, and cute makeup bags. I then came across this lovely thing! Click below to find out if it matches up to the real deal! 

When I was trying this out I really, really wanted to love it! I truly did! 

So it looks the same except that there isn’t as much glitter in the forever21 bronzer. When trying out this product it has an okay amount of color payoff. Works better as an all over color while Too Faced bronzer is good for your cheeks and nose. Forever21 bronzer is very powdery, it brushed up a lot of excess powder. 

I tried to do a swatch for both and I found that neither didn’t really have that much of a color payoff. They BOTH didn’t really do much difference, they tinted a little. The only difference is the noticeable shimmer with Too Faced bronzer. 

Verdict: I honestly don’t think I will be buying either again. There wasn’t much color payoff for either. In my makeup routine I use both more like a blush rather than a bronzer. I do use them both a lot but not for their intended job.  But if you are looking for a dupe this forever21 bronzer is almost a carbon copy except for the shimmer. If buying one or the other again I’d buy the forever21bronzer because it comes in a much bigger container, so you get more bang for your buck! I bought it for $4. 

Do you guys have a recommendation for a good bronzer? Have you tried either of these bronzers? What do you think? 

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