L’Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Hydra Collagen Plumping Mascara

As Philadelphia and my dorm hunkers down for Irene, I figured I might as well type up another quick review before I run over to my friends dorm for movies.

I’m always looking for a mascara that actually makes me look like I have eyelashes. So when I see mascara’s boosting of volume I’m always tempted to try it out. I came across this in CVS when I was buying more bronzer. I bought this with high hopes as it promises:
12x More Impact Instantly

Extreme Volume

All Day Wear:

Instant Impact Brush
Custom Designed to Grab Each and Every Lash

L’Oreal introduces New Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara, our most revolutionary lash-plumping technology with hydra-collagen for breathtaking volume and incredible wear.

Our Hydra-Collagen Complex Formula:  The luxurious, buildable formula infused with collagen plumps lashes from the inside.  Glides on smoothly and lasts all day, with 12x more impact.  No flakes, smudges or clumps!

Our Instant Impact Brush:  Custom designed volumizing brush is uniquely shaped to reach every lash from corner to corner, for instant impact.  Soft, luxurious bristles define and volumize all of your lashes for maximum volume, without any clumps!

Here are a few pictures of what my almost non-exsisent eyelashes look like so you guys can get an idea of the difference this mascara does. 

Here’s what I found: The brush is pretty large. It’s semi-hard to handle because of the size, it’s not the best to use on your bottom lashes. When you pull the brush out of the tube there’s a lot of extra mascara stuck on the bristles. The bristles were firm and hard. 

I had a hard time applying this neatly. You must use the business card trick when you apply to avoid messing up your eyeshadow. The mascara applied thickly and heavily. It clumped together my lashes instantly, it didn’t define or separate my lashes. It gave my eyelashes a spidery look. 

While it made my eyelashes look spidery it did last long. It didn’t even move when I rubbed my eyes, but when it came in even a little contact with water it smeared.  Unfortunately it did unfurl the curl in my lashes. On the plus side it didn’t flake, and it came off easily. 

Verdit: While this mascara didn’t work for me, I feel like aside from the clumping issues, this mascara would work great for those with thicker, fuller lashes. I didn’t like how this mascara made my lashes look, even if it actually succeeded in making me look like I had lashes. I loved that when I rubbed my eyes that the mascara stayed in place, I was impressed. You can find this at most drugstores, Ulta, Target, and Walmart for around $8 or $9. 


  1. Merc
    August 28, 2011 / 4:18 am

    I have been trying to post a comment on this for like ten minutes now, but I've been failing so I want to say two things: 1) you must invest in a lash curler. I bought mine about seven years ago and it still to this day works wonders for my lashes. I bought an NYC brand one from Kmart or something when I was fifteen! And 2) buy a brow and lash brush. Try ecoTools, you can find them at Walgreens for about $3! What I do for my lashes if I see clumps is I dip a cotton ball in eyemakeup remover and smear it on the comb side and comb the remover through my lashes. It seems like what you need is a softer mascara. Try maybelline mascaras that don't have a volumizer, but advertise "soft" lashes. Also your manicure is so sassy! I envy you! Tell me about your manicure, plz!

  2. Beauty on a College budget
    August 28, 2011 / 6:22 am

    I did use an eyelash curler! That's why I was so disappointed, the curl came right out! but I will definitely try the cotton ball trick the next time I run into clumps, thanks! My nails were simple to create, it's just a base color, I used a sea green color American eagle sold recently in the store, and a finger paint silver polish for the line across the top. I was able to paint a straight line by using tape to cover the lower part of my nail.

  3. Merc
    August 28, 2011 / 1:53 pm

    Brilliant! Thanks for the tip! No pun intended!

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