Revlon Top Speed in Black Star

Today I’m writting my review on revlon speed dry nail polish in black star. I grabbed this in hopes that I would like the new formula. Also with the hope of a quick and easy manicure on the go. For those last minute emergency mani’s. And I know everyone knows what kind of mani I’m talking about! The dreaded last minute mani before a night on the town! Also please ignore the sloppiness of the paint job, I was at work and forgot to bring my clean up supplies with me. 

                                                                   In the shade

                                                                 In the sun

The polish promises: Revlon Top Speed™ ‘s patented formula delivers amazingly quick color, with a built-in topcoat that rises to the surface for a glossy, ultra smooth manicure- that sets in 60 seconds. The ColorPrecise™ brush ensures even, smooth, salon quality application every time. 

Here’s my thoughts on it: I dont like the bristles on this brush, they are heavy and hard to control. Which leaves to streaks in the application. The formula of the polish has a thick conssistencey of a jelly polish. So when painting my nails I had to baby it and lightly paint to avoid dragging, which was hard since the brush was so heavy. Even if it says it doesn’t need a base or a top coat. You do it chips like crazy without both, so I did my usual routine for painting my nails. But the polish did dry super fast, maybe not in 60seconds but after five minutes they were good to go which is amazing for a black polish. I painted on two thin layers of polish. Even if Revlon claims you need only one coat but to avoid it looking streaky I did two coats.

I took two pictures of my mani, I know it wasnt the best paint job, I didnt have time to clean up the skin around my nails, I was at work and forgot to bring my polish remover.  For the pictures I didn’t put on a top coat so in the shade the black looked shiny but in the sun the polish looked dull and streaky.

The color is a typical black but with a hint of shimmer, or at least they tried. You can see the faint shimmer in the bottle in the sun but it doesnt show up once painted on which completely disappointed me. 

I ended up adding a glittery top coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust to make the mani a little more interesting and it definitely did the trick except I forgot to take a picture of it sorry! Next time I’ll try to remember to.

My verdict: It lasts for a good amount of time.  I kept them painted like that for a week and only a few nails showed wear and no chipping. But the formula is a fail unless you baby it. So I wouldnt recomend this for regular  use but for a quick mani on the go this would have to do. But I wont be buying anymore of this brand  for the fact that it’s almost $6 a bottle for such poor quality!
Two stars.

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  1. Merc
    August 15, 2011 / 12:48 pm

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