Monday, March 28, 2016

Why Brands Can Sometimes Be Your Enemy.

I want to explain my absent from blogging. Let's just begin this I'm not here to sugar coat things. I want to be as honest and real about situations a long time blogger can face when dealing with brands.

As a blogger you want to be big, and popular. That's just a natural thing to want, you want people to read your blog. You want companies to want to work with you. I feel that way from time to time.

It's truly hard to do; constantly creating content that's appealing to you and your audience. Throw in a full time job and life it just gets difficult. Make it a little more hectic a full time job, working out, and a significant other then blogging becomes near impossible. Which if you are working with a brand they might not understand/care. Not everyone can not work. Not everyone has the luxury to only blog and live off their online earnings. Not everyone will have the spark to capture people's attention. (I, myself think that I lack that spark sometimes) The blogging sphere has exploded and flooded in the last 2 or 3 years.

Here's a little word to the wise from one burnt out blogger to the next. Unless you think you'll love the item/concept don't offer to review it.

You can tell a brand before working with you that you have the choice not to review if you do not like the item but they won't care. They will turn nasty sometimes.

Sometimes they will approach you, send you products then turn around and insult you. They will tell you that your follower count is too small. That you do not have enough of an impact. Well that hurts. Contact me first just to insult me.

It's not fun to be bullied by a brand. Not even a good brand at that.

My end advice to all the bloggers out there be you. Be the brand you created for yourself. If you don't think you'll like the product then don't offer to review it. Be honest when you go to review it. Don't lie and make the product sound better then it is.

But most of all, don't let yourself be bullied by a brand. Don't let it ruin blogging for you.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Madam Glam Gel Polish Brand Review + Swatches

PR Sample/Purchased(loved it so much bought my own!)
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I have been using Madam Glam Gel polishes since 2014 when they first came out(here). That's a really long time in the beauty world without jumping to a new brand, like decades really. I have to say my love has stayed true, with only straying once or twice to try something new before circling back to my tried and true.

Click down below to see the honest break down of Madam Glam Gel Polish Brand.
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