Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December WEN TSV!

Sale notice, referral link. 

I am pleased to announce I finally found out hopefully the 1st of more TSV for WEN!!!!

This is the same deal he had running on for the last two Decembers. What is the new twist is that you can either pick a 5 pack seasonal, or a classic 5 pack. 

I like that he did the classic 5 pack because it has the favorite 5 core flavors. I think this deal is so worth it as long as you buy it as the TSV. I won't be buying it this year, I'm on a WEN buying ban until I finish up at least half my fig gallon. 

I'm also pleased to share that the WEN winter seasonal scent in Winter White Citrus. I am very curious and I might just break my WEN buying ban just for that if it comes in his 3 pack with the oil and treatment spray. 

Check out my other Wen review to find the best pick for you! 
Fall Apple Spice  Cleansing Conditioner- This has my review, Before and After photos. My Friend's Before and After photos as well. 

I also purchased the Summer Honey Peach trio seen in my June favorites.  I love the scent  but I feel like my ends are dry after using that and the Summer Mango Coconut. 

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