Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sally Beauty Supply 50% off on clearance this weekend only

Hey guys just wanted to give you a heads up about this deal at Sally's beauty supply for this weekend only.

Take an extra 50% all red tag nail polish! Whew! I hope I find some good polish! 


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Birchbox: June 2014 showed up 14days late!


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I have been avoiding writing this review of my Birchbox all day.  I had the screen with the blank post up for at least an hour before I typed anything. My Birchbox was over 14 days late this month. They didn't make the shipping label till the 13th then it doesn't even get picked up by the post until the 19th! The lateness of this box is completely, and utterly unacceptable! As well as the fact that this is the 3rd box in a row that this happened has just makes me so frustrated.

I don't want to blast Birchbox but I am beyond pissed with the company is putting it nicely. Let me just let you see what's in my box before I share my issues.

In the box it contains a sponsored paper with Jetblue. Didn't really read it because I frankly do not care. It's a ploy to discretely get us to choose that plane company on our next trip. Tossed right away, waste of paper.

June's theme is away we go. Which is funny because they must have been away parting with their interns(Got a lovely snapchat of this) too much to pay attention to a whole missing set of boxes that never got sent out (Found out from facebook I'm not alone with my missing box).

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What I got in my box:

  • Antica Farmacista Body Wash - Smells okay. I haven't tested it yet but I do plan to. I did not click that I wanted to sample body care items. This item doesn't match my beauty profile. 
  • Cynthia Rowely Lip Stain- I haven't tried this one yet but I do plan to. It's in the shade Valentine and matches my beauty profile. 
  • Evologie Stay Clear Cleanser - I will not try this, I'm allergic to willow bark. I had a nasty rash from Burts Bee's acne line which contains willow bark. As well as I was sent an Evologie acne fighter before which gave me a rash since I didn't know it had willow bark in it. I clicked in my beauty profile sensitive skin, but skipped acne-prone for this exact reason. Does not match my beauty profile. 
  • Phyto Glossing Serum- I'll give this a whirl, but since I don't normally suffer from frizz I won't see much of a difference. I did not click frizzy in my beauty profile. This does not match my beauty profile. 
  • The Aloe Source Antioxidant Creme - I might try this. I'm not really sure yet. After the Evologie incident from my March 2013 box I've been super hesitant to try the face products sent to me.  This does match my beauty profile. 
There's at least 2-4 item I'll try in my box. I know there is 1 for sure that will go into the sample box that will eventually be thrown out. It's seriously a shame that birchbox does not have a section to write warnings for allergies! I hate getting a product I know I can't even test! 

I had 2 phone calls with birchbox and I never left happy from them. They didn't solve the problem of my missing birchbox but rather tried to pacify me until my box showed up. It honestly didn't work and I will more than likely cancel my birchbox subscription. What I had to deal with birchbox left a really bad taste in my mouth. Apparently stating my opinion that painting your nails in public during a graduation ceremony is rude was unkindly taken. As well as I was attacked for it on their social media, Instagram for it. How the situation was resolved (it wasn't) left a terrible taste in my mouth as a company. 

I really did love birchbox. I found a lot of great products through them, twistbands, whish shaving cream, Vasanti BrightenUp!, pur minerals cc cream, dr lipp nipple balm, Serious Skincare Glycolic mask, and I had a great experience with them with the beachwaver. 

It really breaks my heart that a company I loved to be subscribed to as well as a company I used to want to work for that I feel hurt by it. It is just a heartbreak the one thing I couldn't wait to get in the mail amongst the bills was my birchbox and now I can't even count on it getting to me within 5 days of the 10th of the month. 

I want to love birchbox, I really do but I will probably cancel soon. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Lush Honey I Washed The Kids Bar Soap Review

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I am so in love with this vanilla and honey scented soap. It's sweet and non-overpowering. Click down below to see how the soap turns out! 


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hair Essentials Month 2 update


Now this update isn't as in detail as the first but still just as important.
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Just a quick reminder check out my Month 1 update here.

What Hair Essentials promises: 

The Ultimate Hair Growth Remedy – Works FAST!
    If you want thicker, fuller hair growth, Hair Essentials™ is the product for you:
    • Repairs damaged follicles
    • Stimulates new hair growth
    • Promotes thicker, fuller, faster-growing hair
    • Effective for all hair types
    • Doctor-formulated
    • 100% drug-free
    • Certified gluten-free
     Hair Essentials™ is an all-natural proprietary blend of more than 20 herbs and essential hair-healthy nutrients. It is 100% drug-free, certified gluten-free, and vegetarian, and is an effective and gentle formulation that naturally combats hair loss and stimulates healthy hair growth.
    What really distinguishes Hair Essentials™ from other hair growth products is its powerful,synergistic combination of multiple ingredients. Some hair vitamins and supplements inhibit DHT, a hormone that causes hair loss, while some help repair damaged hair follicles. Other supplements nourish the follicles for healthier new hair growth. Only Hair Essentials does ALL three!
    Our scientifically researched, doctor-formulated combination of more than 20 proven herbs and nutrients naturally combats hair loss, repairs and revitalizes damaged or dormant hair follicles and stimulates healthy hair growth. Each carefully selected ingredient reinforces the effects of the others, making Hair Essentials™ the most comprehensive hair supplement on the market. Quite simply, there’s no other hair growth remedy like it for women or men!
    What I found: 
    I've been taking Hair Essentials for two months now. In the first month I didn't notice much growth, just less fall out. Didn't notice a thickness in hair. 

    I still didn't notice any improvement to growth time in my second month, but then again on the bottle it saids it should be taken for more than 90 before you see improvement. I've only been taking it for 60 days. 

    I didn't notice an Improved amount of less fall out, but I also didn't feel like I lost as much hair as I did within a course of a month before taking Hair Essentials.

    How do I measure my hair loss?  I have less hair falling out durning my showers, less hair I'm taking out of the hair trap. As well as less hair in my hair brushes when brush my hair. Finally I also notice I'm picking less hair off my shoulders after I run my hand through my hair.

    I can not really comment on the strength of my hair yet, too little hair growth to feel to determined.

    I can not comment on the shine because the new hair growth is the only part of hair that will be affect since these pills can not help existing hair growth.

    I did not notice thickness to my hair yet. My hair that is growing in still fells just as thick as my other hair.

    I know this post doesn't seem like the pills are working but I haven't given up hope, and will not say that yet. I have a 4 month supply to test out and it takes at least 3 months to actually start to see a difference. Hair only normally grows 1/4 inch to a half inch a month. I need a few months of new growth to make a proper assessment

    I've decided I will be trying to not   do a root touch up until end of July. Within that time I will hopefully have enough hair growth to judge the thickness and shine before I lighten it.

    Final words: I can not comment on much improvement at the moment, but this system takes time to kick in so I will continue the pills and wait to see what happens.

    ***WARNING: This was a sample given to me. And ALWAYS consult a doctor before taking new medicines. Something to notice at the Bottom of the FAQs they mentioned "If you are on any medications (including blood thinners, medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, or any other condition, birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or other hormonal medications), consult your doctor prior to using any dietary supplement, including Hair Essentials™." Side note from me if you are on a hormonal birth control you better start using two forms of protection, as well as definitely ask your doctor if it's okay to take this before you start.  So remember always read everything, and check with your doctor. I am not one, I am just a normal person who is desperate to grow their hair out.

    Wednesday, June 18, 2014

    Ipsy bag June 2014

    Purchased. Referral code.

    This month has been a tough one for me. Summer school is just as time consuming as my two jobs. The little joys in life that make it all bearable are my month subscription boxes. Little surprises that are great pick me ups!

    If you either know me personally or follow my twitter you can see that I am NOT very happy with birchbox, 3rd month in a row that's late. As it stands now it's 8 days missing.

    When I got my ipsy bag in the mail on Saturday I was over the moon! First of the bag is beyond cute!

    Sometimes I love getting bags, sometimes I don't. This is definitely a happy bag! I will be using this as a makeup bag in my purse!

    Now how are the items inside the bag you ask? Just as cool!

    ipsy bag, ipsy summer, ipsy, ipsy bag june, ipsy bag june 2014,

    I got Nickak Shimmer Eyeliner in Green - It's a beautiful emerald shimmery liner! I will be doing colorful winged liner again this summer! The dry time is a little slow but once dry it last great! smudges minimally.

    Bombshell Mascara in lashout -Not too thrilled about this one, and it's only because I got an empty mascara in this bag. I would have loved to try it! I just contacted ipsy about it because I did not realize about it before I sat down to write this review.

    Marc Anthony Beach Spray I'm not a fan of beach spray because I either don't know how to use them or they just don't like my hair. Either way I haven't mastered it yet, but I'm willing to try.

    Skinn Olive and Enzyme Cleanser  I haven't tried this yet, a little nervous too because my skin is sensitive and has been hating any new product I try lately. But I will eventually give it a whirl.

    NYX Buttergloss in Apple Strudel - On any normal given day I'm a huge fan of NYX. Love their lipstick and their powders. Also on any given day I'm a lip gloss hater, they just aren't for me. I did give this a test run to see if I liked this. It's okay, it does have a buttery feeling, or at least a thick smooth feeling. It is super gloss and can survive a few kiss. The color is nice, nothing that does more than lightly tints my lips. I think I have a friend who would be willing to take this off my hands and be super happy.

    All in all I really like my bag, and the items in it this month. Even though the mascara came empty - (I'm sure they will end up replacing it) - I still feel like I got my $10 worth because of the 3 or 4 full sized items in this bag. I definitely would recommend ipsy over birchbox this month!

    IF you want to join Ipsy for only $10 a month getting actual  deluxe size samples then click here through my referral code! 

    Sunday, June 15, 2014

    Jewelry Candle: Creme Brûlée

    Purchased by Mr. J 

    Jewelry Candle Creme Brûlée, Creme Brulee candle, jewelry candle, ring candle, creme brulee ring candle, creme brulee
    Mr. J is a wonderful soul who knows my love for candles and Creme Brûlée. When he saw a jewelry candle in that scent he got it for me. He's a saint really. Click down below to see what I thought and what piece of jewelry I got!

    Friday, June 13, 2014

    Whish Shaving Cream in Blueberry and Pomegranate Review

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    Summer is coming!! Whew! That means it's leg season ladies! It's time to keep those gams in the best condition out there! I received a sample of Whish shaving cream in blueberry over a year ago in my birchbox. Now I have the full size, click down below to see what I think of this heavenly smelling shaving cream! 

    Tuesday, June 10, 2014

    Wen: Fig Cleansing Conditioner Review Before and After Photos

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    To say I'm obsessed with Wen is an understatement. I've been using Wen for about 8 months now, and my hair hasn't been this healthy, shiny and bouncy since before I started to dye my hair. I've drank the kool-aid, fig flavor. I'm in love, and strongly suggest everyone try Wen. Click down below to see the change to my hair it made, and see the results!

    Friday, June 6, 2014

    May Favorites 2014

    Another month came and passed in a blink of an eye. I don't even know where all my time goes! I've been pretty busy holding down the fort between working two jobs and summer school. Pretty busy and it's only the beginning of the summer!

    Today is Mr. J'and I's anniversary so I'm pretty excited about going out to dinner tonight. I wanted to get a post up quick today. Maybe tomorrow I'll have an outfit makeup post! Maybe is the operative word, ha!

    Whish Blueberry Shaving Cream, Whish Blueberry Hair Inhibiting Gel, Garnier Anti-puff eye roller, Olay Beautify Daily Lotion, Peter Thomas Roth Anti-aging Gel, Tarte Beyond BB Foundation, Wen 6-13,

    Summer is coming!! Whew!! Which means I need to start getting ready for leg season! I've been shaving my legs a lot more because of it. I've been using Whish Blueberry Shaving Cream religiously for over a year now. I get a smooth shave each time and it smells yummy! I've been pairing it with Whish Blueberry Hair Inhibiting Gel. My legs feel super soft after using it. I use it once a day on my calves only, just a pump for each leg. I can't comment on it too much just starting using it but I only have to shave my legs once a week which is really nice!!

    Garnier Anti-puff eyeroller has been a life saver! I love using it in the morning to help wake me up.

    Olay Beautify Daily Lotion I've been using this lotion nightly for years now. If it isn't broken don't fix it. Love this lotion lightweight, sinks right in. My skin is never parched when I use this!

    Peter Thomas Roth Anti-aging Cleanser Gel I love this face wash. It really keeps my acne away! I know it saids anti-aging in the title but it has great acne fighters in it too! Just watch out it's drying so I can only use it once a day.

    Tarte Beyond BB Foundation I love this foundation. It gives medium coverage. It actually still looks like my skin after I use this but more even. Lasts all day with primer and setting powder.

    Wen 6-13 Styling Creme I've been blow drying my hair on cool lately and I love how smooth my hair is when I use this!

    Twistbands. I drank the kool aid. Love them for my hair now a days, and super cute!

    And finally Julep Iona just a lovely purple color! Beautiful!!

    What are your favorites of May? Does anyone love Wen as much as I do?


    Tuesday, June 3, 2014

    Wen: Fig Replenishing Mist

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    I'm a Wen girl. My hair hasn't been this healthy since before I started to dye my hair. I love Fig by far my favorite scent and cleansing conditioner from Wen so I of course have to try the replenishing mist! Click down below to see what I think!
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