Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Trying Something New: Scalp Mask


Okay, okay it's not technically a scalp mask, more like a hair mask. It does promote a healthy scalp and if the scalp is healthy then usually the hair is too!  I am currently trying desperately to grow my hair out. My hair at the top feels much healthier than my ends. I'm convinced that the Ion hi-lift was just too damaging for my hair, and my ends are filled with split ends!

I was desperate to grow my hair long for my boyfriend brother's wedding! I began searching for natural ways to get my hair to grow. I did some googling and came across this video :

She also did a blog post on this here! 

After I watched a few of her other videos, she's really great, I adore Beautyklove and her hair. She really is super sweet and has a great youtube channel I decided to google the three ingredients that she has us use in this hair mask:

  • Sweet Almond Oil 
  • Castor Oil
  • Sesame Oil
To make this mask: 
7 tablespoons of Almond Oil
1/2 cup of Castor Oil
5 tablespoons of Sesame Oil 

Mix together then apply directly to scalp and message in. Then apply to ends. 

Makes: At least 4 uses and stores well.
Store: in a cool place in a sealed container. 

One thing I did notice was that all my Wen cleansing conditioners and oils have sweet almond oil, and sesame oil in it.  Which was another reason I was willing to give this hair mask a try.

  All the research I found about these oils claimed that they help make the scalp healthy and promotes hair growth. I've been taking biotin for years now and I honestly can't tell if that's doing it's job or not anymore. Not that I expect biotin to grow my hair over night. 

I also don't expect miracles from this hair mask or even over night growth. I'll be doing this mask once a week for the next two months, or until whenever all my oils run out until I make up my mind if this helps grow my hair out. 

I used this mask last night on my hair. Before bed I mixed the oils together applied it directly to my scalp in sections and massaged it in. After I covered my scalp I brushed it down my hair, then applied it directly to my ends. I threw my hair in a bun and covered it with a bathing cap, then went to bed. 

I washed it out after it sat on my hair for 9 to 10 hours. My hair felt soft, and my ends felt softer.  They didn't feel soft per se but definitely an improvement from before.  How I washed it out was I used a sulfate free shampoo - My one'n only Argan oil shampoo - then did a double washing with my Wen Fig and it all washed out without problem.  The floor of my bathtub was not slippery at all. 

I can't really say anything big on this yet, but I'll definitely be posting photos of the progress and my thoughts. 

I do have to note that this can be a bit pricey to start you out. I dropped $38 for all three oils 16oz, a container to store it in, and a bathing cap. The 16 oz of oil will last you for MANY uses! 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bye-Bye Eye Makeup!

I have some sad news to share today I have pink eye. Again, for the second time within two years. Oh the joys to work near children.

What having pink eye means for my makeup collection is a forced clean out. Any product I used on my eye within the past week got tossed. It's sad to do it but it must be done. You can not clean eyeliner, or mascara. Brushes and tools and some eyeshadows can be saved.

I say some eyeshadows because cream shadows must be tossed, no saving them. If you want to plan to keep your powder eyeshadow you must sanitize them multiple times. I can't remember if I used my naked palette lately but I sensitized that 3 times today.

How to sanitize your makeup:

Put a few drops of rubbing alcohol on top of all the shadows in the palette. Once they all been wetted you scrape the top layer of powder off. I use a butter knife for this. You repeat this process 3 to 4 times. My eyeshadow is now deeply depleted but now I know it's safe to use again.

Let me just talk about germs and mascara:

Mascara can never be sanitized. Never. I know you just payed $30 for a new mascara but it's got to go if you have pink eye. It's also has to be thrown out 3 months after you start using it. I'm seriously ladies do not keep using old mascara.

Another Note do not whatever you do add water or soda or anything to your mascara. That is the fastest way to lead to irritating your eyes. Nothing is meant to be mixed with your mascara. If it's dried out, it's already time to throw it out. Never keep a mascara longer than 3 months!!!! 

Below is the picture of everything that had to go. It makes me really sad but I do have reivews coming of all these items. Clearly I love me some maybelline makeup hahahaha! I'm like a poster child for Maybelline makeup!
Maybelline makeup poster child, pink eye, throw away makeup, pink eye makeup, sanitize makeup, throw away mascara, never add anything to mascara,

I ended up picking up NYX Pin-up Tease Mascara to try next. Hopefully I like it! I didn't pick up new eyeliner since I have so many from my box subscriptions that I should go through before I buy new stuff!


Friday, April 25, 2014

One'n Only Hi-lift Neutral Blonde Dye and 40 Developer


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I've been blonde for over a year now, after my change from red to white blonde I did my roots myself.  I've been using ION Hi-lift for over a year, but It's so damaging! I also wanted to change from a white blonde to a yellow blonde. I decided to give One'n Only Hi-lift Neutral Blonde because of the promise of being less damaging. Click down below to see what I think! 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

QVC Beauty with Benefits Tarte beyond BB perfecting liquid Foundation


Recently QVC had a feature on called Beauty with Benefits which 80% of the total cost of item purchase would be donated to Cancer and Careers.

Cancer and Careers is a really amazing organization that works with those who have cancer who can not afford not to work. I knew when Beauty with Benefits was on I had to buy at least one item. I was planning to buy some more Wen Fig, but the Tarte beyond BB perfecting liquid Foundation caught my eye. I picked it up in the fair shade, and the best part it came with the brush! It was such a steal.

When you buy an item during Beauty with Benefits they send you a goodie bag filled with 5 deluxe samples. I got a lot of nice things in my 5 deluxe samples.
QVC Beauty with Benefits Tarte beyond BB perfecting liquid Foundation, QVC Beauty with Benefits, QVC Beauty with Benefits goodie bag,

  • Peter Thomas Roth Anti-aging oil. - My mom took it right off me barely giving me time to take this picture! I love that brand so I'm sure my mom will love it! 
  • Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer
  • Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed
  • Wen Pomegrante Finish Creme - I LOVE Wen! I can't wait to try this! 
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment - I love their lip balms I'm sure I'll love this! 

All in all this was so worth the $39 I spent on this, and most of that went to the great cause Cancer and Careers! Did anyone else pick something up doing this special? 


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April Birchbox 2014

I had a few delays with my birchbox this month, which were beyond annoying and frustrating. I was less then excited to open my box since I already saw what I got online. So I just let it sit on my dinning room table unopened for a few days. Click down below to see what I got!

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I live two shipping days away from the warehouse but it took 6 days to get to my house, and the tracking wouldn't updated. It was annoying but hey it happens sometimes.

This month theme was things to do on a rainy day. I got tip #18. Which is learn how to make a great cup of coffee which then gave me a link to check out another blog to get started.
birchbox, birchbox april, birchbox april 2014, birchbox 2014, birchbox rainy days, birchbox needs cleaner shipping, hair on sample, birchbox hair,

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel This has no real interest for me. I only use a brow pencil to fill in my brows. I actually already have a sample of this, it came in one of my beauty kits I got for my birthday. I haven't used that yet either.

BijaBody Daily Body Serum I can't wait to try this! It's cool that it comes in a spray. They give an okay amount of product to sample. Not a lot but at least I could cover both of my legs verses just one.

Color Club Art Duo Pen in white: I'm not really excited about this. I'll use it for sure but I'm like oh it came in my box, whatever. Useful but not really a discovery I was hoping for.

birchbox, birchbox april, birchbox april 2014, birchbox 2014, birchbox rainy days, birchbox needs cleaner shipping, hair on sample, birchbox hair,
  I found a hair attached to my sample!! It's so gross!!! Ew! Like it was stuck on the sticker and I thought I was going to chuck. 

Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Clarifying Shampoo I got Shampoo again. Which I wish there was an option to say no I do not want to try any more shampoo, 4 out of my last 6 boxes had shampoo. Most of them weren't sulfate free so I won't be using them. I am so damn tired of getting shampoos I won't use. I've been exclusively using Wen on my hair for the last 7 months and I don't plan to change that anytime soon.

Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Reconstructing Masque on my little card they threw this in as a bonus.  I might try this but probably not. My boyfriends mom is going on a trip soon so I might be giving her all my shampoo and conditioner samples so they'll get some use!

Lifestyle Extra KIND Snacks Maple Seeds with sea salt bar I rather get a beauty extra verses food. I'll eventually try it, I think.

EDIT 4/25/14- I'm in love with my KIND maple seeds bar. For real it was delish!!! I bought it and in chocolate chunk too!!! Sometimes birchbox just surprises you!! 

VERDICT: Honestly this is another terrible box for me in my opinion. I'll use two but only one might be a discovery for me. I'm might be giving birchbox the ax soon to be honest. I already signed back up for ipsy. Let's see if they can impress me this time around.

If you want to try birchbox for yourself click through here and help me out! I wholeheartedly recommending trying it out! I love it (On most months)! When you review a product from the box on their site they give you 10 points. When you reach 100 points you get $10 to spend in the store where you can buy full size products of the items you get from your box! So in reality if you review all your items in each box, you only pay about $60 a year for it because you'll get $60 back in birchbox cash to use on their website!

Friday, April 18, 2014

China Glaze: Gelaze Polish In 'Turned Up Turquoise'


China Glaze Gelaze Polish In 'Turned Up Turquoise' , gelaze, Turned Up Turquoise, China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise,Turned Up Turquois gelaze, swatch, Turned Up Turquois swatch

I am a polish hoarder we all know that. I also love gel polish. China glaze came out with their new version of gel polish, gelaze. I obviously needed to get it pronto. Click down below to see what I think of china glaze gelaze.


Friday, April 11, 2014

March Favorites

I have been really focusing of my beauty care routine more than what makeup I use. I really learned the importance of great hair care, and skin care!!

I recently got to use bareMinerals foundation loose powder because my mom gave me her starter kit since she didn't like it. Which I learned it's amazing and where has it been my whole life? Honestly what took me so long to try this? Review is definitely coming soon!! 

I picked up Maybelline Color tattoo in 55 Inked in Pink which I have been loving. I love using these cream shadows as bases/primer/as eyeshadow. They're so versatile! I love wearing it along with my pink shades in my NAKED3!

I've been loving my Clarisonic Mia 2 in my teal cheetah print! It's so cute! 

I tested Vasanti Brighten Up! In my first birchbox, and have been in love ever since. I just made a big order from Birchbox because I had points and a coupon code so I picked up a full size (Finally!) This thing is huge!

I've been wearing Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift a lot lately, it's such a nice vanilla subtle scent. Great to wear when working around others! 

I love me some Wen products. I love my lavender replenishing mist! Smells so calming and makes my hair soft! 

I've been recently trying out The Body Shop Vitamin E nourishing Nigh Cream. I've been breaking out a bit lately. I can't tell if it's from this or not. Like in the previous post I've been under a ton of stress lately. I'm going to wait for my skin to clear up before I try this again to see if it really is this causing me to break out. 

These are just some products I've been loving this past March and following into April. What were your favorites? Leave you links in the comments so I can catch up and check them out!! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Where I have been

I don't exactly have any big exciting, top secret news to share. I've been a bit too bummed and stressed out to post lately. My workplace environment hasn't been the best for awhile but this past month really got to me. I don't want to leave, but I want to cut down my hours. I honestly don't know what I want to do.

Because of that I've been applying to different jobs all over the place. I just had two interviews so hopefully one of them will hire me. Until then I'm just going to be chugging along.

School this semester has been kicking my butt too! Ugh le sigh the life of a college student.

I finally came back because I've been seriously missing reviewing and blogging! I may not have been posting but I still have been writing a little here and there as well as taking pictures! I may have been bummed but I haven't completely stopped what I was doing.

Well In March

My Pop-pop (and favorist person ever!! -- Sorry Mr. J!) Turned 89 years old!

In March there was St. Paddy's Day so I of course had to dress up, do my makeup and go out drinking with my friends! 

Had a blast with my friends and Mr. J, for a much need good time! 

I realized how amazing Zoya Pixie Dust polish really is and have been obsessively wearing the same 3 shades all the time! 

I ordered the QVC Today Special Value and fell in love with Wen 6-13 as well as stocked up on my favorite Fig!! 

I also did this awesome gel manicure with Gelaze For Audrey 

That's what I've been up to lately. Hopefully I'll start posting regularly again. I do truly miss it! I miss reading everyone else's blogs. 

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