Friday, February 7, 2014

When Life Gives You Links Follow Them Blog Hop! #FollowThem

Hello Lovies! I paired up with JosephineNychole this week to do a blog hop with her! I am so excited to be doing this with her. This isn't the first time I've worked with her, she's so lovely to work with! 

I hope this gives everyone a chance to find brand spanking new blogs to stalk! I love blog hops for this reason! I get to find blogs I may not find other wise. Scroll down to join in the fun! 

Join {me} in this weeks blog hop {that has an incredibly long name}...
When life gives you links... Follow Them. Blog Hop.
For short; let's call it - the Follow Them. Blog Hop or #Followthem -

This week on The Beauty and The Business:

Meet this weeks Featured Blogger! :)

Chloe and her notes.

Some easy to follow rules...
1. Be a subscriber of my blog... && add your {blog} links.
2. Check out at least {3} of the links before you && come back next week to start again.
3. Check out the Featured Blogger ---
4. Check out your co-hosts!
5. If you'd like to receive notifications of this blog hop; subscribe by email over on! :)

The more we share; the more links we see! :)

Do YOU want to be featured next week? If you would like to be featured in a future blog hop, head over to to find out how.

Happy Blog Hopping!!!

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