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Birchbox February 2013

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Birchbox February 2013, Birchbox February, birchbox, birchbox reveal,
This February marks my 1 year anniversary with Birchbox. It's been a good year I think, for the most part! Click down below to see what I got in my February 2013 Birchbox!!

I'm super pressed for time so I'm going to make this as short and sweet as humanly possible.

Birchbox February 2013, Birchbox February, birchbox, birchbox reveal,

This month theme was step and repeat. I'm not sure how it exactly relates to it's oscar theme box but hey who cares, I love the red! I honestly could care about the oscars, I know bad blogger, but hey I don't honestly care about a lot of movie stars. I'm not one who reads US weekly. I HATE magazines like that. I'm personally more worried about how I'm going to pay my bills and if I can save enough money for a fossil watch. It's all about priorities in my opinion.

Another thing is I am a bit disappointed they didn't have anything for a one year anniversary with their company that companies like Julep does. What a shame!

Birchbox February 2013, Birchbox February, birchbox, birchbox reveal,

What I got in my February 2013 Birchbox:
  • 100% Pure fruit pigmented mascara. I received the black tea one, which is black tinted. I haven't tried it yet but it smells odd. Not exactly a bad smell just not like my other mascaras. I'm pretty excited about this sample since someone I work with raves about this brand. 
  • Agave Healing Oil treatment. I'm not sure how I feel about this sample. I normally would be excited to try a sample but the packaging it came in is the worse. It doesn't have anyway I can seal it back up so this will have to be a one time use sample. Which is annoying because I could have gotten a few uses out of a sample this size. 
  • Coola tinted matte SPF 30 for face. I'm honestly kind of confused on this one. It saids it's tinted but on the bottle it says BB on it. Is it a tinted sunscreen? A tinted BB cream? So confused. This will make two coola samples in my sample box. I still haven't tried the first. 
  • DDF ultra-lite oil-free moisturizing dew. This is the item I'm really excited about. I've used a few products from this brand before and had great results. It's only the price tag that keeps me away. This is too expensive for me, even on a splurge. I do like that I have a 1oz sample while the full size is 1.7oz and that retails for $42. 
  • Harvey Prince hello perfume sample. I really hate perfume samples to be honest. I am a one perfume gal. I use 3 perfumes in rotation per season. I don't like to mix it up. That's why I always get so annoyed with perfume samples. I'm not going to discover something I might actually buy. 

VERDICT: All in all I think I got a great box this month. I got  two things I can't wait to try, one that I know I'll use. While coola might get used I know the perfume sample won't. 

What did you ladies get in our birchbox? Send me the links!! 

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