Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blog Sale!!

This has been a long time coming. I ran out of room on my nail polish rack. It's time to find one timers a good home!

For Shipping in the US base price is $3. There's $.50 extra for each item. I am willing to ship else where we'll talk about shipping once you email me. Email me at if you are interested in buying anything.

 Urban decay book of shadows IV  I swatched a few shadows, most are untouched. I did use the mascara and eyeliner, and primer it came with so that's not included. The speaker that it came with never used. $25
Gelish Mini Soak-off Gel Polish in  Garden Teal Party and Sea Foam. One manicure use. 
$6 each

Vera Wang Rock Princess 3.4 Fl. 95% full

Julep  Portia $4 used 2 times 
Julep Maria $4 used 2 times
Julep Shenae $4 used 2 times 
Julep Hayden $4 used 1 time 
Julep Robin $4 used 1 time 
Julep Rachel $4 used 1 time 

Julep Sienna $4 never used
Julep Georgia $4 never used
Julep Daphne $4 never used
Julep Unnamed black glitter polish. Silver and Red glitter $4 never used

Sally Hansen Insta-dry Night Flight $2used 1 time 
Sally Hansen Insta-dry Instant Iris $2 used 2 times
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Black Platinum   $2 never used
Sally Hansen Insta-dry Teal-y Fast $2 used 1 time 
Sally Hansen Insta-dry Quick Brick $2 used 1 time 

Zoya Rory $4 used 1 time 
Zoya Ginessa $4 used 1 time 
Zoya Evvie $4 used 1 time 
Zoya Aurora $4 used 1 time 
Zoya Blu $4 used 1 time 

NYX Girls in Crowd Surfing $1.50 used 1 time 
NYX Girls in 162? It's a black polish with silver chunky and fine glitter  $1.50 used 1 time 

BarryM Emerald Green $1 never used 
Funky Fingers  Sunlight changing color in Partly Cloudy $2.50 used 1 time 
Funky Fingers Pink Pixels $2.50 used 1 time
Essie Exotic Liras $3 used 2 times
Finger paints Magnetic polish in Electro-Midnight $2.50 used 1 time

Sinful colors Pumping Gas $.50 never used
 Sinful colors My Silicone Popped $.50 never used  

Sinful colors Slate $.50 never used
Sinful colors Dream On $.50 used 1 time 
Sinful colors Why Not? $.50 used 1 time 
Sinful colors Nail Junkie $.50 used 1 time 

Kiss Nail Dress never used. 

OPI Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It $5 used 2 times
OPI Austintatious Turquoise $5 used 1 time
OPI Raising Star $4 used 3 times
Zoya Evangeline $4 used 3times

OPI Steady as She Rose $5 used 1time
China Glaze Shower Together $4 used 1time
China Glaze Go Go Pink $4 used 1 time
Trelly Polish Never Growing Up $6 used 1 time

Sinful colors Leap Frog $.50   never used
Sinful colors Mint Apple $.50 used 3 times
Sinful colors Savage $.50 used 1 time 

OPI I'm Indi-A Mood For Love $5 used 1 time
China Glaze Midnight Mission $4 used 1 time