Monday, July 29, 2013

Neutrogena beach defense spray review

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I went on a shore trip with my boyfriend for a few days a couple weeks ago and this was what I brought with us. 

Click down below to see how it faired.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

5 Beauty Items to bring on a Shore Trip!

I'm going on a shore trip with my boyfriend this Tuesday coming up. There's a ton of things to be brought to the shore but here is my list of essentials.

Sunscreen! I plan on being on the beach for hours at a time. Sunscreen not only protects your skin from harmful rays that causes it to age but saves you from severe sunburn. I don't care what color your skin maybe, sunscreen must always be worn by everyone on the beach! You might not burn but your aging your skin. Lets be real no one wants to look 50 at 30!

Aloe! Aloe is jus as important as sunscreen. Since you did wear sunscreen and you didn't get burnt your probably asking yourself why you would still need it. Now let me why. Sure you are nicely bronze but your skin still took a beating in the sun. Your skin will love you if you apply a little on after a day in the sun. It'll help restore the moisture you lost. 

Chapstick with SPF!! I know you want to look hot on the beach with red lips or glossy lips but skip that. It's the beach don't get dressed up to go. Now I know some lipglosses now offer SPF protection but do to the nature of glosses and them being shiny they intensify the sun rays which can sizzle your lips. Ouch!! Just stick with Chapstick with SPF while on the beach. Save the lipstick and lipgloss for the boardwalk. Or even better give them a break, leave them at home! 

Mascara! In my belief I think if you only have one makeup product to use it should be mascara. Mascara just opens up the eyes and does wonders for your face. I don't think you should wear mascara on the beach but throw it in the cooler so it doesn't melt in the heat and apply it before you stroll the boardwalk. 

Luminizer! A stick luminizer I think is great for the boardwalk. No one wants to bring a ton of makeup on a sure trip but highlighting certain parts of your face can liven up your look before strolling the boardwalk. When bringing a luminizor I suggest applying it to the top of your cheeks into your temples and blending it super well. It gives you an easy glowy look.

A Tip: If you're only going down for the day apply the aloe, and makeup at your car to keep sand out of it. Also throw the aloe and makeup in a plastic bag in the cooler to keep it from melting. 

These are my must have beauty items for the shore.What are yours? Which sunscreen do you like best?


Friday, July 26, 2013

My Blog just turned 2 today!

It's almost a surreal thing that my blog finally turned 2. It's odd to think that I've been blogging for two years now. It's crazy to think how much my life has changed since starting my blog. I was starting over at a new college. I was living away at school. It's just a huge change from than and to know.

My blog also has grown so much over 2 years. I post a lot more now. I have over 500 followers! It's such a crazy thought. The whole reason I started this blog was to share all the information I had bottled up. My friends could only take so much beauty information. I also read blogs about makeup and watch tutorials for a few months before I decided to give this ago.

I am so happy I did start this blog. I have fun writing up posts. Sharing all my beauty knowledge. I love the interaction between us in the blogging community! It's a great place to share my passion for makeup.

Hopefully I'll be writing a 3 year post next year this time! I can't wait to keep sharing and reviewing items!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Red Queen Misc Etsy shop: Drink Me necklace review

Back in May I bought this cute little necklace for a friend of mine for their birthday.  I knew right away this necklace idea would be perfect for her. 

I saw two different necklaces on her Etsy shop that I absolutely adored, but wanted to combine to make one necklace.  

It's always a 50/50 chance you'll run into a rude shop owner who doesn't like to do custom orders. Thank god this wasn't the case with Shannon. She was so nice throughout. 

Between the two of us we decided one what pieces to take from each necklace to make the awesome one to the right. I contacted her on May 28, and by May 29 my custom order was up to be bought. I had such a pleasant experience with Shannon, the owner of Red Queen Misc Etsy shop I just knew I had to write a review to share what great shop she ran!

The necklace pendent was so nicely made, and sturdy. My friend I bought this for loved it. She has worn it a lot since I gave it to her and it still looks brand new! I

Now I want one for myself! She has a lot of different types of pendants in her shop. Like a bottle filled with "Fairy Dust" Which I know I'll be buying for myself soon!

I strongly suggest to check out her shop for fun pendants that girls will love at all ages!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Funky Fingers Partly Cloudy from the Solar Collection Swatch and Review

funky fingers, color changing polish, funky fingers partly cloudy, solar collection, funky fingers solar collectionI picked up Partly Cloudy on a whim while I was at five and below the other day. I loved the mint color, and if it changed colors. Cool. If not, well it's still a pretty color! So does this change into it's promise dark grey color? Click down below to find out!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rite Aid: Sally Hansen Gel Polish Start kit Steal!

I just like almost every other blogger or non blogger out there stalk Nouveau Cheap.   She ALWAYS seems to have the latest scoop on awesome sales. This week has been no exception! She shared the news on what a steal buying either Sally Hansen Gel polish/strips starter kit this week. Click here to read her post.  In this post she shares the links for the coupons.

  • There's one that's BOGO. Which is when you buy one Sally Hansen Starter kit get a set of strips, or a polish free. 
  • Then on the Sally Hansen website itself it has a $10off coupon for the starter kits.
  • This week at Rite Aid only all Sally Hansen products (gel kits included) are 40% off. 
Now if that isn't a steal I don't know what is!! Thanks G!!

I just picked up the gel polish starter kit. I had one slight problem. The BOGO coupon wouldn't scan in, but the manager just manually took the $12.99 off.  In the end I picked up the red my lips(Cherry red) gel polish starter kit, with the Black Tie optional(black) gel polish. For a total of 28.23 before $10 up cash back.

I saved $56.99! 
So in the end on the bottom of my receipt it saids total spent $19.77 which is less than one gel service in a salon. It's such a steal.

I STRONGLY suggest everyone run print these coupons out and pick these items up at their local RiteAids before they sell out! This deal is such a steal!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Mud Run experience

I normally don't post super personal stories on my blog but I am so proud of myself I just wanted to share my story. 

I'm not overtly overweight, but I do have a few extra pounds that I should lose because diabetes runs in my family. My really good friend has been doing the mud run with his family for years. We were at the bar one night talking about it and how he couldn't see me doing it because you have to get muddy. Of course I signed up because he said I wouldn't.

Here I am only having a month to train. So I downloaded the couch to 5k app which I found super helpful. I ran more than the suggested 3 times a week, more like 5 for me. It was hard to stick with it. Some weeks I only ran twice at most. But I still ran and trained. 

It wasn't easy, I hate running. I hate being sweaty. But I wanted to do this so I had to.  

I did the Merrell Down mud run. So it was a 5k which is 3 miles. There were quite a few obstacles, some easy, some super hard. There were times I wanted to quit like when I had to climb down the cargo net from ontop of a truck trailer- I HATE heights. Another thing I wasn't fond of was crawling through the mud. There were 3 full body muddy obstacles in Merrell Down, there was 2 crawl through mud and one were you had to walk through waist high mud. But I finished. Some obstacles there were people to help you through it, but I was determined to do this all on my own. And I did. I was extremely muddy when I was done. But I was happy and proud of myself that I finished it.

It took me and hour and 10minutes to do the 5k and I'm so proud I did it. This is just the start of me being healthy again. 

With my training I have a lot to be proud of. I lost 14lbs. I did the mud run all by myself. I don't get winded as easily. I can't wait to sign up for another run. That was just the motivation I needed to stay on track! 

Does anyone else run? Any tips? Anyone else do any fun runs like this? 


Friday, July 12, 2013

CVS Sale: Sunscreen!

I'm going to be going on vacation with my boyfriend to the shore this upcoming week. Which of course I am in charge of getting all kinds of things we're gonna need. Sunscreen being on the top of the list. You have to be crazy not to bring sunscreen with you onto the beach!

I was flipping through weekly ad. I went to look at this upcoming week to see if there were any good sales.

Sunscreens on Sale:

  • All Neutrogena Sun Care and Sunless on sale for $7.99
  • All Aveeno Sun Care for $7.99 
  • L'Oreal Sublime Sun for $7.99  
  • Spend $15 on Coppertone get $5 extrabucks back! 

You can check out my favorite sunscreen ever here: Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunblock SPF85

It's mid summer by this point it's about time to stock up on more sunscreen! I highly suggest you do it now at CVS while it's on sale!! 


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hard As Wraps Powerful Acrylic Gel Review

acrylic gel, sally hansen acrylic gel, sally hansen gel polish, Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hard As Wraps Powerful Acrylic Gel,
I've noticed a theme with beauty items, most of their names are such mouth fulls! What a long name for such a small product! I have been using this nail product for months now, and I just finally decided to write up a review for it! Shame on me. Click down below to find out why I keep using this mani after mani!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Birchbox: July 2013

birchbox 2013, Birchbox July, birchbox July 2013, July 2013, birchbox july 2013, birchbox reveal, birchbox july 2013 reveal, birchbox unveiling, birchbox july 2013 unveiling The thing I love most about Birchbox other than having a surprise each month is that whenever I get my shipping notification email that always means I'll get my box in the mail that day. It's happened so far with my 5 boxes I have received. Now if I get a good box, well that's always up for debate.
Click down below to find out what I got!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July Mani!

Fourth of July mani, fourth of july, 4th of july, 4th of july mani, patriotic mani, patriotic nails Happy Almost Fourth of July!!! I did my 4th of July mani yesterday. I think it's a pretty simple one. Not my best work but from far away it looks good!

What I used was Zoya Diana (Red), Finger Paints Laugh my art off (Blue glitter), Sinful Colors Snow me white( Stamped stars, and stripes). For the Stars I used bundle monster plate BM14. 

4th of july nails, red white blue nails, patriotic nails, star nails, blue nails, Julep Katie, Insta-Dri quick brick, Finger paints Laugh my art off

 Even If this isn't my best work, I'm proud of it. Did you guys do Fourth of July nails? If you did a blog post to it could you put a link to it in the comments? I would love to see them!

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