Monday, June 3, 2013

May 2013 Favorites

I actually have a lot of favorites  this month. I'm going to start with the non-makeup favorites first. 

Lush's Ponche this was a shower gel released in the Christmas collection. I love it's fruity orange scent. I saved this for use in the summer since this isn't a moisturizing shower gel. Review here

Eucerin Original Healing Cream this is the thickest cream ever, thicker than body butter. I love it for applying to my legs after I shave. It makes my skin feel smoother and more moisturized. I know a lot of people don't like heavy creams in the summer. I think it's worth using at night. I say this because lets be honest ladies we probably shave our legs 3 times a week in the summer. I do. 

Neutrogena Acne Stress Toner I've been breaking out a lot lately so I pulled out the big girl toner. I really like this toner because it's strong. I really feel it helps clean my skin after I wash it, the proof is on the dirty puff after use! 

Aloe Vera Gel this stuff is essential in the summer! I do wear sunscreen a lot. I apply often, but sometimes you still get burnt. I just recently burnt my back to a crisp when my friend and I went swimming the other day. So of course I pulled this out. Target makes a great one.  

Next up are my makeup favorites! 

Mirabella Lip Lustre Liner in Hypnotic  I got this in my first ipsy bag, and love it! I use this pencil when I use my MAC Red Russian, and Sail Le Vie. It really does help me stay within the lines!

I've been loving Milani ultrafine liquid liner in Emerald Glisten This stuff really lasts! The color payoff after 2 layers is amazing! Just the fun color needed to wear in the summer! Review here

With all these parties, and birthday celebrations I've been going to in May I've been wearing a lot of lipstick.

MAC Sail Le Vie has been a rediscover for me. I recently learned I actually love this orangey color on me. I've been wearing it with a simple winged liner. It's something different then my usual red lipstick I wear when I go out. Review here. 

MAC Please Me This is my day lipstick. It's a lot like my lips but better, pinker. I rarely wear this when I go out. If I do it's because I've did a smokey eye, which this goes great with!

MAC Russian Red I've recently won this in a giveaway. I love wearing Red lipstick when I go out, and this instantly became my favorite red to wear. I'm kicking myself for not getting this sooner!

These are my May favorites, what are yours? Does anyone have a good sunscreen suggestion?