Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lush's Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb Review

PHOENIX RISING bath bomb, bath bomb review, lush review, lushI went and finally got my eyebrows threaded at my favorite place anjuthreads. So of course I went to lush which is a hop skip and jump away from anjuthreads. I picked up Lush's Phoenix Rising. Click down below to see what I think of this colorful bath bomb!!

What it promises: 

  • Spicy and fruity: The Phoenix has a refreshing orangey twist to lift your spirits.
  • Baby, it's cold outside:Perfect for warming up in the tub on a crisp autumn or winter night.
Sparkling cinnamon fizz: The spicy scent of cinnamon is excellent for stimulating tired minds and bodies.

What I Found:
Well I really liked this bath fizzy a lot. It was fun to watch as it fizzed purple all over my tub.( Don't worry it didn't stain!) It actually took about 5 whole minutes to stop it's tumble throughout my tub. Well it got towards the end it started to fizz mint green. 

It smells amazing! I have to say it was a really strong apple cinnamon scent. It was strong but not overbearing just right. It did fade away before I got out of the tub. I'd give the lasting scent power of about 45minutes. I do have to agree this does feel very fall like but I really like the scent. I didn't find any moisturizing properties to this bath bomb. Just some sweet scent and color to spice up a boring bath is all. I usually prefer a more moisturizing bath bomb but this was still fun. 


  • Strong Apples and Cinnamon fragrance
  • Changes the water a fun purple color
  • DOES NOT stain my tub! 
  • Pricey for one use $7.
  • Scent only lasts for about 45 minutes. 
VERDICT: Even if this didn't give my skin any added benefits I still really loved bath time with this bath bomb. It smells delish and makes the water a fun purple tint. It is pricey so it's a splurge for me. I know I'll be repurchasing this again! Sells for about $7.
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