Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Worth the splurge? B-liv I'm wrinkle Eraser review


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Ages ago I won B-seen I'm wrinkle Eraser. I do have to say I have no wrinkles to being with, not even a beginnings of crows feet. So this will not be a review on how well this works for wrinkles. Sorry ladies.

What this product promises:

What I love the most about this product is how healthy the skin around my eyes feel. After using this product. My skin feels moisturized and happy. I do suffer from dry skin in the winter, so when the skin around my eyes are dry my makeup doesn't look as great. I honestly notice a difference in how my makeup sits on my face after using this eye cream.

The container itself is my favorite kind, aside from the creepy cap. It's a pump container. When I use it I only use a half a pump to use for both lids. Which is great. I've been using this product at least once a day, -really only at night- for about 2 months now, and it shows no signs of slowing. Please also remember I only use it usually once a day as well.


  • Moisturizing
  • Pump dispenser
  • Only takes a half a pump for both eyes.
  • No scent
  • Lightweight
  • Honestly didn't notice an firmness in the skin around my eyes.
You're wondering why I would put almost no cons, I'm sure. I can not test it for wrinkles, because I don't have any. This is a review purely on how well it moisturizes and reacts to my skin. 

VERDICT: As I said before I can not test this for how well it works with wrinkles because I don't have any. I can only say what a great job it did moisturizing my skin. I did not notice increase in firmness. I do like this eye cream but at the price tag of $39 that's a lot of money to spend on a eye cream that I can't confirm helps with wrinkles (it's selling point). I have to give this a pass. I may really like this eye cream but I'm going to buy something with a cheaper price tag. 


Monday, April 29, 2013

Suave Moroccan Shine Shampoo Review.

Coupon, Sample

Sauve Morocaan Shine Shampoo, Shampoo review, Sauve reviewI entered on facebook to receive a coupon for a free full size product from Suave's Moroccan line months ago, I wanna say at least as far back as February. Just like everyone else I was super excited to try this product.

I normally don't use shampoos with sulfates in them, but I figured I'd give this a try. This shampoo promises to boost shine.


  • Cheap
  • Smells horrific
  • Dried out my ends
  • Has sulfates in it
So this is a super short review. I used this twice only. I couldn't get past the smell. I also noticed small bumps around my hair line as well. Not a fan.

VERDICT: Well I couldn't even write a full review because I only tested twice, the smell is so horrific I couldn't continue use. PASS! 


Friday, April 26, 2013

TUN.com A College Student's New Best Friend

I am not receiving anything in return for this review. 

Haven't heard of TUN.com yet? That's okay I didn't until about a month ago. What it is is a site geared towards College students and helping them find deals fofood to fitness, nightlife, entertainment and beauty. This app isn't just for college students either! Anyone who lives near a university could benefit giving this site/app a try! 

I was emailed about month back from The University Network about if I could check out TUN.com and if I liked it do a little free press so them. I figured I'd check out the website and if I liked it I would help them out. I mean come on who doesn't like finding deals? Best part is that it's free. Like one of my professors say nothing is better than free. 

Basically what you do is go TUN.com Click on the search box in the middle of the page and type your College/University into the box and search it. Below I searched Temple University.

Tun.com, college deals, temple university, temple student deals, temple deals, temple nightlife deals.

In the next photo below is what the next page will look like. It shoes all different kinds of deals. Some are just the normal specials others are deals solely for College students. On the right side of the page there is a bottom box where you match the icon to what the deal is for an you can find it on the map.  
Tun.com, college deals, temple university, temple student deals, temple deals, temple nightlife deals.

A great feature is that you can narrow your search down to just on thing. In the picture below I narrowed it down to just beauty deals. 
Tun.com, college deals, temple university, temple student deals, temple deals, temple nightlife deals.

You can tell where the deals are in to relation to your school because on the map it is represented by the little bouncing blog icon. 

So how does this preform great, there's tons of deals in the center city area where a lot of philadelphia college students go. They have an app in the itunes store. Also they have an app for androids in the play store.  I personally find the android app work better than the computer version. 

You can click the photos above for easy download if you would like this awesome app on your cell!

Now here's what I don't like, it's a short list don't worry. It can be slow at times. The map can be a pain where it zooms in instead of shows the deal. You can't do a mile within search on the desktop search, but can in the mobile app search.  Like I said above I prefer the app to using the website. 

  • Easy to navigate
  • Deals for College students
  • Deals for anyone
  • Has apps for mobile use
  • Can run slow at times
  • Does not have a lot of small universities student deals. 
 I love this site and use it to find a few great deals already. I think they need to fix some things but it's a great start to a super helpful program. I think not just college students could benefit from it.  I have it on my phone! 


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Trelly MISC Polish review


Way back in March Trelly MISC Polish came out with two new collections, Spring Time collection, and Under The Sea Collection. I knew the minute I saw "I'm not a guppy" I just HAD to have it! I swear it was just meant to be. So I waited, and waited for the release date in march. As soon as she uploaded the new collection I made the order.

Trelly polish, trelly polish im not a guppy, i'm not a guppy
 I have to say right up front I'm not a yellow fan, but I love this polish. It runs on the sheer side so I put two coats over a yellow base coat. I asked her to add extra hearts to this polish, and I can tell just from looking at the bottle she did. This polish is a sheer yellow with blue heart glitter and different size circle glitters.

My tip for her polish is hold the bottle upside down with the lid on so the hearts move to the 'new bottom' I found it was easier to fish all those pretty hearts out! I give this polish two thumbs up. Stayed on for 5 days before starting to chip! LOVE!

Trelly polish, trelly polish lunar eclipse, lunar eclipse
  This polish is a close second in my heart from her collections. I didn't have any light colored greys so I didn't use a base coat. I used 3 coats in this photo, and it's still on the sheer side but I'm okay with that. In this polish it has lots of different glitters that it reminds me of the milky glitters hard candy came out with. It also has star and crescent moon glitters too!  This lasted 4 days without chips! I'm still loving this polish.

VERDICT: For my first foray into indie polishes these are great editions to my growing nail polish collection. For a full size like I'm not a Guppy $9. A mini like Lunar Eclispe $4.50.  I suggest trying out one of her indie polishes, she's such a sweet seller too. Check out her store here! 

                                                            She's coming out with a Summer collection at the end of May, which looks to be promising. She has already released photos of one polish in the collection. Lisa Frank Is Da Bomb. I can't wait to buy this one. She is one indie polish maker to watch out for in my opinion! I know I'll be snatching up some of her summer collection once it's released! 

What do you guys think? Do you ladies buy indie polish?


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What's been happening in BFCB land

Purchased. Sample

Ahh the end of the semester is so close I can smell it, just three more weeks till freedom. This end of the semester I've been holding up pretty well not as panicked this time. Then again I've gotten a few treats to keep me happy.

all time low fan photo, fan photo, all time low meet and greet, all time low, all time low 1045, all time low in studio session, atl fan photo, atl meet and greet,On Monday I got to go to an in studio session for 104.5 Radio to meet All Time Low, a band that I've met countless times when they were tiny back when I was in high school years ago. It's so odd meeting your favorite band, even though I've met them before it's always nice, even if they never remember me. - I don't expect them to either. I just remember listening to their CDs and driving around on the weekend with friends. Their music holds a lot of happy memories for me. This definitely gave me something to smile about during the stress of the end of the semester. In they other girl in the photo is one of my best friends, Jenna.

Here's one of my all time favorite song by them. (All they're music is awesomesauce go check them out, If These Sheets Were States is another goodie) Some of my friends and I have this running joke that it's sacrilegious to turn this song off. In the original they sing with Juliet Simms (Now widely known by being on The Voice)

Or if you're a Cassadee Pope Fan(Also now widely known for being on The Voice) here's a version they did with her (She dates Rain ATL drummer, just some hollywood dirt for you)


I want to show off my ELF haul. They had a tax refund deal going on online where you can get 40% off up to $10 off sale. Which is shipping and $3 extra off, if you use the max discount amount, which is nice. I stocked up on eyeliner, brushes and decided to try their eyelash primer. Still testing out, but I have to say it's awesome for such a low price point of $3!!

Next is my beautiful necklace you see in the photo below. My mom bought it for me because she swears my name was written all over it. She's right, perfect for all my spring/summer outfits! Along with the necklace is the polish I just bought today. Revlon is having a spend $10 get $4 extra care bucks back sale, which I've been eyeing Posh (green polish) for so long I couldn't say no. I also had $10 extra care bucks to spend so in the end I only paid about $1.50 for these two so I can say it was a successful trip!


I've also been testing out Garnier BB cream for combination to oily skin in Light/Medium. I got sent this to try out from Bzzagent as part of a campaign so look out for that post soon.

What I've been loving lately is Dunkin Donuts Mint Chocolate Chip iced coffee, It's such a delish pick me up on long days! If you're craving an iced coffee try this out. I get mine with cream only.

How is everyone else fairing? Any great Hauls lately?


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Own Refining Moisture Night Cream Review

Sent for review from ifabbo. 

Women are obsessed with looking young. I'm 21 and I know I am too. Now I don't think I look old, and I only have one forehead wrinkle so far (I can raise 1 eyebrow and I do it quite often). I'm not concerned at the moment that I look older than I am. I am concerned though for the future of my skin.

I used to go tanning, bad I know. I'm outside almost all summer. I get burn easily and often. So I try to do the best I can with my skin now. It has me looking for the best face products. I've been using this for about 4 or 5 weeks now.  Once a day at night.

This night cream is the most different cream I've ever used. I can't say I ever used a product on my face that smells like windex. I'm not kidding when I say it smells like windex either. This night cream has a lot of big claims such as:

In as early as 8 weeks, Own Anti-aging products have been clinically proven to: 

  • Boost collagen for FIRMER and fuller-looking skin.
  • Enhance cell turnover for a more EVEN SKIN TONE
  • Improve skin's moisture barrier for SOFTER and smoother skin.
That's a lot of promise for 8 weeks of use. I know I'm writing a review after only testing it for 5 weeks but I'm sure I know how I feel about it. Did I notice any of those claims? No. Has it been 8 weeks? No.  The reason I'm stopping use is for the smell, its lingers on the skin. I just can't keep putting this on my skin. Blah! 

  • Kept my skin Moisturized. 
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Did not break out my sensitive skin
  • Smells like windex
  • After 5 weeks did not live up to promises
VERDICT: Yes I realize I didn't test this for 8 weeks, so please keep that in mind. I can not vouch for any of the results. I just couldn't get past putting something that smells like Windex on my face. I saw that a lot of people liked this product but not for me. Pass. Sells for $25 at Ulta, and on their site. 

Item I picked out from ifabbo to test and review. I did not buy this. **


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Worth the Splurge? Whish Shave Cream Review

Purchased, Affiliated link

I received whish shave cream in blueberry in my March birchbox (click here) I'm not going to lie I was less than thrilled to receive this product. I felt so eh about the box in general. But I dutifully went about and used what I got. I usually just use a cheap conditioner to shave with. When I use a foam shaving cream I always seemed to get nicked.

I have to say even with my eh feeling about this shaving cream it totally blew me away! The smell might not be my favorite, blueberry, the shave is amazing! I was able to get 4 separate lower leg shaves from this product sample. Which surprised me I got that much product.

What won me over was what a close shave I got! My legs felt unbelievably smooth afterwards. Even felt less dry than when I usually shaved. I still had to use moisturizer, not a problem. The scent didn't linger after use.


  • Smooth shave
  • Little goes a long way
  • No nicks in sight
  • Skin felt less dry after shave
  • Three options of scents: Blueberry, Almond, Pomegranate
  • Pricey, $20
VERDICT: After multiple uses this shaving cream won me over. I can't deny how pricey this shaving cream is at $20 per bottle. I bought 2 full sized versions with my birchbox points. I love how this makes my legs feel after a shave. This is a luxury product for me.  I strongly recommend giving this product a try. You can buy it on Birchbox or their website. 


Friday, April 19, 2013

April Birchbox 2013

Purchased, Affiliated link

Oh April Birchbox why must you disappoint me. I think the only reason I'm sorely disappointed is because I didn't get the color changing polish. I really wanted to try that! 

I have only tried two products so far: Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle which I like, Yes to Carrots Lip Butter in citrus, ew! Ugh I'm so mad too, it feels like it would be a great chapstick except I can't get past the gross taste! That makes me so sad! 

In my box I also received: Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream, it looks interesting enough. Caudalie SOS Morning eye rescue, a very tiny sample. Not sure how much sampling I'll get out of those two products since they are a long term results product vs a short term results product. 

I got a little packet with the yes to grapefruit scrub, and serum. I haven't tried either of them yet but I've been thinking of buying it on my own. 

This months box once again is an eh for me. Hopefully after a few uses I'll find a gem like I did in my March box. 

If you want to try birchbox for yourself click through here and help me out! I wholeheartedly recommending trying it out! I love it! I also think this is better than ispy because they do have a point reward system that when you review a product from the box on their site they give you 10 points. When you reach 100 points you get $10 to spend in the store where you can buy full size products of the items you get from your box! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My threading experiences: Anjurthreads Review

This post is not sponsored, I am writing my own opinion of the place. 

Woah close call today, I got to see my boy-toy today and thank god I finally got my jungle done! No, not that! My eyebrows! Last time I saw him he made a comment on it. Now it wasn't totally mean, he just knows I keep them in better shape, I mean if your guy notices you have a unibrow growing then it's time to get them done pronto!

I've been going to the same threading place since October and fell in love. I'm sure you ladies remember how horrific my brows looked after my bad wax job. I vowed after getting burnt for the last time I wouldn't wax again. I've kept my word thanks to Anjuthreads!

Anjuthreads is a hop skip jump away from the marketeast train station. I decided I'd try out threading as an alternative to waxing. Threading itself is a different experience all together. It's basically like pluckinging your eyebrows but it's done with a string and you can pull out more then one at a time. I prefer this over tweezing.  Pain wise. I have a high tolerance for pain, so I find this hurts but it's more uncomfortable than painful. I tearup like crazy because it is so close to the eyes it's my bodys natural reaction. Try to go makeup free when you get them done!

Now onto the good part my review of anjurhreads:
Anjurthreads is a hop skip jump away from the marketeast train station This is a really nice place, honestly. Also a little hard to find on your first time. It's set up on the second floor so you have to go to the door to the left of the entrance of the restaurant on the first floor. You click the buzzer for the second floor since it's set up in apartments.

Taken from Their Website
Once up stairs in the salon it's really open. The chairs are set up right in front of the floor to ceiling  windows, not that you'll have a chance to look outside since you recline backwards while getting a service done. They do occasionally have incense burning, which I like but I know could bother others. 

They offer a lot of different services not just eyebrows. I've gotten my upper lip done there before as well. I have had two women I really like do my brows mostly is Dimple and Azra. I'm sure everyone is just as great.  They get you in that chair and out within minutes. They make a painful experience as least painful as possible.

I do make appointments everytime I go. I go right after school just jump on a train at the train stop right by temple. Sometimes I'm earlier than my appointment they take me as soon as possible when I'm early. Which is nice.

VERDICT if you can't tell from my glowing review I have yet to have a bad experience there. If your a philedelphian or a Philadelphia college student I strongly suggest getting your brows done here. $13 may seem like a lot for eyebrows (you can get them waxed usually for $5) it's the great service that makes the price reasonable.

Anjurthreads is located: 
1126 Walnut St, 2nd floor   
Philadedelphia, pa 
To learn more about Anjurthreads, and prices check out their website here! 

Has anyone else been there? What do you ladies think of threading? Love it? Hate it?


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Julep Lengthening Mascara


Julep mascara, Julep lengthening mascara, mascara review, julep reviewMany moons ago - about 3 months ago- I got this mascara in one of the many misguided buys of their mystery boxes. This sat around in my collection unopened for a long time. For two reasons, 1. I already had like a biljillion already opened at that time and 2. it's in brown.

Julep mascara, Julep lengthening mascara, mascara review, julep review
 I was pleasantly surprised by this mascara to say the least. This mascara offered extremely little in the lengthening department but I do have to say it gives a quite a bit of separation and volume!

When I wear this mascara as you can see in the photos I like to wear with my navy or purple eyeliner.

The wear time isn't the best. By the end of the day I have faint smudges under my waterline.

Julep mascara, Julep lengthening mascara, mascara review, julep review

  • Separation
  • Volume
  • short plastic bristle brush
  • holds a curl
  • Very little lengthening happening. 
  • Smudges by the end of the day

VERDICT: Even though I do think this an okay mascara, and I will continue to wear it on my short days. I'm not wowed by this. It's laughable that it gives better volume and separation when it's a lengthening mascara. Some may love this mascara but I don't. I'm rating this pass, it's not a bad mascara but I won't buy it again. Sells for Regular $24, Maven $20. Can be found on Julep.com 


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Future of Beauty and Fashion on a College Budget

Dun, duh, dunnnnn! Nothing bad is happening just many new ideas that will be hopefully be blog posts soon. I'm a business major at Temple as you lovely ladies probably already know from my constant mentioning of it. The end of the semester is upon most of us college students. It's a panic-y time even when you're on top of your work. At least for me. I mean I can't be the only one right?

I'm taking a Marketing Course at the moment, which I'm totally loving right now. We talk about branding and marketing methods, which also makes me think about how I handle my blog. I don't honestly do a lot of college related posts. Rarely. I have two options. 1. Change my name. Which at this point is a big pain since I'm pretty established at the moment. 2. Change the fact I don't actually post a lot of college related stuff.

I'm pretty sure it's a no brainer what I chose to do! I do have a few post in mind that will not only benefit college students, but everyone. Such as what kind of makeup should you wear on an interview? What should you wear? What does smart casual even mean?! I know you have the burning desire to know!

I am excited to start posts like those, and to continue on my fashion sundays that I have neglated. Pray for me and cross your fingers and toes for me I can survive another semester at temple!


Friday, April 12, 2013

Not Your Mother's- Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray review


Please excuse all my Sweetheart Vox box Reviews today, I'm rushing to get them out before the deadline tonight. 

I received Not your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray in my Sweetheart Vox Box. I was iffy about trying this, I never used a sea salt spray before. Just the sound of it makes me cringe, the beach kills my hair, I can't imagine purposely spray salt on my hair. Yet I did to try it out. 

Let me start off with the good, I go a small size to sample, which makes the container great for travel. It smells divine, like a tropical vacation! Yum! Just don't eat it! 
Well like I said in the beginning that spraying salt onto hair, no matter how diluted it is, is not good for your hair period. End of story. Don't argue with that. So that being said here I am with bleach damaged hair spraying a sea salt spray on my hair. Can you smell disaster? It smells delicious! 

My hair felt gross, dirty and knotty after spraying in my hair. Yes, it texturized my hair all right just not in a good way. It poofed right out with knots galore. No wave in sight. They ran for the hills. Okay I know you guys are saying "Wow Meg, harsh much?" Of course in that valley girl voice. This spray is just not for my hair. Maybe this worked for others but damaged hair? Don't even let this come near it! It's such a shame because it smells soooo good! I refuse to post a picture of myself with this in my hair. My hair looks terrible. 

  • Smells divine, like a tropical escape
  • Not for DAMAGED hair. 
  • Made my hair knotty
VERDICT: So this is just not for me or anyone else with damaged hair. I don't want to full out slam a product but I just don't like this. This is a skip. Sells for $6.  

Click here to find out what others have to say about it. 


Olay Fresh Effects’ Va-Va-Vivid cleansing system review


I received Olay's Va-Va-Vivid cleansing system from their fresh effects line in my Sweetheart Vox box. I want to say that I am a huge Olay fan before I even got this product, so I'm sure you can understand how excited for this I was.

The cleaning system comes in two parts of a small tube of shine minimizing cleanser and a small handheld vibrating brush.  The cleanser claims it will clean deep into the pores to remove dirt and minimize shine. While the vibrating brush claims that it helps remove dirt
from deep in pores.

Shine minimizing cleanser
I found this creats a great lather from this soap, super foamy. I did feel like my skin was clean after use. One thing don't like about this soap is it doesn't have any acne fighting medicine in it. One of the reasons I did make a point to mention that is because Olay is targeting a 'younger' crowd with the fresh effects line, so I would hope they would have some acne fighting products in it maybe. - Yes I do know they do have an acne line, which I have tried and will report back soon!

 Other than that the cleanser is a good one. I'm just not impressed with this. I like it, but I prefer my other cleansers.


  • My skin feels refresh and clean afterwards
  • Great lather
  • No bothering scents. 


  • No acne fighting benefits. 
Power Brush
Now here is the part I love. I have honestly been looking into buying a cleansing brush for awhile. Clasonic is just out of my price range. I'm all about finding great products to splurge on but I just can't justify me spending over $200 on a cleaning system just to start up, then pay even more money when I have to buy new brushes! That's a month worth of car insurance! For me right now this is the next best thing! 

In the photo to the right is a picture of the power brush next to a maybelline color tattoo, just so you can get an idea of how small it is. Perfect for travel! 

Here's why I like this so much. My skin feels significantly cleaner when I use this with my face washes.  I even use this with my more gentle scrubs, the ones made for everyday use.  I notice a difference in my skin, my skin seems smoother, not that I was breaking out. I also like the brush head, it has plastic-gel like bristles. It surprisingly soft on the skin. It works well in getting into the contours around your nose and your hair line due to it's triangle shape. No more getting soap in my hair around my hair line! 

How I use this, I apply my face wash to my face and rub it around a little. Then I wet the brush head and use it on my face in small circles. Run water over the brush head while its still turned on after use to clean it. 
  • Cleans the skin well
  • Skin feels smoother after a week of use
  • Cleans the hard to reach areas like hairline, and nose. 

  • Feels a little flimsy, like easily breakable.
  • Unsure on product lifetime. 
VERDICT:  Even though I'm eh about the soap, I'm sure others will love it. It just doesn't fit my needs.  I do love the Power Brush even if I'm not sure how long it lasts, I do know I will go out and buy one for myself when it does die. The cleanser and power brush are sold together in a box for around $14. I strongly recommend picking this up if a clarisonic system if out of your reach too.

You can find more information about fresh effects here! 


March Favorites 2013! ----I'm back from the dead!

Most items bought with my own money, Olay item was given to me for review. 

I'm back from the dead!!! Well not really, to save you guys from the the story as to why I haven't been on top of my game I'll just let you know I didn't schedule posts this month (I know bad me) and it's crunch time end of the semester for the next 5 weeks. Yay me!

Where did March go? I am so excited that it's finally April. Only one more month until this semester is over and summer break begins for me! Hopefully it starts warming up soon because I don't know about you but I am tired of how cold it is this winter!

I finally got my hands on the Color Tattoo Barely Branded I've been using it as an eyeshadow primer/base and love the wear time on it!

Lumene BB Cream It's no surprised after 3 months of raving it remains in my monthly favorites blogpost. The only time I wore something other than this bb cream is when I knew pictures would be taken. Not because the coverage isn't good enough. Because this BB cream has sunscreen in it which in photos sunscreen washes me out.

Too Faced Walk of Shame Palette This palette creates the perfect two step smokey eye on the go in the morning. I've been using the light pink color over my barely branded all the time!

Elf Eyeliner in Black This eyeliner has yet to be beat by any high end makeup brand. love Love LOVE!

Olay Fresh Effects Vibrating  Cleaner. I received the cleanser and the vibrating tool in my sweetheart vox box. I love the cleaner the best. I can not bring my self to splurge on a clarosinic so this is the next best thing for me. Full review coming soon!

What was your favorites this month? Also does anyone have a smudge free mascara suggestion? I'm desperate!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sweetheart Vox Box: Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response Deodorant review

Item was given for review
Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response Deodorant

I can see the confusion on the faces now, why do I find Deodorant important subject to talk about on a beauty blog. Well it's part of our preening activities so why not? Deodorant just like perfume and mascara. I don't leave the house without putting it on!

I received this full size product in my Sweetheart vox box, which was given to me for review and sampling. This is honestly my favorite item in the box.

Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response Deodorant
I usually use Dove deodorant. No super strength properties in it, and I honestly don't find it working like I need it to with the warmer months coming.

This Secret's Clinical strength stress response claims to help protect from stress sweat which is the worst kind of all! That is so true, take it from a business student going on interviews for internships!

I've been going on a few dates lately, with a cute boy and this is the deodorant I've been using. I love it. It really helps me feel less nervous about sweating, because lets be honest anyone you're interest in always makes you nervous! You want to say the right thing, look the right way, and smell the right way too! This is seriously perfect in helping fighting bad odors to help you scent department.

What Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response claims:

I find most of those claims to be true, and really do like this product a lot! 


  • Protects all day from odor
  • Doesn't stain clothes
  • Dries fast on the skin
  • Refreshing
  • Scent, very powerful citrus
  • Big container with little product in it. 
Now while I'm sure it comes in other scents, -which I will buy a different scent. I'm not a fan of citrus scents at all. I know others will love this. I also HATE how must deodorant companies give us these big containers while it's already half empty before we even use it! Pointless! 

VERIDCT: Yes I didn't pay for this item, but that doesn't change how awesome this deodorant is. Even if this scent isn't my favorite it comes in I'd recommend this deodorant to all! Sells for around $9.

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