Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fashion Sundays: Easter Edition!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. If not, I still hope you pick yourself up a few chocolate eggs and indulge in something sweet! Easter Sunday is notorious for floral print outfits and pastel colors. I find it hard personally to stray too far on Easter Sunday from the cutesy outfits I have always worn since being a little one. I'll save you guys from a walk down memory lane, but I assure you I had some fashion no-nos on Easter Sunday as a kid.

I can hear you ladies now, it's Easter Sunday, today. What good will this do me? Well it's the second mark of spring ladies. Time to step out of those dark tones we've been wearing a sport something with color!

As adults sometimes it's a little too childish to wear a floral outfit head to toe. I suggest picking on floral piece then pair pastels color items to finish the outfit. The floral piece I suggest being a skirt or dress, never pants. I'm sorry but I just can't stand behind floral pants.

Dress from Target
skirt from Target
Floral not your thing? No worries! You can always pull out a bright pastel skirt paired with a white or black top. A poka dot dress is almost never out of style either! 
Dress from Target

Skirt from Target
These are just a few suggestions on what to add to your wardrobe for the coming spring season. I hope you ladies have a wonderful day! Until next fashion sunday! 


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge Line Review

Items were sent for review

As everyone already knows I'm part of Bzzagent. I was asked to be a part of the Hydra Recharge Campaign. I was heistent to try this because I haven't used any shampoo with sulfates in it for months (Excluding my every two weeks wash with purple shampoo) .  I figured what the hell I'll give it a go. 

Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge shampoo promises: 
Weightless, silky hair for up to 2 days. Experience a powerful new blast of hydration. Hydra Recharge is the 1st shampoo with encapsulated beads of superfruits goji berry, passion fruit and kiwi. Hair is ultra-hydrated, weightlessly silkier and softer. Fortified Fruit Science Superfruits of goji berry, passion fruit and kiwi

I only used the shampoo for two weeks before I made up my mind.  First off this does have sulfates in it. Which isn't the best for your hair. It's what helps give your wash the super sudsy lather. Which this gives you a big one! One thing I missed from sulfate shampoos was the sudsy feeling, even if it's horrible for your hair. 

I just want to take a quick pause in this mass review to explain my hair. Half of it is pretty health hair (For lightened hair) and the other half is extremely damaged - from when I went from Red to blonde hair. My hair on top is healthy(new growth) while from my earlobe down is bleached damaged. The bleached damaged can not be saved only managed. Please keep this in mind when reading what I have to say.   

Even with Sulfates included this does seem to work well in the system and moisturizes my undamaged part of my hair. Now my damaged part of hair hated this shampoo. Without using my hair oil after use my damaged part of my hair (earlobe down) dries like straw. Not good! When it saids that it gives moisture for up to two days, I give it that. Which I liked a lot. The beads dissolve when you wash your hair. I don't even notice they're there as I wash my hair.

Now for the smell, which is such an important component of  hair products. I LOVE the smell of this! I've never used a shampoo that smells like cantaloupe before! It smells like summer to me, which is such a great pick me up when I shower!


  • Smells amazing. 
  • Beads dissolve quickly, you don't even notice them.
  • Moisturizes undamaged hair.
  • Does not weigh down hair. 


  • NOT for DAMAGED Hair.
  • Sulfates in the shampoo.
Hydra Recharge Conditioner

This conditioner really does offer a lot of moisture! It's a thick consistency so I feel like it really sinks into my hair. Nothing really super special about this. Or a lot to say other than it offers a lot of moisture. Smells great too but not just like cantaloupes but there's another fruit scent in it that I just can't put my finger on it. 
  • Smells fruity and summery. 
  • Moisturizes hair. 

  • Honestly feels like any other conditioner
Hydra Recharge 1-minute moisture-plenish treatment. 

I can honestly can't say if I like this or not. I feels like a normal conditioner really. I feel like this does weigh down my hair a bit. But my damaged part of my hair likes this. 

  • Adds needed moisture to damaged ends.
  • Smells awesome
  • weighs down hair. 

VERDICT: I think this is a great system for those who have undamaged dry hair. I love the scent. This just isn't right for my hair type. I'd recommend the Shampoo for those who have undamaged hair. The other two products, are eh for me. So I'd pass on the Conditioner and treatment. 

Items sent for review. Read my discloser policy. 


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Influenster Sweetheart Vox box

Items were sent to me, I did not pay for these. 

As many of you know I am a part of influenster. I was lucky enough to receive the Sweetheart Vox box. Down below is my opening video of the box. You can see my first impressions of if.

Sweetheart vox box opening from Megan on Vimeo.

I love everything I got in that box, except the Not Your Mother's Beach Spray. That is not for damaged hair. Let me repeat myself, do not use on damaged hair! I can not stress how bad this is for your hair in general. It made my hair super knotty and dirty feeling. I don't like the feel of my hair after I swim in the ocean so beach spray is just not for me. 

I do love the Secret Clinical Strength Stress Sweat I will end up re-purchasing this for myself. Hopefully I can get it in a different scent because I'm not keen on the orange smell. 

Baby Lips Pink Wink review

Was bought with my own funds. 

baby lips, baby lips pink wink, pink wink
 Finally! I've been looking for these at CVS forever! I prefer to buy drugstore beauty products at CVS because of their extra care bucks system.

I have baby lips in three other flavors so I'm already a big fan of this line. I do find these lip balms moisturizing, just not 8 hours worth. I find myself reapplying every hour. That doesn't bother me because it just tastes so nice!
baby lips, baby lips pink wink, pink wink

  • Moisturizing
  • Leaves a nice sheer light pink tint
  • tastes fruity
  • lots of product for a small price
  • Doesn't last for 8 hours like it claims
  • Not moisturizing like a lip butter but better than chapstick. 

VERDICT:While this doesn't last for 8 hours I still love this lip balm. I will continue to use it. I highly recommend the baby lips line for someone who's looking for a great lip balm. Sells for around $3.50 Can be found at your local drugstores, walmart and target. 


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fashion Sundays: Express yourself with polish!

All items in post was purchased with my own funds. 

From my year plus of blogging I have featured a many posts on polish, stamping and nail designs. I also have said nothing like a classic red mani can't fix!

I want to suggest probably one of the easiest, and cheapest way to express yourself, other than an amazing mascara, is through nail polish! I can an large collection see photo below.

I can hear the cries of polish being super expensive. There are almost always really great nail polish sales running at the drugstores. Take CVS for an example this week (March 24) Spend $10 get $5 extra care bucks back. You could buy I believe about 4 hard as nails polish and get $5 back. That's a steal! 

I swear by a classic red mani, used is Zoya Diana, a dupe for this would be Sally Hansen Diamond strength Diamonds and Rubies both are interchangeable. 

Want a work friendly mani, but don't want to do a usual french mani? Try a tropical (colored tips instead of white tips) or a nude color like Julep's Tori below.

Want a little fashion in your life? You could buy a stamping kit and try your hand at it. Check out my sailor design below using all Sinful color polishes below. 

Want nail art but don't want to spend money on a stamping kit. Try Galaxy nails. Just youtube 'galaxy nails' and you'll find a ton of different videos showing you a ton of different ways to accomplish this look. I suggest you find which one may work best for you since everyone is different. 
 Nail art isn't your thing? Stamping or otherwise? Just a plain coat of polish will do wonders. I always suggest Wet'nWild mega last polish because the formula is great but the brush is amazing! Love!

Here are just a few ways you can express yourself with nail polish. The options are limitless. The prices can range anywhere from $.99 to $20, how much you are willing to pay is up to you. 

I hope everyone had a great past week. Here's to a great coming week. Anyone did anything awesome over the weekend? 


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Julep's It Girl March 2013

I bought this with my own funds. 

Julep march, julep it girl, julep it girl march, julep it girl march 2013
I haven't gotten any Julep polish in months. I haven't been thrilled with them lately. I usually only buy the mystery boxes anymore because I find that they are actually worth the $20. But in the March boxes the pastels just called my name. I just had to have Teri! It's such a beautiful color too!

I'm so glad I did get this box because they didn't disappoint! I only used Teri so far, but the other look great in the swatches I saw on other blogs so far.

I normally hate getting other products in my Julep box because I'm just not interested in them, but I do love this lip balm! It's super moisturizing, it just glides on like butter! I'm pleasantly surprised about how awesome it is! I was looking at the ingredients list and they had so many oils and moisturizing items right at the top of the list! This contains coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil. Great things to keep healthy lips. This taste awesome too, - I don't encourage you eat it though.  It's true to it's word that it is a mix of strawberry and mint.

I have to warn you about this product because Coconut oil is second on the ingredient list it has a low melting point. Since this has such a low melting point I'd only suggest using this in the winter because keeping it in your purse in the summer will leave you with lip balm all over everything.

julep teri Here's a swatch of Teri. It's such a pretty pastel peach color. Lasted about 4 days without chips and nail wear.

As you can see from the photo to the right I don't need anymore polish. I have so many Juelp polishes because of those mystery boxes!


Friday, March 22, 2013

Montagne Jeunesse Fruit Smoothie Mask in Raspberry & Mango Review


Montagne Jeunesse Fruit Smoothie Mask Raspberry & Mango Review, montagne jeuness face mask, face mask, facial
UPDATE: I have been using this mask and the dead sea mask for over 3 years now on and off. I really love the results from these masks when using them once a week. I still recommend picking them up, and still personally use them myself from time to time. 

I didn't get much of a spring break last week due to the fact I was sick. So my planned spa day didn't happen. To make up on my skipped spa day I decided to try a Montagne Mask since I am in love with their dead sea one. I picked up Montagne Jeunesse Fruit Smoothie Mask in Raspberry & Mango to pamper myself. Say that name 10times fast! 

I have had  awesome experiences with this brand's masks so I couldn't wait to try this one. 
  • Felt refreshing. 
  • Skin felt cleaner, and softer after use
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Not a very pleasent scent. 
If scents bothers you I wouldn't get this. I didn't really like the scent but after I washed it off 20minutes later the scent didn't linger on my skin. A few minutes in with this on the mask hardened. I like when masks do that because then I feel like it's working. 

VERDICT: I usually love face masks by this company and this one is no exception. I recommend this mask, and other masks by this brand. Sells for about $2. Can be found at Walmart, Ulta and Walgreens. 


Monday, March 18, 2013

March Birchbox 2013

March birchbox, birchbox
I wasn't too thrilled with this months birchbox. I found myself lusting after other peoples boxes, I'm talking about the ones with the nail stickers in it. I finally got one of those dreaded useless headband wraps. If I wanted something like that I could have easily gone to Claire's. 

I do have to say I liked the nail file, but then again I find a $5 nail file outrageous, it's not even a glass file! I do like the shaving cream even though the scent isn't my favorite. The benefit primer is nice aswell. 

My sensitvie skin hated the Eveologie Intensive Blemish Serum I should have known better and read the ingredients. Willow bark breaks me out like crazy, which this contains. 

This box is eh for me this month. Boo! 


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fashion Sundays: Supporting Sport Teams

I am a strong Philadelphia Sports team fan, well for hockey and baseball that is. It's hard sometimes being a beauty fanatic and a sports fan at the same time. I can hear the laughter now. Why is that hard you ask? There's this expectation and scorn for what I might do when I go to support my favorite teams. There's always this expectation that I will wear orange eye shadow when going to a Flyers game or red makeup when I go to a Phillies game.

I like to keep my makeup mild when going to sporting events, I'm more concerned with the game than my makeup to be honest. But there is this double standard of if I do up  my makeup for a game people think I'm not there for the game but to have a good time. While on the other hand if men paint their faces they're die-heart fans. That makes me laugh. So I just like to stick to doing my nails. Which that in itself warrants laughter from my friends. They're always wondering what I will do. Most games I don't actually do anything special because I buy my tickets last minute off of stubhub 3 hours before the game for cheap. - Stubhub a college student's best friend for cheap games!

I have the perfect solution for those who want to show their fan spirit without going overboard. A two tone mani! I've been into the chevron manis lately so I painted my whole nail Orange and did the pointed tip with black to support my Flyers.  God knows we need it.

Does anyone else notice the treatment of women who do their makeup for sporting events? Do you ladies do anything different when you go to games? I'd love to hear your opinions on my theory about makeup and sporting events.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Paddy's Day look!

I recently fell behind with blogging due to the fact I got severely sick, respiratory infection and pink eye will do that to you. All the same week. Queue a lot of crying as I threw out a ton of eye makeup and sanitized what I could.  Just a shout out to those with kids. Please stop taking your sick kids to activities such as swim lessons or dance classes. They will get everyone else sick. End rant.

Well as being a super irish american -If you could know my full name ha! - the only way americans do things I of course joined in on the craziness . The first week in March I went on a Shamrockshuttle of shenanigans and here's the look that I created.

What I did with this look was start with Maybelline's Color tattoo in emerald and covered my lid and inner waterline. I then set it with a green eyeshadow I used an old mac eyeshadow, no idea of it's name. Then I used brown in the same palette in my crease and out waterline to tone down the green. I felt this look was much more wearable than the neon green eye makeup I saw on other ladies during the shamrock shuttle. I finished off with mascara and winged liner on the top lash line. 

 Hope you ladies have a fun St. Paddy's Day weekend, be safe! Don't do anything to crazy!


Monday, March 11, 2013

Worth the Splurge? Kat Von D Saint palette

I have a love for tattoos. I also have mix feelings on Kat Von D personally but I jumped at the chance to try one of her makeup palettes. They always looks so cool, and I love the packaging.

I got this as a birthday gift. I was so excited to try this. Finally I got to test out one of her palettes.

Let's see what I think of it!

I have the biggest love hate with this. I want to love this a lot, I really do. The shimmery shades are super creamy which I love. The matte shades are chalky and apply chalky.

That's a bummer about the chalky matte shadows. Wear times is actually great with these shadows, all day when used with a primer.

One thing I hated was that Downtown, Sunny and Pray for me just had to much orange shimmer in it for me to use. They looked horrible on my skin tone. <3 applied patchy and didn't show up all that well.  Bookworm and Caravaggio were patchy as well. Heavens  is an awesome highlighter! I did love Enjoy the Silence it's a pretty pale gold shimmer.

Top row: heavens, enjoy the silence, <3, middle row: Downtown, Sunny, Pray for Me, Bottom Row:Bookworm, Caravaggio
VERDICT: Is this worth the splurge? No, not for me. The matte's were streaky, and three of the shimmers have orange undertones that just done work with my skin tone. Will someone else love this? I can say yes since it is long last eyeshadow with a primer. Sells for $36. 


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lush Phoenix Rising Review

I bought this on one of my many trips to lush. It smells apple-ly and cinnamon-y which is right up my alley.

It fizzes up A LOT. It's pretty awesome you can hear it fizz so using it fresh makes it all the better. It smells AMAZING of just apples and cinnamon. It does fizz for awhile about 4 to 5 minutes.

As it fizzed it turned my tub water a purple/pink. Phoenix Rising started out at the bottom of my tub and slowly rose to the top and tumbled throughout my tub. When it got to the end it started to fizz green from it's center.

I can not stress how much I love this scent. It smells delish. It's strong so you actually able to smell it during all of the bath and not just at the beginning.


  • Long lasting scent
  • Smells super yummy
  • Turns the water purple (not my tub)
  • It's fun to watch it fizz
  • IT took about 4 to 5 minutes to finish fizzing. 
VERDICT: If I haven't said it enough already it smells amazing! I love it, and I already have repurchased it. I recommend to all who is in need of a relaxing bath.  I suggest drinking Pink Moscato wine with it (If you are of drinking age). This bath bomb sells for about $7. It is pricey but worth every penny in my opinion. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

How To Cut Side Swept Bangs

Back when I used to have bangs. See photos.

 And Here:

I found this video that helped my figure out how to trim them on my own. After I found this video I only ever messed up if I cut them too short. This video helped my bangs look their best, because she shows us the best way to cut them.

So if you ladies have bangs, and you need to trim them yourself check this video out!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February 2013 Empties

I didn't honestly finish a lot this month. Mostly non-makeup. 

If you haven't noticed through my posts I am Olay's dream customer. My mom uses it all the time, and passed her love for it down to me. Creating strong customer bond with the company, ( - sorry I have a  marketing test next week! )

I finished up Olay's Ultra moisture body wash. I have been using some form of this body wash for more than half my life. When I think of clean this is what it smells like. Repurchase no doubt. 

Olay's Quench body lotion I like this lotion a lot. I use this in the morning when I don't want to wear heavy/greasy lotions to start my day. Repurchase

Aussie Volume Conditioner I use this conditioner when I jump in the shower and don't wash my hair. In hopes that it gives my hair some life without me having to wash it with shampoo. I didn't notice my hair being weighted down. I didn't see volume added either. Skip

Aussie Hair insurance leave in conditioner Smells amazing! Does it work? I'm not quite sure. I think my hair is too damaged. Skip. 
Makeup wise I only had to throw out an 4 month old (bad I know) mascara. I used up a black Avon glimmerstick I had floating around. I don't like the glimmersticks because they tend to smudge on the water line.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Big Companies Customer Service Problems

I'm a business management major in college. By now in my third year I already understand that Customer Satisfaction is paramount. I also know that it's more cost efficient to keep current customers happy vs trying to obtain new customers. That is also mostly common knowledge among society.

I recently had two run-ins with two big global  companies. L'Oreal  and M.A.C. One was a great experience while the other felt like I was being patronized. Want to guess who treated a loyal customer better? I bet you wouldn't have picked L'Oreal. I had an extremely great experince with L'Oreal and their customer service, I will blog about that at a later time because I don't want people to get confused about who had the great customer service.

The whole reason that sparked me write this blogpost is an article in Allure magizine, "The Ringleader: M.A.C." It states about M.A.C. attitude and I quote.
"We won't look down on you, and we won't intimidate you, because we know what it was like to be picked on by the cool kids. And guess what? Now we're the cool kids." Taken from Allure Magazine: Pergament, Danielle. "The Ringleader: M.A.C." Allure Mar. 2013: 180-83. Print.
I do own my share of special edition M.A.C. collection pieces. Who doesn't own at least one Viva Glam lipstick? I laughed out loud when I read the part about "We won't look down on you."   I hate shopping in M.A.C. stores. I go to two different shops mainly in my area with the same service. I always seem to be interrupting a life or death decision between sales associates, or I must be committing a fashion sin of wearing a swan dress because I get attitude, eye rolls and huffs of annoyance when I ask for help. I did not realize that coming into MAC stores always had to be a belittling experience. I am starting to believe after being to MAC stores in 4 different states that its a requirement for sales associates to be rude to the customers. I can honestly say my most pleasant experience with MAC is ordering makeup from online.

So after an extremely frustrating experience on February 11th I sent a tweet out about how unbelievably rude M.A.C. sales associates are tagging M.A.C in it. You can read the thread here. The next day M.A.C tweeted me back telling me to email them about the incident. Which I did right away. I actually had a few incidents to tell about. Within that same month alone. After I sent them the email they send me this back. 

"Thank you for taking the time to contact M.A.C.

I am very sorry to hear of your experience at the M.A.C store in the Cherry Hill Mall. Please be assured that the scenario you describe is not in accordance with our M.A.C service philosophy, and we appreciate your letting us know. Professionalism, courtesy, and graciousness to all consumers is paramount in all our M.A.C training programs. Therefore, I will be certain to share your comments with appropriate executives.

We value you as our consumer, and I would like to send you a small gift as a gesture of our goodwill.Please confirm your full name and mailing address, so I can arrange shipment.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact M.A.C. I appreciate the opportunity to respond to your concerns. You are valued as our consumer, and I hope you will continue to use and enjoy our products with confidence and satisfaction." 
Here comes my business student skills kicking in again. I know how extremely important good word of mouth is. I also know that bad 1 word of mouth is 20xs more damaging than, 1,000 praises can be.  The last interaction I had with M.A.C. was February 14th, it's now March 5th, it has been 20days since. I received no goodwill gift, that was to basically keep me from bad mouthing M.A.C anymore. This is the slowest customer service I have encountered.  If you're wondering on how the service is at the Cherry Hill Mac store, it's just as bad. Same eye rolls, same bad attitude. The sales associates act like they are just too above me to help. I'm sorry that I do have a pretty decent knowledge of makeup and know what I'm talking about when I ask certain questions.

L'Oreal corrected the problem within 2 weeks.


Monday, March 4, 2013

February 2013 Favorites

february favorties, 2013

This month once again has been a super bare month for me. Only really dolling up when I go out on the weekend.

Lumene BB cream, still a favorite of mine, and NOT breaking me out. It's wonderful! I use it just about daily for about a month and a half and still on my first tube!

ELF liquid liner in Midnight and Black I just have been doing a winged liner look, switching the colors up.

Maybelline's Pro Curling Mascara I won this in a giveaway prize, I'm in love with this. It has two parts to it. One end is the black mascara and the other end is the primer with fibers in it. LOVE LOVE! So happy I won this!

MUA single it's a nude color that I put over my lid to keep it from looking greasy throughout the day.

Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Frisky I also won this in a different giveaway. Now this doesn't last for 12 hours, but I still love this anyway. The blush I wore for the better part of February. 
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