Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Maybelline's Whisper Lipsticks

I like every other beauty blogger have a problem. 'My name is Meg and I must try every new product.I wondered my way into CVS to grab cough drops  for my mom, poor thing is sick. Of course I had to walk by the new makeup displays. The Maybelline whisper lipsticks where just whispering to me 'Buy me, buy me!' ( See what I did there? haha. no? okay-_-)

I was excited to try these because I heard they were better than the lip butters, which I found too heavy. I had regular lipsticks lighter than those. I only picked up one shade to try it. Shade 25 Lust for Blush. 

This lipstick is super light. Nothing I've used before. It takes a few swipes to build some color. It doesn't last long at all. Maybe 3 hours on with no eating. It doesn't even last after light snacking, or drinking water from a straw! I was disappointed about that. BUT no where does it boost about long wear, so I can't get mad.

I am pleasantly surprised about the color payoff I get from this. Much more than I thought I would. It glides on so smoothly, like silk. I only noticed a scent when I stuck my nose right in it, but not on my lips.

VERDICT: Would I buy anymore? No. Do I like these, yes but I prefer a long wear from lipsticks. The weight of the lipsticks on my lips never bothered me. Would I suggest these to others? Maybe, it's gimmicky yes, but you can easily applies without a mirror. Great for quick reapplying while out! Even though I may not want to buy any more of these personally doesn't mean others wont love these. They have amazing color payoff for such a light formula! Can be found anywhere from $5 to $7. Can be found at your local drugstores, ulta, target, and walmart.



Hola Bambi said...

Looks soo cool , love that colour xx

Hola Bambi said...

Love that colour xx

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