Monday, December 24, 2012

Julep's New Year's Mystery Box

julep mystery box, new year's mystery box, new year julep, julepI couldn't help myself this time when they said there will be at least $100 worth of products in the box. I also said what the hell I'll get it for myself for my birthday!

In the box I revieved:

  •  5 polishes (What a bummer!) 
  • Lengthening Mascara - full size
  • 3 One step polish remover pads
  • 2 age defying hand samplers
  • Sicilian orange Foot soak -full size 
  • A small nail file

julep mystery box, new year's mystery box, new year julep, julep
From top to bottom the polishes I received are:
  • Lauren a matte fuchsia color
  • Sienna -it's actually a very pretty silver. It didn't turn out that way in the photo
  • Georgia a shimmery orange
  • A mystery color - there is no name on this one is a black polish with silver and orange glitter
  • Cindy - a shimmery green color
Okay so here's my feelings on this. I am disappointed. There's no hiding it. I always wish I get more polishes than products. I'm honestly not interested in the side products. I definitely feel like I got my $20. Do I feel like I got $100 worth of products no. But that's because I feel like Julep is wayyy over priced for such a small amount of polish. OPI is worth their money, Julep polishes not so much. 

Am I happy still? Yes! I can't wait to use Cindy and the mystery nail polish. The foot scrub smells yummy!  Let's be honest I do love trying out new mascaras. 

                                        Merry Christmas!! 


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Candice said...

Thanks for sharing what you got. I'm looking forward to mine sometime hopefully soon. I have Sienna already and just love it!

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