Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday look Vol 1

naked, color tattoo, maybelline, MAC, urban decayThe Holidays are right around the corner- whether you celebrate Christmas like me or Hanukkah or any other Holiday this month. I know that for me it's a time to dress up. Look nice; it's family pictures galore. IF you ladies are stumped on how you should do your makeup here's a simple, almost understated look.

I did a look like this in a previous post, but it's one of my favorites so I thought I'd bring it back around. It has both high end, and drugstore products used in it. But I'm positive you could get away with all high end or all drugstore brand products.  

effy eye look, effy tutorial, skins makeup, makeup look, green eyeshadow,
1. What I used a skin color eyeshadow all over my lids -I used naked from NAKED
2. Then I blened buck from NAKED into my crease, and a little higher past my crease since I have semi-droopy lids. 
3. I then took creep from NAKED and blended it into my corners  
4. I tight-lined my lashes with NYC eye pencil in show time. - Seriously one of the smoothest eyeliners for tight-lining!! 
5. Lined my bottom lash line with Color tattoo the edgy emerald.
6. I then layered a matching green Mac shadow to set it. - Sorry I can't give the name, because someone pre-made the palette for me and I have no idea what their names are! 
7. Used my Maybelline Cat-eyes, which I'm slowly coming to love since I've been using a lash serum to make them grow! 

effy eye look, effy tutorial, skins makeup, makeup look, green eyeshadow,

Ladies what is your favorite way to do your eye makeup for the holidays? Any tips to share?


Sunday, November 25, 2012

L'Oreal's Evercreme Sulfate-Free shampoo

L'oreal, Sulfate-free shampoo, L'oreal's evercreme, evercreme, nourshing shampoo
I of course hopped onto the Sulfate-free bandwagon like everyone else-with good reason. My hair needs some seriously TLC, having the red bleached to white!  This shampoo was my first stop on finding the perfect sulfate-free shampoo for me. I've been testing this shampoo out for over 3 months now. I've went through two tubes of the Evercreme shampoo because I bought it at a 2 for $7 sale months ago.

What it promises: 

Now here's what I thought! Like I said before I've been using this shampoo for over 3 months. That's a lot of time to figure out how well this works.


  • Sulfate-free
  • Smells nice, Vanilla. 
  • Feels clean, but heavy
  • No lather because it's sulfate-free
  • Thick consistency, white in color
  • In a tube bottle so it's super easy to use every last bit
  • A lot is needed to wash hair- yes I do realize it is because it's sulfate-free
  • Leaves hair feeling very heavy. My hair does feel clean, but it feels heavy. 

After using this for over two months I didn't feel like it damaged my hair, but at the same time I didn't think the health improved. My hair's health just stayed the same. I didn't feel like it nourished my hair, just made it heavy. I do like the warm vanilla scent it has. It's so yummy, and the scent lasts for most of the day as well. 

VERDICT: The con list isn't that long, but the fact it makes my hair feel after I wash it is a no go. I liked it for the first month I guess, but I didn't like the heavy feeling it left my hair. I'll pass on this. Sells for about $6. But there are always sales going on for these. This week 11/25/12 CVS is having a 2 for $12 sale. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

College VoxBox 2012

If you can not tell already by my type of posts or my blog in general. I am a college student, so I already knew I was the perfect fit for the College VoxBox! I got a few awesome items.

I have yet to try impress nails so I'm excited about that. A review should be up about them since I decided to test them out for thanksgiving.

I've tried the Sheets out a few times since I got them. I like them, gives my subtle enrgy without crashing or jitters. No day after headaches either.

Necco Waffers in Tropical is pretty awesome! I loved the original ones, remind me of my childhood and pop pop.

NYX eyeliner, is great for tight lining.

Pentel gel pen, smears all over the place :( I think it's because I'm left handed.

Full reviews coming soon!


Vaseline rosy lips

vaseline, vaseline rosy lip, vaseline tinI bought this back in July. I actually didn't start using it till about 3 weeks ago. I've used it at least twice a day, sometimes more. I have to put out this warning first. When you have lip products in a tin like this that have pretty low melting point like Vaseline lip products you have to be careful with them. They can melt and reshape if kept in warm places. This is why I waited till the colder months to use this, now onto the review!

This product is a clear pinkish tint product in a small circular tin. It easily glides onto the lips. Because it is in a tin there are some sanitary issues, but I try to keep my fingers out of this product. So I apply this by bringing the tin up to my lips and applying that way.

vaseline, vaseline rosy lip, vaseline tin
I have been using it for the past three weeks at least twice a day and can see that it keeps my lips moisturized. I can't say that it they're extra soft because of this- but happily chapped free. Now there is an odd scent and a weird taste to it. The smell is only noticeable because I do have the tin super close to my nose when I apply it. It's not noticeable on my lips. As for the taste its not exactly bad, but it doesn't taste great either. For some this maybe a breaking point, for me its liveable. I like that it keeps my lips smooth. It's not something you want to apply before you kiss someone.
vaseline, vaseline rosy lip, vaseline tin


  • Keeps lips smooth
  • In a purse friendly container.
  • Added bonus contains almond oil.


  • Smells odd
  • Taste odd
  • Can melt and lead to a mess.

VERDICT: Even with the odd smell, and taste I will still use it. I can't say if I'll repurchase this or not. I do love using Vasline on my lips so I won't rule it out. It's a Meh product. I know you can either buy it on amazon, or ebay. I've bought off of ebay, that was in the end $3. Which is kinda a lot, but the product works.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Glamoflauge: Can it cover tattoos?

 Like I said in my last post holiday season is just around the corner! Which of course I'm super excited!! --As of today there is 39days till my birthday, which for you ladies it means there's 39 days till christmas!!--- As I was saying you may have a tattoo you don't wanna show your ma or dad just yet. This may work for you. Let's find out!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mini Haul

A few weeks back I bought my Rimington Curling wand in 1in to 1 1/12in, and CVS was having a Revlon sale so I bought the whipped foundation. I had this whole post pre written, and I could have sworn I scheduled it. It obviously didn't post, and I forgot about it completely until now.

I have to say I've used the wand at least 10times since I bought it, and I can honestly say I'm in love. I finally can have nice curls in my hair!! A review soon to follow.  A no brainer and it's a Buy at $30!  I will be doing a holiday look soon, since Thanksgiving is just right around the corner. I can't wait to show you that look!

 I bought the Revlon Whipped foundation as well. I haven't figured out how I feel about it yet, so the review will be a little longer in coming.


Monday, November 12, 2012

MUA BB cream

MUA BB cream, BB cream, BB cream Light, MUA BB cream Light
 By now a lot of you ladies know about my face woes. Even though I've tried quite a few BB creams and CC creams, I haven't had much success. Yet I continue to try them. I'm a college student, so when getting ready for class in the morning I want to cut out the most time I can getting ready and save that for sleeping!

Today I have MUA BB cream in light. MUA claims it will prime, smooths and conceals. :
Inspired by Asian Beauty Balms, our brand new MUA BB Foundation is a full coverage foundation containing a multi-functional formula that conceals, brightens and evens out skin tone for a perfect complexion. Its great range of shades will adapt to suit all skin tones. Apply with a big dense brush and buff into the skin for the perfect flawless finish. Easily the hottest and best product in your handbag – it’s the perfect size too!  It comes in three shades, light, medium and dark – all new tones developed for the BB Foundation. With its adapting technologies, you’re sure to find a tone to suit you!

That's a lot to claim for such a small price about 5 euros or $6. I like to apply this with my fingers, but I have tried applying with a stippling brush as well. I like the coverage when I first apply. I do apply this over a primer, because I know my skin, and face products just soak right in without a primer. I also set it with powder because it has almost a sticky, or very dew to the touch feeling without it. 

I have it in the light color and it matches my skin very well, it does look a bit too light at first, but it does take about 5 minutes to adjust to my skin tone.  It has the thick consistency that I have found in really Asian BB creams. Which I LOVE. It has no lasting scent.  

MUA BB cream, BB cream, BB cream Light, MUA BB cream LightI have a bit of downy white hair on my face. I refuse to do anything with it because most foundations and powder you never notice it. Yet with this BB cream, it makes my hairs stand out right away. I've tried applying it different ways; with my fingers, rubbing it in going down my face, not up. Applying it with a stippling brush in a downward motion to keep the hairs flat. No matter what way I tried it, my downy hair was visible. 

 About 3 hours later it has nestles right into my pores. It is very noticeable on my skin. See below photo for proof. By hour 5 it's like I didn't put anything on my face. 

 Now the coverage is what I love about this product!  It's definitely borderline full coverage. It makes my acne scars and imperfections non-exsitent. Doesn't feel heavy on the skin either. 
MUA BB cream, BB cream, BB cream Light, MUA BB cream Light

  • Almost Full Coverage
  • Thick consistency
  • No scent

  • makes downy face hair visible
  • Settles into pores. 
  • Last 4 hours tops
VERDICT: Even though I love the coverage, and the thick consistency. The fact that it settles into my pores, make my downy face hair visible and doesn't last long makes this a skip. It was a great try, too bad it doesn't last long. Sells for about 5 euros or on ebay for about $7. 


Friday, November 9, 2012

October 2012 Favorites

Whew this week in school totally kicked my butt! So many tests this week! Thank god it's over! I am finally getting around to talk about last months favorites. I honestly don't have a lot of favorites this month. I've been testing out a few products here and there. There has been a lot of rotation in my routine.

There is just something about Hard Candy's Sheer Envy primer that keeps calling me back to it. It doesn't break me out. My foundation lasts without touch ups for about 5 hours which is a feet with my skin, which likes to absorb makeup like no one's business.

MUA Heaven and Earth palette. I love it! It's a great day time palette, tons of shimmers for that swipe and go method.

Dots Dew pot. It's a cross between a cream shadow and color tattoos. It doesn't have the lasting power of a color tattoo by itself. But when applied under other shimmery shadows, bam! It packs a punch! Last so well on those long 10 hour days!

Rimmel Stay Matte facepowder. I've been using this to set my makeup for years. Nuff said!

What are your favorites last month ladies?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October's 2012 Empties

I've never really done an empties post before so bare with me as I fumble along my first time. I didn't actually finish much is month. Only three products, but I'm now trying to finish things before I buy new ones to try and save some money for this upcoming season.

Sea Salt Spray: I use this for two things. To clean my newish piercing, my tragus, it's under a year. I also once a week after a deep face clean, spray it all over my face before I put a heavy cream on. repurchase.

Equate's Coco Butter body lotion. It's the cheap version of Vaseline's Coco butter body lotion. It's about $1 - 2 cheaper. I wish I spent the little extra because I felt like this did a poor job in keeping my skin moisturized. skip

L'Oreal's EverCreme nourishing shampoo.  It made my hair super heavy. I didn't feel like it did any benefit to my hair, and I have extremely dry hair.  A Full review coming soon. skip. 

Crest 3D white. I actually feel like this did help whiten my teeth. It made my mouth feel clean when used. repurchase.

Bastise Dry Shampoo, orginal.  I know all over the blogosphere that this is a much loved dry shampoo. This makes day old, or even two day old hair as good as new again. It doesn't leave a grey cast, nor a lingering scent. It even gives my hair some volume. Which is the best part because on day old hair, the limpness gives it away.  repurchased. 

Shielo's leave in protectant. I love this stuff. It's on the pricey side, but it works so well. I did a review here. Spurge. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Generic Value Products: Purple Shampoo

It's funny when you change your hair color from one high maintenance color to another high maintenance color you forget what a pain it can be. I still haven't figured out which color is harder to maintain red or blonde. 
So a few months back I was strolling through my local Sally's when there were having a sale on their Generic Value Products. I've tried a bunch from those lines and really liked them. I figured what the hell I'll give the knockoff shummer lights Conditioning Shampoo (Purple Shampoo) a whirl. I've been using it once a week for months now. 

This shampoo is a little more liquidly than most. It comes out purple, which is because purple balances out the brassiness of blonde. I use this about once a week, usually on sunday because of the old lady rose scent it seems to have, it lasts even after you wash it out of your hair. Also it's not very conditioning at all. It feels a bit drying actually. So I always use a deep conditioner after I use it. WARNING do not use it more than once a week or you risk getting a grey/purple tint to your hair. 

  • Gets rid of the brassiness in blonde hair.
  • Cheaper than Clairol's Shimmer Lights
  • Drying - use a deep conditioner right afterwards. 
  • Has an old lady rose scent to it, that lingers even after the shower. 
VERDICT: Even if this is a bit drying and smells kinda bad - it does it's job and does it well. I have repurchased this, and will continue to repurchases it as long as I'm blonde. I may not like the smell but it does it's job. For $6 for a purple shampoo that last over 6 months. How can you go wrong? If it's not broken don't fix it right? 

WARNING - This shampoo is for those with blonde hair only. 


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Target Beauty Bag!! FINALLY!!!

Finally! FINALLY! Jeeze I keep seeing all these posts about this bag and all I could think was where was mine! I actually really like the cheetah print bag. It's great for quick travel, for small things since it's quite small. The samples are super tiny. I did get the coupon book with this as well.  I'm really disappointed like everyone else that there's not a lot of makeup in this bag. There's only so many hair samples you can get with getting more excited.

fall 2012, fall target, target beauty bag,

I'm happy that I got it. Hopefully everyone who signs up gets their bag.

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