Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Queen of Hearts look

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone is having a good day! Now I'm not going out today but I did go out this past weekend! I went to a party had a blast, dressed up. The usual halloween weekend. Now here's the most dumbest thing I ever did this weekend. I forgot to take pictures of my makeup before I went out, well any decent picture before I went out really. Which how could I? I'm a beauty blogger, but I did. :( I'll just have to work with what pictures I do have.

 I was the Queen of Hearts for halloween. I didn't really have much time or desire to do any crazy makeup so I kept it pretty natural. All I did was some shimmery shade on my lids. I used Sin, from my Naked palette. Put on the fake lashes that was in my Cruella kit. Which was really full thick fluffy lashes. I loved them. I used my duo glue with the dark tint to them. Used my new obsession Revlon's Color Stay Whipped foundation. My must have finishing touch was NYX lipstick in Snow White, wish is one of my favorite reds to wear. 

I also painted my nails to go with my costume this year. I did a White base - Sinful colors, only two coats for perfection. I then stamped my nails using my salon express stamping plate SE21 for the hearts. I used Julep's January for the stamping polish- the main reason I love julep because their polishes are great for stamping! It's not my best work - I was rushing to get this done before I left. I didn't wait long enough when I added my top coat. I still love this combo though. 

I hope everyone else had a fabulous time this past halloween weekend, and today on halloween! I hope Hurricane Sandy didn't ruin anything for you! I lucked out, the only thing that happened to me during Sandy was my power went out for a couple hours, but I got it back later on Tuesday. Thank god too! 


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I won a Giveaway!! Spun For You Salon Effects

I recently won Frazzle and Aniploish Halloween giveaway.  The prize for me was two sets of Sally Hansen's Salon effects in halloween style. I was so excited to win this,hoard these things. I won the skulls in the pink glitter background, and the spider webs-Spun For You. Knowing me I didn't wait and used the spider webs right away once I received it in the mail today. 
I had a few issues getting these strips to lay flat on my nails. I'm not sure if it's because I haven't used strips in forever - due to me trying out all these polishes I keep buying. Or the strips themselves. I had no other issues other than that. These are perfect for Halloween which is tomorrow. 
Giveaway, Salon Effects,Halloween nails
I want to say this and I hope I don't offend anyone but whoever saids not to put a top coat on Salon Effects is just wrong. They will chip like crazy and get caught on things and rip away without a topcoat. It's a must if you want them to last. On the note, DO NOT use a base coat. Let me repeat DO NOT use a base coat. That won't do you any good, just a top coat to seal it. 

Is anyone else doing something Halloween themed with their nails?? 


Monday, October 29, 2012

Skin79 Super+ B B triple Functions cream.

Skin79 Super+ B B triple Functions cream, Skin79 Super+ B B triple Functions cream review, After trying Garniers B.B. cream and not being impressed I decided to try a real asian B.B. cream. After much scouring of the internet I decided to try this one. It actually is quite expensive. I did find it way cheaper on Amazon, which I know you guys are like but wait wouldn't that be a fake? Nope it's not, I went through a lot of the reviews and checked the whole package to make sure it's authentic.

This product claims to help with Whitening, Wrinkles improvement and SPF 25 with a hint of color. The container is my favorite about this product. I wish more companies had the similar containers. It's a pump! I love pump face makeup! It makes life 10x easier.

The BB  cream itself is on the thick side, but I still only use one whole pump to cover my face. I really like that it was thicker, I felt and saw that I was getting better coverage. The color definitely matched my skin better than any american BB cream I've used so far. Those left me looking a bit orangey even if I used the fair colors. I did come to terms that this wont cover all my imperfections but covered enough I deemed it was okay to be seen in public.

When I used this I did not use lotion or use face primer. I did set it with powder. The coverage lasted for at least 6 hours up to 9ish. This lasted me the whole time I'm up to when I come home from school so 7am to about 3pm. I did not notice a smell to this.

My one and only complaint is that I broke out using this. That is the only reason I will never use this again. I can't be using any products that break me out. It's such a shame because I did really like this BB cream. Other than that I would advise this to everyone.

Before BB cream.

Unblended BB cream.
 As you can see in this picture, at first it comes out not looking like it will bend in. But it blends in really well.
After BB cream is blended.
It definitely did even out my skin tone, well sorta. It appears to give my skin a pink tint, it fades throughout the day to give a more even look.

I know some of you may say 'oh no this is a fake.' They recently changed their packaging again to counter-act. with a lot of fakes floating around. I bought this about 8months ago, and never got a chance to review it. Sorry for the delay!

  • Gives medium coverage, some bigger acne scars showing through
  • Last for at least 6hours with only using a setting powder
  • No bothering scent to it.
  • Thicker cream base
  • Broke my skin out. 

VERDICT: This may not have been nice to my skin, but it is a much better BB cream then any of the ones on the american market. Yes I do know that you shouldn't compare an Asian BB cream with an Western because they both are total opposites. I do like this one a lot better it's just a shame that I determined that this broke me out. Pass. I bought mine from amazon for about $15. If your worried about fakes you can buy it from here for $28 where it's officially sold.

PS Thanks to Hurricane Sandy School and work have been canceled which gave me the chance to write up a bunch of blog posts! At least some good can come out of this hurricane.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tag: If All My Makeup Disappeared

So about last month I saw a bunch of these post and it got me thinking. What would I do if I lost all my makeup and could only buy 10 new items no money limitations.That's a big question. I own a lot of makeup like everyone of us beauty bloggers. Like everyone else I rotate through my collection. It took me longer than I thought it would to answer this question. 
  • I would have to buy my primers first. I'd get hard candy's face primer. I love this primer, I swear buy this and I haven't found any other primer that works as well.
  • I would then get urban decays primer in sin. I love this primer. It not only helps my eye makeup longer but it gives it enough umph to some boring eyeshadows.
  • I would then buy urban decay's naked palette. I don't even have to speak about how wonderful this palette is because everyone and their mother loves it. 
  • Benefits they're real mascara. I love this mascara it just does wonders to my short sparse eyelashes. 
  • Rimmel's stay matte face powder. I've been repurchasing this for years. I think that speaks for itself. 
  • Maybelline dream mouse foundation. I've been using this foundation for over a year and I haven't found one that could beat it.
  • Mac lipsticks. More specifically in viva la glam lipstick. The pink one. Love love love it!
  • NYX blush in pinched its such a lovely blush, without too much glitter but just enough in it.
  • NYX round lipstick in snow white. My favorite red lipstick. 
  • Sleek's Brow kit. I just recently got this in a swap and when I'm not trying to grow out my eyebrows it does a great job keeping them in shape! 

What would you ladies buy? Is this a hard for you as it is me to pick what to buy?  


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Look Ma! I'm a hipster!

So I received the email from Firmoo from their customer service about receiving a pair of sunglasses or glass exchanges for reviewing it on my blog. I was extrememly skeptical about this offer. After a few back and forth emails I decided to give it a go.

That being said, my expectations were extremely low going into this. So I sent in the style and my prescription and hoped for the best. While I waited for my glasses in the mail I looked through the site and customized the glasses I want, the way I wanted them. My total was less than $100. Which you can't find that kind of deal on prescription glasses anywhere- or at least ones with the thinner glass because my vision is so poor.

I received my glasses in the mail two weeks later. The glasses themselves came in a hard glasses case and bubbled wrapped to make sure they came safe and sound. In the package included my glasses, 1 soft case, 1 hard case, spare screws and a screwdriver, and cloth to clean my glasses with. All nice extras that you usually have to pay extra for. I know for a fact that a hard case at other glasses places are an extra charge.

 Onto the best part, do I actually like my glasses? Surprisingly yes. I got glasses on the larger side with thick frames. The frames themselves are made of sturdy black plastic. The screws that hold the glasses together seem kinda flimsy but I've dropped/knocked them off my face at least a dozen times for the three weeks I've owned them so far. So I'm sure these glasses are pretty tough. The prescription is perfect, which is what worried me the most getting glasses from an unknown place. I have extremely poor vision, so glasses are vital for me to wear them everyday, or contacts. These glasses do not give me a headache.

I got the pair of unisex glasses that look like RayBans. HERE I got them in the gloss black frames. I find that these fit my wide, and slightly chubby face. I have big cheeks and I find that this fits my face perfectly! Much better then a small frames which make me look snooty! I like this shape a bit better for the face since it actually isn't as sharp as the Rayban wayfer frames. Very stylish right now!

Don't forget that Firmoo right now is offering to new customers the first pair free all you have to pay for is the shipping. I would totally take up this offer. Glasses are so expensive nowadays! I know this deal might seem very shady. I was at first not believing it, and I was thinking it was some kind of scam, but this is the real deal ladies. A must try!

I know I look like a hipster in these glasses but find myself adorable if I do say so myself.

 VERDICT: I am extremely pleased with these glasses. I would recommend to anyone whether they be prescription glasses or sunglasses. I'm super happy with mine, and planning to buy a second pair in a different color just because they're so cheap! They just recently put up cheetah like print glasses, that I can't wait to buy! (or bribe my mom into buying for me! What ever comes first)

Glasses were sent from for review. These pictures are mine, and my honest opinion of the glasses up for review. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sinful Color Polishes are on Sale!!!

Hey Ladies I just wanted to let you know as I was in Walgreens today I see that they're having their usual sale on Sinful colors! So if you want to stock up I'd hurry over to Walgreens early this week before all the good colors are gone! Sinful Color polishes are on sale for $.99!! Hurry! I can't wait to buy some for myself after Payday!

Happy Shopping!!! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Olay's CC cream Tone Corrector

Olay's CC cream, CC cream, Tone corrector, Olay
In the beginning of October G from Nouveau Cheap, who I follow religiously, did a post announcing Olay was coming out with a CC cream. So I commented that I was interested in it, but I'm 20 (21 in 70days) I feel like I'm  too young to start on anti-aging creams. The other lovely ladies who commented gave some really great advice - I should start now before I have to backtrack when winkles appear. 

So I was trolling through my local Walgreens hoping to find out which eye cream I want to try first when I stumbled across Olay's CC cream. It was on sale last week as well. So instead of $26 I got it for $20 which is really nice.

Olay's CC cream, CC cream, Tone corrector, Olay
The bottle is a tall and slim pump. It's really light in the hand.  The amount in my hand is from one full pump. It dispenses enough to cover my whole face. It doesn't look this orange-y in real life, I just needed to use the flash so you can see more clearly that the tint and the lotion itself are separate, - remember to rub it together before applying to the face. 

This has the typical Olay scent to it. It feels a bit greasy when applied. Rubs in to the skin quickly. This is more on the greasy side than the illuminating side. 
I didn't really see any improvement in the coloring of my skin. Same amount of redness, no coverage whatsoever. Now I do realize that box said it's a sheer coverage, but I at least expected for an 'tone corrector' that some of the redness would go down. Nope none. But I was okay with that for the most part. I knew going in I would probably not like the amount of coverage, so I was planning to use it as a base. 

without Flash

with flash
As you can see above that it makes the skin shiney, as well as no reduction of redness.  I'm already a bit embarrassed about the state of my skin, since this past year I had horrible acne that I had to go on accutane to correct the problem. I was left with lots of acne scarring, and huge pores. I did not expect was the fact this would break me out. I was hoping this would improve the state of my skin, this was not the case. In the picture below you can see two pimples down by my mouth. I have a few under my jaw as well. I know that this was the culprit because when I test out face products I only test one at a time to make it easier to figure out what's breaking me out.  I've been testing it since Saturday, and will be returning it back to walgreens today.

Since I did not use it longer than 3 days I can not honestly comment on how it improved the health of my skin. This may work wonderfully for others, but this broke me out. My skin felt no different when I wore it, only greasier.

VERDICT: I can not properly say if this product works or not. It broke me out. I don't have sensitive skin. It didn't cover any redness, so I would not say this was a good tone corrector. I only tested it out 3 days before I returned it. For $25. It's a bit pricey for something that worked horribly for me. Maybe it will work better for others. This is a pass for me.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ion Color Brilliance Hi-lift Ash Blonde

 Hi-lift ash blonde HL/B-12.1, Ion color brilliance  Hi-lift ash blonde HL/B-12.1, Blonde dye, Ion hair Dye, Ion Color Brilliance
Purchased, Affiliated link

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you know I started out with Red hair. Then I bleached my bangs and some framing hair white blonde. I missed being blonde so much, after being red for over 3 years I decided to go all blonde again. It's semi close to my real hair color a dirty blonde. I had all the bleaching done in a salon by a professional. I suggest that's how everyone does it. I personally do not feel comfortable bleaching my own hair. It's super hard to see how far your hair on the back of your head has progressed.

UPDATE September 28, 2017: I used Ion Hi-lift in Ash Blonde for over a year to do my roots. I feel like it was damaging my hair too much and began to look for a better alternative that was gentler on the hair.  Try One'n Only Hi lift with their developer instead. Review here.  

It's been quite a few months as me being all Blonde. Since the end of May. I decided at the end of August I would do my own roots. I originally bought pale yellow Blonde from Ion's color hi-lift, it didn't turn out right. It was much too yellow for my taste. I waited exactly 6 weeks from that day, then dyed it again, this time with Ion Color Brilliance Hi-lift Ash Blonde HL/B-12.1. I am super happy with the results.

I mixed 4 oz of 40vol sensitive scalp developer with 2 oz (1 tube) of my hi-lift dye. Shook it all up in a tube applicator. Applied to my roots only. Let that sit for 30mins. Then I applied it to the rest of my hair hoping to cancel out all the yellow. It turned out really well. Canceled all the yellow. My bangs did get a grey tint because my bangs are a true white blonde, while the rest of my hair has yellow in it.

 Hi-lift ash blonde HL/B-12.1, Ion color brilliance  Hi-lift ash blonde HL/B-12.1, Blonde dye, Ion hair Dye, Ion Color Brilliance
A picture of my roots, with flash. 
 Hi-lift ash blonde HL/B-12.1, Ion color brilliance  Hi-lift ash blonde HL/B-12.1, Blonde dye, Ion hair Dye, Ion Color Brilliance
A picture of my roots, without flash.  You can see my roots rom my last dye job that where too yellow. 
I do like the results this time a lot better. The roots are still a bit darker than the rest of my hair. I'm okay with that.  I like this alternative instead of spending $60 dollars at the salon to get my roots done. I also feel like my hair likes me a lot better now that I'm not bleaching it anymore.

But it is still damaged when using this. It is ammonia and ammonia damages hair, end of story. No excuses. Anytime you use something to lighten your hair you are damaging your hair. The end. Now all you need to do is use products to keep it as healthy as possible and manageable.

 Hi-lift ash blonde HL/B-12.1, Ion color brilliance  Hi-lift ash blonde HL/B-12.1, Blonde dye, Ion hair Dye, Ion Color Brilliance
A picture with flash, you can barely tell that my roots don't exactly match the rest of my hair.
 Hi-lift ash blonde HL/B-12.1, Ion color brilliance  Hi-lift ash blonde HL/B-12.1, Blonde dye, Ion hair Dye, Ion Color Brilliance
WIthout Flash, you can tell that my roots don't match, but it looks pretty natural. 

The dye itself has ammonia in it, so watch out this stuff stinks. It is also harmful to your hair so be careful when using it. DO NOT leave it on longer then it saids to. It's also harmful to your lungs so have a fan running or be by an open window while it sits on your head. After awhile ammonia bothers my eyes.

Who should use this: I buy this from Sally's and the sales people there are always super helpful, so ask their advice. I really don't suggest this for those with Dark brown hair, or black hair. It won't turn your hair blonde, it might lighten it, but not to a color you might like. For those with light brown hair it won't make your hair a true ash blonde, but it will have some yellow tints in it.

VERDICT: Use at youre own digression   It sells for around $5-$4. It depends if there's a sale at Sally's or if your a card member.

UPDATE September 28, 2017I used Ion Hi-lift in Ash Blonde for over a year to do my roots. I feel like it was damaging my hair too much and began to look for a better alternative that was gentler on the hair.  Try One'n Only Hi lift with their developer instead. Review here.  

WARNING: I am not a train professional. I've been doing my own hair for quite some time. I suggest when using what I say you consider how it will work for you. Are you willing to try it on your hair without knowing how it will turn out? If you're not sure please spend the extra cash at a salon. It's better to get it done right, then to have to get it fixed for twice the money. Once again, I'm not a train professional, this is all my opinions and from my experiences. If unsure, go to a professional - which isn't me! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012


3 ingredient recipe, Fall, Pumpkin, Pumpkin muffins, Pumpkin spice cupcake, moist pumpkin muffins, fall muffins, fall comfort food, betty crocker, a beauty and the business,
I know this isn't beauty related but it would be a sin if I don't share this with you beauties!

 I haven't been feeling all that up to par these last couple months so I've been cooking a lot of comfort food lately. My new favorite thing to make in the fall is Pumpkin and Apple flavored items.

Today I decided to make my favorite treat ever. Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Best thing about these bad boys are they're only 3 ingredients. What? Three? Yes three! You heard me right.


  • Pumpkin puree 15oz can.
  • 1 box of Spice Cake mix. 
  • a bag of Chocolate Chips. 
    3 ingredient recipe, Fall, Pumpkin, Pumpkin muffins, Pumpkin spice cupcake, moist pumpkin muffins, fall muffins, fall comfort food, betty crocker, a beauty and the business,
  1. Preheat the oven for 325
  2. Mix the Pumpkin puree and Spice cake mix in a bowl for about two minutes. I suggest using a mixer.
  3. After all the ingredients are mixed, add the desired amount of chocolate chips. It's a judgement call on how much you want in each cupcake. 
  4. Scoop into your desired cupcake/muffin pan. Either grease the pan or use liners. 
  5. Bake at 325 for about 18minutes. 
  6. Volia! You have the most amazing cupcakes ever. 
These cupcakes are actually the healthier option for you because there's no eggs or oil in it. If you actually want to make them the healthiest way possible, I'd leave out the chocolate chips. Or replace them with cransins or rasins. Maybe even throwing a scoop of plain protein powder in it!

You need try these out, if your a pumpkin fan. They are super delish, and if I don't put chocolate chips in it then it's healthy snack.

3 ingredient recipe, Fall, Pumpkin, Pumpkin muffins, Pumpkin spice cupcake, moist pumpkin muffins, fall muffins, fall comfort food, betty crocker, a beauty and the business,

What Fall recipes have you been loving lately? I would love to know, leave the link to it in the comment section if you want to share! 

Below are some of my past Fall Adventures:
EDIT 10/5/17: I literally make these delicious Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin every year since I posted this in 2012. I also make this as a desert item for Thanksgiving! 


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

e.l.f.'s Villainous Villain: Cruella look.

Four post downs you can see my super excited response to e.l.f.'s Villianous Collection: Cruella. How much I loved the shimmer, in the shadows, and the colors of the shadows. In this post today I'll talk about color payoff, wear time of the shadows. I even threw in a makeup look too!

So for this makeup look I of coursed primed with the primer given in the kit then applied Cruelty all over my lid. Then added Sewage to my crease, and outer corner. Then took Little Beast and blended it into my out corner. I then added more Cruelty to make it pop out again.

When you look down below the color pay off looks decent. But in real life, it looks gray. The whole eye  makeup looks like I blended all one color.

Watch out for the FALLOUT! Jeeze I had to seriously clean up a lot of stay shadow around my eyes. I don't like that at all. I don't have time most mornings to deal with fallout from shadows, like I can bet all of us don't have the time for that.

In the look below, as beautiful as the green may look, I hated working with it. I had to add layer after layer of shadow, to even get it to show up.
e.l.f.'s Villainous Villain: Cruella, cruella swatches, cruella, Villanious Villain look, Villainous look, Cruella makeup tutorial
 My final thoughts about this kit, if you haven't bought it yet and you're bummed about it. Don't be. This kit, Cruella isn't worth the $10. The shadows are all a mess, there's fallout EVERYWHERE! I've never used such messy eyeshadow before. I'm super disappointed in this. I was so excited and now, not so much. BUT if you're a collector, then this is worth it just to have it then. I do love the nude/pale pink color lip color pencil that comes in the kit, extremely pretty.  The packaging is also super nice, and makes me smile. I just wish the eyeshadow was better quality.

Am I the only one with the fallout issues? Does anyone else have this problem??
e.l.f.'s Villainous Villain: Cruella, cruella swatches, cruella, Villanious Villain look, Villainous look, Cruella makeup tutorial


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September 2012 Favorites!

 Lately this month I've been doing super plain eyes and bright lipsticks.

 My favorite that I've been reaching for is Mac's Sail La Vie from the 'Hey Sailor!' Collection. It's super creamy to apply and it has a lovely creme finish, which is my favorite kind.

My holy grail foundation is Maybelline's Dream Mouse Foundation, for many reasons. To start out it's a pump which is awesome to have! Also it gives me enough coverage that it covers my old acne scars without the use of cover up. Lasts all day if you set it with powder.

I received MUA's Heaven and Earth Palette in a swap I did recently, and I'm in love. I LOVE all the shimmery shadows. It's the perfect palette for matching with a bright lipstick. The eyeshadows are all super smooth to apply and doesn't have a lot of fallout, which is quite common among shimmery shadows.

Of course I've been saving money and buying ELF's eye primer which I find works just as nice as my  UDPP.

I bought NYX Pore Filler Primer in the end of August for back to school. I'm not sold on it. I'll tell you why later this week, so look out for that review. I just want to use it up so I can try something new.

These are my favorites/most used of the month. What did you guys reach for the most in September??

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