Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to school Ulta haul!

nyx pore fillerIt might not be a big haul but these items were a must have for the start of school. Of course I went to Ulta so I can get my cheapie makeup and maybe a little high end makeup.

I wanted to try NYX pore filler primer because of some acne scars I have I do have some indents and big pores on my cheeks that are still noticeable with foundation.

I also bought the NYX blush in Pinched because its such a pretty pink blush with a hint of shimmer. Also hear its an almost dupe for NARS Orgasm which I wish I had the cash to try.

After a suggestion by Merc from Cheap and Pretty I decided to try Benefits They're Real  mascara. She suggested I try "They're Real" because of the disappointing reaction I had to maybelline new gel mascara. I bought the mini version since it was only $10 verses the full size at $23.  I'm still testing it out, but I can definitely say right now I'm super impressed. So thanks Merc for suggesting it!

I go back to school tomorrow, Monday. I'm excited, but of course I have those first day of school nerves. Wish me luck!



Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Julep's Daisy and Mila

Julep's Daisy and Mila, Daisy, Mila, Julep Daisy, Julep Mila, Nail polish,Julep's Daisy and Mila have been sitting in my box of untried polishes for awhile since summer is coming to a close I figured to give Daisy a try.
Julep's Daisy and Mila, Daisy, Mila, Julep Daisy, Julep Mila, Nail polish,

Daisy is a bright off mustard yellow, a tad darker. It is a very thick polish. Applies streaky. It's actually not a very fun polish to apply nor does it dry as fast as other Julep polishes I have. I personally can not stand this color. It looks pretty in the bottle but this yellow clashes with my skin tone. I also can see my nail line which is automatic no go for me.

Julep's Daisy and Mila, Daisy, Mila, Julep Daisy, Julep Mila, Nail polish,
Julep's Daisy and Mila, Daisy, Mila, Julep Daisy, Julep Mila, Nail polish,I then layered Julep's Mila a rainbow glitter in a clear base over my ring finger to try make this mani wearable until I can change it again. I really like Mila for the ease it is to apply and how opaque it is in two coats. It reminds me of opi rainbow connection but with much smaller glitter. I wish you could see all the different color glitters in this photo but my camera couldn't pick them up. It's a very fun and pretty polish. The best part of this polish is that it only needs one coat of a top coat to make the nail smooth again!!

VERDICT I wouldn't use Daisy again but I know I will be reaching for Mila again to add some color to bad manis and it's perfect for using as the ring finger glitter!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Maybelline's Mega Plush Mascara waterproof

So of course as soon as this came out last month I bought it right away. Before I bought it I didn't wait for the reviews to come out, I was so excited for this. Plus at the time CVS was having a sale, and it has a bendy wand which I love. So it was an obvious must buy for me. I planned on wearing this to work I bought the waterproof since I'm a lifeguard. 

It claims: Introducing Maybelline's first gel-mousse mascara: Volum' Express Mega Plush contains 40% less hard waxes for massive, yet supple lashes. The patented Flexor Brush gently coats every lash with 
mega volume that's never stiff and never brittle. Opthalmologist tested and contact lens safe.


No Mascara
  • Bendy brush handle makes it easy to apply
  • Awesome comb that coats each lash
  • No clumping
  • Dry Mascara. 
  • Lasts 5 hours tops. 
  • Not waterproof
  • No volume
  • No lengthening
  • Smudges
With Mascara
I applied this before I went to work, by the time work(only 5hours) was over it completely disappeared! Ugh so disappointing this mascara is. It isn't waterproof. I take a dip in the pool it's gone. Yet it doesn't streak or smudges, just disappears. I've never had a disappearing mascara like this before.  There's no lengthening or volume added. It only adds color to my lashes. It's such a shame since I'm in love with the brush. I think I'm gonna try to clean it off and put it in a different mascara.

VERDICT: No volume, no lengthening, and doesn't last. Wish I waited for other reviews before I bought this. Pass. sells for around $7.50


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

CVS Face Sport Sunscreen SPF50

CVS Face Sport Sunscreen SPF50, Face Sunscreen, Sunscreen, I was on a day trip down the shore when I realized about 45mins away from Wildwood on route 55 that I forgot to pack my sunscreen. My friends never pack sunscreen since I usually pack some for myself. So there I was in CVS with $50 for my whole day down the shore buying sunscreen when I have so much at home, how annoying! So I picked up the cheapest kind and hoped for the best. I picked up CVS brand sunscreen, it's their sport kind for face with SPF50.
It claims:
  • Won't Clog Pores
  • Oil-Free
  • Water Resistant
  • Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection
  • Specially formulated for the sensitive skin of the face. 
I used it on my face and my body that day at the beach. I applied just about every hour. Except when I took my nap for about two hours but I have my hat covering my face. I got burned that day, on my face. It protected my body just fine.

CVS Face Sport Sunscreen SPF50, Face Sunscreen, Sunscreen,

  • Didn't break me out. 
  • Felt moisturizing. 
  • I works super well in protecting the body. 
  • Stung the skin on my face.
  • On the watery side so make sure you shake it before you use it. 
  • Applied often yet still got sunburn

VERDICT: So this stung my face and I got burnt. Pass. sells at CVS for $6.99


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Julep's It Girl Mystery box August

So I'm still a part of Julep Maven, even if I've been skipping the last few months due to not exactly liking the polish selection. I figured I'd take another chance on a mystery box.  Since 'It Girl' is always just polish I figured that was the best way to get the most polishes, since most of their little extras didn't interest me. I ordered my box maybe Monday, it's Saturday and I got it. 

julep maven, julep it girl, julep it girl mystery box, august mystery box, Rachel, Basecoat, Sandra, Megan, Jessica
 It came in such a small box, not even in it's usual black box. Right away I felt I was probably going to be disappointed. They keep boasting on the website that the boxes range from $60 to $200 worth of items, and every box I got ( 2 other mystery boxes) I felt cheated getting the bare minimum. In this box I only got 5 polishes, which is the biggest rip off! Ugh it makes me so mad!! The last mystery box I got I got  5 polishes, cuticle oil and candy. WTF is this only 4 polishes, and base coat! This is such a cruel joke. I think I might give up maven because of this.
julep maven, julep it girl, julep it girl mystery box, august mystery box, Rachel, Basecoat, Sandra, Megan, Jessica
L TO R: Rachel, Basecoat, Sandra, Megan, Jessica

VERDICT: It's such a waste of cash, I already have polishes just like this. Skip! Wish this box wasn't so disappointing! Wish I saved my $19.99 instead! End rant! Sorry, I'm not sorry.


Happy 1 year Blog Anniversary to me...few days late!

Remembering my blog's 1 year birthday a few days late is so my MO. Hahaaa, I think one of the reasons I haven't been a good blogger lately, is because it's summer, I don't really wear makeup. I seriously only been wearing Tinted Moisturizers and mascara.

My Blogger 1 year was towards the end of July, July 26th to be exact. It's been a pretty tame summer in the makeup department like I said before. I work everyday so I only usually go out still in my bathingsuit, mascara and tinted moisturizer.  Ahh the problems of being an lifeguard.

Things in store for the future:
  • More Sunscreen reviews
  • Mega Plush mascara review
  • Skin79 B.B. cream
  • Bundle Monster stamping review
  • Bornprettystore stamping review
So you guys can see I'm ontop of my game again, let's see how long this lasts! Till then Ladies

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