Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sinful colors Irish Green review

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I have to appligize for the messiness I didn't think to clean up after I painted my nails before I took pictures. I'm sorry I'm not sorry hahaha! 

This polish is one of my new favorite neons! It's still a bit on the sheer side after three coats, I can still see my nail line but nonetheless a super fun and pretty color. 

The consistency is on the watery side, but workable to apply evenly without streaks.  The brush and the handle make it super easy to apply the polish aswell. I honestly had no problems with this polish except that I could still see my nail line. 

This started to show the nail wear at the tips on the 3rd day, but that's not so bad. I took this polish of shortly after because I was ready for a change. 

VERDICT For $1.99 you can't really go wrong with this fun neon. Wear time is decent and the formula is almost opage. I would suggest everyone go out and buy this fun polish, at least for a St. Patty's mani! 
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