Friday, June 29, 2012

Maybelline Lash Stiletto

Maybelline lash stiletto mascara, mascara, lash stiletto mascara, lash stilettoSo I was strolling down an aisle in walmart buying a few Hard Candy items when I past the Maybelline section, since I tend to favor the Maybelline brand I just had to stop and look at what they had. I found this on sale for $5.99. I figured on my quest to find great mascara for those who have short and sparse lashes like me, I'd give this a try. I heard great things about this mascara from, she was always recommending this mascara and raving about it. Which I should have learned that her advice usually doesn't work that well for me by now. But I decided to give this a try anyway.
Maybelline lash stiletto mascara, mascara, lash stiletto mascara, lash stiletto

The wand is pretty long, with short bristles that are meant to get as close to the base as possible. I found that this mascara did an okay job separating my lashes. There is a slight chemically smell, but you find that in almost all mascaras. The mascara is quite dry. Drying almost instantaneously as I applied it to my lashes. I didn't like that at all.

 The two pictures below are of my lashes without the mascara. 
Maybelline lash stiletto mascara, mascara, lash stiletto mascara, lash stiletto

Maybelline lash stiletto mascara, mascara, lash stiletto mascara, lash stiletto

The below two pictures are with two coats of Lash Stiletto
Maybelline lash stiletto mascara, mascara, lash stiletto mascara, lash stiletto

Maybelline lash stiletto mascara, mascara, lash stiletto mascara, lash stiletto
As you can see this mascara lacked in the lengthening department, where it should have shined. This mascara promised 'stiletto length' lashes. I'm very disappointed. There isn't any added volume either, and it clumps my lashes together to boot. I did love that it was on the drier side. I hate wet mascaras! They're so messy!! This mascara did last all day without smudging or flakes. Which was a great plus. 

VERDICT Even if this mascara lasted without smudging or flaking I'll pass it lacks the lengthening properties that is the selling point. Thank god I got this on sale! Usually retails around $8


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Worth the Splurge? Anew Solar Advance Body Sunscreen 30spf

ANEW SOLAR ADVANCE Sunscreen Body Lotion, avon sunscreen, spf 30Summer's here so that means I'm usually outside everyday lifeguarding. So I'm always on the hunt for a good sunscreen. Something that doesn't burn my face, and melts. I never seem to find what I want. Summer means to me is a hunt for a good sunscreen that doesn't cost a fortune, but also good for my skin.

Well I can't really say this sunscreen was cheap, it cost me $14 when I bought it on sale but the claims seemed nice, so I figured I'd try it out. Avon claims: Sun exposure can cause visible signs of aging. UV Rays penetrate skin’s surface, damaging DNA and creating harmful superoxide free radicals that attack skin cells. The best protection is to avoid sun exposure. When this isn’t possible, broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must to help protect skin from the sun’s harmful rays. 
Formulated with RepairShield™ Technology. Skin looks and feels dramatically tighter and toned. Broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Lightweight, quick-absorbing. Very water-resistant.

ANEW SOLAR ADVANCE Sunscreen Body Lotion, avon sunscreen, spf 30

Now here's what I thought about this sunscreen: Like most sunscreens it comes out white, medium consistency.  It rubs in easily.  It has a pretty strong scent smells like most avon products do, a slight chemical smell. It fades away after a new minutes. I don't feel like this melts off in the heat, it also doesn't make my skin sticky after use. 

ANEW SOLAR ADVANCE Sunscreen Body Lotion, avon sunscreen, spf 30, avon suncreen swatch, swatch

It did sting my face. I don't like that at all. I can hear you guys saying now 'But Meg it's a body sunscreen not a face sunscreen.' I know that and I take that into consideration while I write this review. As a lifeguard it's the biggest pain carrying around two different kinds of sunscreens to apply. I like to apply quickly and not lug around so much with me when I go to work. 

Now did I notice my skin in better condition? No. My skin felt the same, but I felt like I had shorter time between each application before I got sunburn. I feel like the protection in this sunscreen was lacking. I honestly always like to use spf 30, but I usually get about hour and a half between application with normal sunscreen. But I found myself having to reapply every forty-five minutes or so. 

VERDICT: This stings my face, it also doesn't last as long as other sunscreens I've used. I didn't notice any skin improvement. For $24 when it's not on sale, this is definitely not worth the splurge. Pass

Monday, June 25, 2012

Maybelline's ColorTattoos review and EOTD

Maybelline's color tattoos, Color tattoo tenacious teal, color tattoo edgy emerald, color tattoo bold gold.
You're probably thinking 'Oh no, not these things again!' but I'm sorry you guys are gonna have to suffer through another review/makeup looks by them because I was so late in buying these. At first I didn't even want to bother with these. I thought they were so over hyped and not worth the time. Also I was never a big fan of cream shadows so I wasn't so desperate in trying to get my hands on them. So if you guys keep reading you can find out what I thought about them and how I used them.

I bought the three shades I think I'd use the most 40 Tenacious Teal , 45 Bold Gold and 50 Edgy Emerald. All three looked super pretty in the bottle so I bought them when there was a promotion for bogo1/2off at CVS. Who can say no to a CVS sale? I know I usually can't!

The product itself is like any other cream shadow, a pain to blend. I found when applying with your fingers it gives a sheer wash over color so it's better to use an eyeshadow brush to apply. But remember to wipe your brushes on a wipe after each use of this eyeshadow, to keep your brushes useable.

I find that it's easier to use this eyeshadow as a base color, or the only color you use on your lids due to the nature of cream shadows. I love Tenacious Teal- a lovely bright blue shimmer with silver glitter which reminds me of topical waters. Edgy Emerald - a vibrant teal green this also reminds me of a mermaids tail, or what color it is in my head, both colors perfect for summer. I'm having a little shoppers remorse about Bold Gold - Deep golden color with gold flecks, a little dull for me. What Gold Gold is great for are those 'you just sweep a color on your lids add mascara and out the door you go' days.

Maybelline's color tattoos, Color tattoo tenacious teal, color tattoo edgy emerald, color tattoo bold gold.
 I applied all three shades to the inside of my arm around 9am when I first did my makeup.
Maybelline's color tattoos, Color tattoo tenacious teal, color tattoo edgy emerald, color tattoo bold gold.
 This is a picture of the swatches the next morning around 10am. 

The wear for these eyeshadows is amazing. On my lids I did prime using ELF's essentials primer before I applied these. I found that if by some misfortunate I didn't get to wash my makeup off after a night now my eyeshadow if nothing else was perfect. It stays put even when you rub your eyes, which can not be said about most eyeliners!  When it comes to washing off, these come off easily with a little soap and water.

My favorite way I wear these shadows are as eyeliner. That was has been my go to summer look. Simple but gives a pop of color.  I use my elf Defining eye brush, a short hair angled brush to apply it. These go on super smoothly and doesn't tug at the skin.

uk skins effy eye makeup, maybelline color tattoo eye look, effly skins color tattoo, maybelline  This the first look I tried to recreate the effly from skins look in this picture.  I used Tenacious Teal on my waterline applied with my elf defining eye brush.

maybelline color tattoo edgy emerald, edgy emerald eye makeup look  In this second look I covered my entire lid with Edgy Emerald and blended a matte brown in my crease so it wouldn't look so harsh.

VERDICT: Even if I'm suffering from buyers remorse when it comes to Bold Gold, I'm really happy I own Tenacious Teal and Edgy Emerald. For around $6 or $7 I say I would repurchase this once those two run out. These are perfect for the summer! You're crazy if you don't run out and buy these if you don't already own them now!

Do you guys own any of these? Have any eye looks you love creating with the color tattoos? 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Rimmel's Lash Accelerator Serum

I received this in the package of Rimmel goodies I got when I was in the running for the Rimmel's 10 back in December. I wasn't actually interested in this so it sat unused in my makeup collection unused. Well that is until last week , that is.

The product itself is of medium consistency. It's clear with a faint mascara scent. The wand isn't like a usual mascara wand. It's like a wand with a spiral indent down the wand tip. There are no bristles. At the tip is a brush which is super helpful applying this serum to your lash lines. I feel because of it's spiral applicator it's hard to evenly distribute through your lashes. Also because of the applicator it clumps the lashes together, which can be a pain when using it during the day under your regular mascara. It feels like a watery-gel but not runny when applied.

Here's what Rimmel had to say about this product: New Lash Accelerator Serum with GROW-LASH Complex helps to support the natural growth of beautifully long, remarkably strong lashes. With a unique hybrid applicator for precise application to lashes, lash line or brows!Lash Accelerator Serum with GROW-LASH Complex:- Around-the-clock conditioning and fortifying gel helps to support healthy lash & brow growth- Shapes, separates and sets lashes and brows into place- Improves the appearance of lashes, making them look longer and fuller looking- Creates fuller, re-shaped and natural-looking brows- Quick-drying clear gel is lightweight and easy to 

So I applied this twice a day to my top lashes, and at night to my bottom lashes. I used this for about 3 days before I stopped using it. It stung my eyes. It made the skin around my eyes itch. I don't consider my skin sensitive, not at all. I was so surprise how much it actually irritated my eyes and the skin around them! I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt but after the third morning I couldn't keep doing it so I washed it off right away.

Since I only used it for about 3 days I can not comment on if it improved the health of my lashes or helped them grow longer.

VERDICT: Due to how it irritated my lashes I can not comment if it actually works but I know I won't recommend this to anyone.This is a pass for me.

This product was given to me by Rimmel when I was in the running for Rimmel's 10 contest. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Born Pretty Plate m75 review

BornPrettyStore Stamping plate m75

I bought a set of 16 plates months ago from the BornPrettyStore. I actually quite like the set, and I got it for around $15 you can't really go wrong with the 100s of different possibilities for manis. In this review I'm showing you plate m75 which is a plant and flower design plate. 

While stamping I found that all these designs stamped well. I didn't have a problem with the stamps being too shallow. I was able to get the design to evenly transfer. Most times it turned out perfect but any mistakes made where my fault because I'm still learning. I'm always in a rush to get my nails done, because of school so I haven't gotten much practice in. But I'm free on Summer break so be prepared to be flooded with NOTD!! 

I used Julep polish Hayden for the stamping polish over Sinful polish's Irish Green. I found that all the Julep polishes I've tried so far work great for stamping (I've only tried this with my small collection of 5 Julep polishes) 

I love this design combo personally, I think it's a fun twist on flower manis. The website also sells a bunch of other different items. I haven't tried any of their stamping polish yet but that's next on my list of things to get from them. 

VERDICT: I totally recommend buying stamping plates from the BornPrettyStore, this came in a set of 16 for $15. I do have to warn you if you want this for a certain event I suggest ordering a month ahead of time, since It's coming from China it takes a couple weeks to get the the States. Personally the wait didn't bother me. 


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sinful colors Irish Green review

Sinful colors, sinful color Irish Green review, neon green polish, polish review, Sinful colors Irish Green Swatch, irish green swatch
I have to appligize for the messiness I didn't think to clean up after I painted my nails before I took pictures. I'm sorry I'm not sorry hahaha! 

This polish is one of my new favorite neons! It's still a bit on the sheer side after three coats, I can still see my nail line but nonetheless a super fun and pretty color. 

The consistency is on the watery side, but workable to apply evenly without streaks.  The brush and the handle make it super easy to apply the polish aswell. I honestly had no problems with this polish except that I could still see my nail line. 

This started to show the nail wear at the tips on the 3rd day, but that's not so bad. I took this polish of shortly after because I was ready for a change. 

VERDICT For $1.99 you can't really go wrong with this fun neon. Wear time is decent and the formula is almost opage. I would suggest everyone go out and buy this fun polish, at least for a St. Patty's mani! 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Worth the Splurge? Layla Hologram effect 07 OceanRush review

Layla Hologram effect 07 OceanRushWow, that title is a mouthful! I was in ulta maybe a month ago with a birthday gift card that still need to be spent. I walked past the display of Layla Hologram polish; of course I stopped to  'oooohed' and 'aaaahhed' over these polishes. When I saw the $15 price tag I was took aback by this. Fifteen dollars for a nail polish is a lot, for anyone on a budget or not. But here I thought, what the hell I've got a gift card. I was tired of just drooling over holographic nail polishes on all these awesome nail polish blogs I follow. So I bought it and it sat in my collection of nail polish waiting to be used, I wanted to wait for the summer so I could spend tons of time to look at my nails in the sun.

A warning to all about this polish, it's the streakiest and patchiest polish I have ever used in my life.   I applied four coats of this to my nails. You can still see patchiness in the pictures. I waited a good ten minutes between coats. The same day I painted my nails with this gorgeous polish -steaks and patches aside - my nails were chips city. The wear on my nails, and the chips made it look like I had this polish on for two weeks, not one day! It was such a disappointment that this polish I spent $15 of my gift card on such a poor quality nail polish! Ugh I wanted to love this so much but it's seriously the biggest waste of my money, I could have bought two items with the amount of money I spent on this.

Layla Hologram effect 07 OceanRush
VERDICT: Even if the polish is gorgeous it's not worth the $15. This polish chips like crazy in just one day! I'd pass on this polish if I got a do over! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

May Favorites!

So for the month of May I really cut back on my use of makeup. I just became super lazy when I got out of school. Also being a lifeguard doesn't exactly call for me to have a full face of makeup. 

I find that I can't really get long use out of the Maybelline's ColorTattoos without a primer. I thank my oily lids for that. So I just use my ELF eyelid primer in the original one. Which surprisingly I think works better than my UDPP which is great for my wallet! 

I've been mixing up which mascara if been using lately. I like Maybelline's Full'N Soft because it doesn't leave my lashes feeling crunchy or heavy. It holds a curl nicely. 

I like using Maybelline's GreatLash Lots of Lashes, for the brush which I love it really makes my lashes pop! 

I like elf's translucent powder well enough. I prefer Rimmel's Stay Matte powder but they were out of that when I went to target so this will work for now. 

I've been on and off the fence about Garnier's B.B. Cream. I have really oily skin so I have to set it with powder or else I'm an oil slick I'm starting to lean towards I'm not a fan, and just trying to finish it up. I find that this oxides on my face, giving me an orangey color. It doesn't cover my acne scars. I honestly don't see it covering anything. I don't have redness problem just acne scars from a super nasty flare up of months of nasty acne. I only really use it when I'm not going out anywhere important. I'd wear this if I was going to the supermarket or shopping because of it's poor coverage. I get better coverage for my acne scars from tinted moisturizers! 


Monday, June 4, 2012

Salon effects 809 Fur-ocious Vocals review

Salon effects 809 Fur-ocious VocalsAbout a month ago when I had $5 CVS extra care bucks burning a whole in my pocket and a Sally Hansen BOGO sale going on I bought this baby. I'm a sucker for cheetah print anything, so a pretty blue cheetah print nail strip can not be ignored!

I find these super easy to apply. I do apply mine a little different. I always put a coat of OPIs Chip skip on my nails before application, it's not actually a base coat, it's well I'm not quite sure. But it soaks right into my nail. When it's time to file it down to fit my nails I don't do that. I fold them over my nails and tear the extra off, - not the right way to do it but it works all the same for me.

I topped these with two coats of a top coat, and that's the last time I did anything to them. These lasted 9 days on me. Which is a surprised since I like changing my polish at least twice a week. These nail strips were just to pretty to take off! I loved them!

Salon effects 809 Fur-ocious Vocals

Salon effects 809 Fur-ocious VocalsThe wear was great! They seriously took a beating because I was down the shore the whole time they were on, and I was at the beach everyday! I went with a few little kiddies so it even survived playing in the sand and making sand castles! These nail strips are some tough cookies! There was no chipping or pealing. There was a little wear on the tips by day 9, but that's too be expected. The only reason I took them off was due to nail growth.

VERDICT: For $9, but you can always get them for cheaper because they are almost always on sale, I say they are a steal! If you think about it, you go to the salon and mani is ten dollars, then to get design on your nails is usually fifteen dollars for ten designs. You would pay close to twenty-five dollars for a mani like this but I bet the design wouldn't look anywhere as nice as this! There wear is great as good as it's 10day claim of wear. I will most definitely be repurchasing these!

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