Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Okay so through the three years I've been using elf products, I've had a love/hate relationship with this brand. There's somethings that I love and can't live without. Then there are others products that I'm like what is this?

So I got some new brushes, and a shimmer tube. I love them and constantly rebuy. I bought the bronzing powder which I use every summer.

So I decided to try a few things this haul. I picked up the waterproof eyeliner pens, setting powder, eyeshadow primer, and brush cleaner. So there there will be a few reviews coming soon.

As for the waterproof eyeliner pens I'm not sure how I feel about them. I've tried them when I first tried elf, wasn't impressed. So I decided to give them a try again. I got them in teal, coffee and black. I've tried the teal one already. It's darker then it appears I'm not really like that. Also it's not very waterproof. But it is long-wearing. Which I like a lot.



Jessica said...

great stuff i love elf

Anonymous said...

i need elf ;-)
great haul

The Peach said...

I couldn't agree more that elf products are so hit and miss. I have been pretty impressed with their studio brushes!

Hunter87 said...

Great haul!!!

Rainbowify Me said...

I love the elf eye shadow brush - I have one for each colour, and I use them every day.
I'm looking forward to the reviews of the products. :)

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