Sunday, April 22, 2012

Triple Nutrition 3-minute undo

 Garnier Fructis: Triple Nutrition 3-Minute Undo
I bought this awhile back when there was a sale on Garnier Fructis products at CVS (Which happens quite often).  Since I dye/bleach/swim in chlorinated pools I have to do a lot to keep my hair healthy. So I decided to give this a shot to keep my dry and damaged hair healthy. 

I picked this up because it has 3 different oils in it that are great for keeping hair heathy. 
It claims: 3 Fruit oils for triple nutrition

  1. Olive Oil - Nourishes the core
  2. Avocado Oil Nourishes and softens the middle layer
  3. Shea Oil Nourishes and smoothes the surface
  4. Has apricot seeds for extra nourishment
Proven to perform: Hair is 3x stronger, 3x healthier, and is Silky and radiant

Okay now here's what I thought: 

It smells okay; just like any other product they have out - fruity, citrusy, but has a almost chemical undertone to it.

  Now the texture is what is weird. I'm not a fan at all! It has a thick consistency, but a little rough too because of the apricot seeds in it. It feels super weird in my hair while I'm in the shower.  The apricot seeds do nothing for your hair, useless. 

The first I few times I used it I put the product in from root to tip. My hair was extremely greasy all day.   So I then decided to try it just on my roots which works a lot better. My roots weren't greasy and I got the tips the moisture it needed.

Now did it really work? I've been using it for about 3 weeks on my ends only. I don't see a change in my hair, but it doesn't seem to get any worse. I think I would rather spend the extra money to get a better hair mask that I can use all over my hair and not just at the ends. 

VERDICT: Pass I would not buy this again. It's a waste of money in my opinion. Makes my roots greasy and did not improve the health of my hair. For $6.50 it's useless. But it might for well for those who have thick, and/or curly hair. For thin, fine hair this is a flop.  


Accutane Month 1

Okay so one of the reasons why I was gone from  blogging for a little over two months because I was extremely self-conscious of how bad my acne got on my face. I've had super bad acne before when I was in high school, went on accutane and it went away. Within the last year my acne has come back, and it came back BAD, unfortunately.

My chin/jawline broke out in cyst acne the worst kind in my book. They were painful and huge bumps! My acne popped out of my makeup so much. I hated how my skin looked, and I teach swim lessons so my bare skin is exposed for every one to see. It's beyond embarrassing.

I'm on the first month of accutane now. My skin has improved a lot so far. The amount of cyst acne along me jawline/chin has been cut in half. My cheeks now always feel hot and are rosey to look at. I'm thirsty all the time, my skin started to feel dry and I use eye drops at least once a day.

I can easily deal with the dry skin. I just started to use a face cream verses a face lotion and my skin feels so much better now. I only use gentle acne wash on my face once a day and only at night. Any other time I use purpose soap on my face. I stopped using acne creams because that would have super dried my skin out.

I'm starting to feel like myself again which is great! The reason this is relevant to my blog is because how makeup lasts and effects my skin is now different.  Accutane seems to be heating up my skin, so my makeup wears away fast but my face is much less oily.

I'm also having trouble battling dry skin as well. So there will be a small shift in the items I review but my blog will be staying the same.

All post will be labeled Accutane so if you're not interested in reading about my journey to clearer skin then you know what to skip and what to read. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pens

 I went shopping on to get a few items that I love that I just can't find in stores. So I was there I decided to give these eyeliner pens another shot. I did an earlier review on this product already here. So I bought three of these pens in Coffee, Teal, Black.

ELF Claims: Smudge free, no budge eyeliner that lasts for hours. Smooth pen applicator easily glides on color for very fine to bold lines. Waterproof. 

What I found:
Top to Bottom: Coffee, Teal, Black

  • Super easy to apply
  • The tip retains it shape even after a lot of use. 
  • Lasts super long. 
  • Color payoff is great
  • Matte color

  • It's not waterproof, or pool proof. 
The only issue I had with these pens other than them not being waterproof is that the Teal color comes up super dark on my lids when applied. The picture online led me to believe it was lighter, and brighter. It looks bright on my wrist but once applied to my top lashes, it looks extremely dark.

VERDICT: Well I did like these pens a second time around. The one I got must have been a fluke. I actually think that who shipment I got a batch of bad products. So for $1 each you can not go wrong. I will purchase again! 


Friday, April 13, 2012

Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation.

I decided to try this foundation one day while I was at Walmart. I bought it for $4 so I thought what the hell.

Clean finish promises:  Look 100% poreless for a natural even complexion. Lightweight for a clean, fresh look. With vitamins A &E plus anti-oxidants. Fragrance Free. 

Now here's what I found:

  • It is extremely lightweight. 
  • It left my skin with a dewy shine, but in a good way. 
  • It has a wand! I love it! It makes getting the product out super easy, the next best thing to a pump. 
  • The product itself has a medium consistency, very creamy. 
  • Blends well. So well the color blends right into my skin. It looks like I didn't even put foundation on. 
  • No coverage. 
  • I can still see my pores
  • I also can still see my acne and acne scars.
  • Claims to be fragrance free, it smells like Mascara. The smell doesn't fade.

240 Soft Beige

Verdict: So it does nothing it claims to do, and doesn't even cover acne scars. I think I'll pass. It's so not worth the $4. 


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

ELF Complexion Brush

I was looking for a new face powder brush so I decided to try this elf brush. 
Here's the Pluses:
  •   It's got a good size handle. It's easy to maneuver around the face. 
  • It picks up loose and pressed powder easily.
  •   What I think I love the most about this brush is how soft the bristles are.
 It blew me away how nice this brush is!It's super easy to use, and has extremely soft bristles!
 On the package it states that: This brush can be used with wet or dry products. Creates an even and natural finish. 
VERDICT:  I will definitely be re-buying!! I am in love! For $3, you can't beat it! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Okay so through the three years I've been using elf products, I've had a love/hate relationship with this brand. There's somethings that I love and can't live without. Then there are others products that I'm like what is this?

So I got some new brushes, and a shimmer tube. I love them and constantly rebuy. I bought the bronzing powder which I use every summer.

So I decided to try a few things this haul. I picked up the waterproof eyeliner pens, setting powder, eyeshadow primer, and brush cleaner. So there there will be a few reviews coming soon.

As for the waterproof eyeliner pens I'm not sure how I feel about them. I've tried them when I first tried elf, wasn't impressed. So I decided to give them a try again. I got them in teal, coffee and black. I've tried the teal one already. It's darker then it appears I'm not really like that. Also it's not very waterproof. But it is long-wearing. Which I like a lot.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Yes to Cucumber Facial towelettes

 Okay so I may have tried this to see what the hype is over the 'say yes to' brand. It was also a bonus I bought this for $1.50 on clearance. So onto the review:

Well they were normal size. Smelled pretty decent. I was looking for something when I couldn't wash my face I could get the makeup off.

Well in my opinion I think it failed. I didn't like these at all. I would not recommend them to anyone. After I wiped my face with these, it left an almost sticky gross residue on my skin. Was not soothing at all.
Verdict: Well it was a fail for me. I ended up throwing them out, because I didn't like how they left my face feeling. I'm not sure how much they originally cost, but I still wouldn't pay the $1.50 that I did pay for it. Skip

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Argan Oil Restorative Mask

I love Sally's! I think Everyone can figure out that by now. I buy all my hair products from there. Most of my nail products, and even a few select makeup products.  So I'm always up for trying a new hair mask products. Because I'm in a pool a few times a week, and I dye/bleach my hair. It takes a serious beating. But that is the life of a lifeguard/swimming instructor. 

So my hair and chlorine don't get along so well. It makes my hair unmanageable, dry and brittle. So I've been on the hunt for months for a hair mask that can bring life back to my hair. 

My honest opinion of this hair mask is a miracle worker! I am in love! I can't rave about it enough. I tell everyone and anyone who listens about this. 

So I might not actually use this as a mask. If I'm honest with you guys, I don't use conditioner at all. Just hair masks instead. I keep a bottle of this in my locker at work, and use it every time I shower after being in the pool.  So I use this at least 3 times a week. I usually keep it in for about 5mins at a time.  
This has a scent, smells kinda earthy. I'm not sure how to describe it but I like it. This 8.5oz bottle lasts me at least 2 months, usually a little longer. It has a semi thick creamy texture.  Beige in color. A little goes a long way. 

Verdict: I am in love, it does wonders for my dyed/bleached hair. It saves my hair from drying out from coming in contact with chlorine all the time. It leaves my hair super soft and shiny. For $9, and it lasts for about 2 months sometimes longer, and I use it at least 3 times a month. I find it worth it. It's about  $.38 per use. Can't go wrong with that! 

Okay so if you are wondering what the hell happen to me. A Hard spring semester happened. This has been a super tough semester. But with all these missing posts, I've have so many items to review so hopefully I find a nice grove. Also I bought myself a nail stamping kit, and have been stamping like crazy, so there will be tons of posts about that soon. Can't wait to share what I found while I've been missing for the past like two months. 

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