Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Battle of the Lip Balms!

So I grabbed all my chapsicks and lip balms, and decided to do a mass review on them. To compare which products work the best. 

Eos Lip balm: I own Summer fruit. It has a very fruity smell and taste to it. I like it. It glides on smooth, and moisturize my lips for a good hour or two. After long term use, my lips didn't seem any better than when I started using this. It keeps my lips from cracking but didn't work wonders. Once this is gone I'm not sure if I would buy another one or not. I do like that I can never loose this in my purse. Maybe if there was a sale.

Bath & Body lip balm: They stopped making these years ago, but I had a hunch they weren't making these anymore so I literally bought 15 of them. I lie to you not. At this point I only have 3 left, I think, I might find another floating around somewhere. The reason I loved these so much was because of all the different scents and flavors these came in. These kept my lips smooth and have SPF of 15. Glided on smooth and had a slight gloss to it. I used these the most in the summer. If they sold these still would I buy it again? No, they taste weird. They also have a waxy feel to them. I also bought about 15 of them at the age of 17 so back then my idea of makeup was much different. 

Burt's Bees Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter: I heard great things about Burt's Bees lip balms so of course being me I had to go out and try them. This was the first one I tried. It glides on smooth and has a clear slight gloss to it. It feels super heavy on the lips, smells and taste funny. It lasted maybe an hour on my lips. I couldn't get over the taste I used it for about a week before I stopped, so I can't say how it helped me long term. 

Burt's Bees Replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil: I didn't want to give up so quickly on the Burts Bees wagon so I went out and bought this to give it a try. It gave my lips a slight barely there red tint. It applied smoothly. It lasted about an hour. It smells and tastes horrible. I wouldn't buy this again either, because I think due to it being 100% natural as it claims it doesn't add any flavoring in it. I didn't notice a big change in my lips either because I didn't use this longer than a week. 

Chapstick in Strawberry: This is my go t o chapstick, that never let me down. It gives a slight glossy look to my lips. It tastes and smells super good. It has SPF in it. It glides on smoothly, gives just about 2 hours of moisture before I have to reapply it. It keeps my lips chap free. I would recommend this to all, I keep a tube around at all time. 

Nivea's Kiss of Shimmer in Pink: It glides on super smooth and gives a slight shimmery pink tint. It's perfect for date night, or going out. Guys hate when you wear gloss and bright color lipsticks, they don't want to kiss you while your wearing them. But with this it gives you a bit of shimmer and color that most guys don't even notice your wearing anything. This has a good smell but not so great taste. The taste fades within minutes so it's bareable. I wear this a lot when I want to add a bit of color. It keeps my lips smooth. Lasts about an hour or two. 

Verdict: Would I buy theses again?
Eos Lip balm: Probably
Bath & Body lip balm: No
Burt's Bees Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter: No
Burt's Bees Replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil: No
Chapstick in Strawberry:  Yes
Nivea's Kiss of Shimmer in Pink: Yes

All these products are under $4. All within a college budget. 




Anonymous said...

great review/comparison i too was disappointed with a hurts bees lip balm bought a long time ago ;-(

but i love their other products soooo much

If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie) said...

I only use Carmex lip balms and for some reason the vote is not working today :(

inmyhansonshirt said...

Wow, what a great post! I use Nivea all the time. It is the only product I've found that is nice and creamy and really helps my lips feel moisturized.

Alja said...

have the same nivea,love it!

Rashelle said...

I will vote for you! I am a chapstick fanatic. I hate that a lot of chapsticks just dry out your lips even more so that you continue to use their product. I love Softlips brand, but sometimes I feel that I need it more than I do.

The Peach said...

Great review/post! There are so many lip balms out there these days, they can be hard to sort thru! I've found my favorite lip balms from indie companies. I think Chapstick would be the only commercial brand I would really use these days.

Beauty on a College budget said...

@The Peach, Which indie brands do you use? I didn't know they even made indie lip balms!

@Rashelle I'm not a big fan of soft lips, I just don't know what it is but they don't wow me either.

Jessica said...

Ya i expected burts bees to be way better as well.

Sabrina said...

I have a lipgloss freak, that Nivea one looks just like the Fresh one I use. MUST TRY!!
thank you.

Anonymous said...

I had the same response to the EOS lip balms. Everyone and their mother loves them, but I was like "eh". My favorites these days are by Blistex and Carmex. I like the Blistex Fruit Smoothies the best (for now).

Hannah said...

I have tried so many different lip balms, and I always end up coming back to plain chapstick! I think it's simply just the best.

xoxo, H

WitchHazel said...

Really great post! It sucks that Burt's Bees didn't work for you.. that's my absolute favorite balm. I like the honey and acai berry ones the most ;) On the other hand, I have some EOS balms which everyone raves about and I find them to be just okay.

Jayme and Mendi said...

We love the EOS lip balms!! And another one we really like is the Carmex balm in lime and cherry. If you don't mind a little of the Carmex smell it is fabulous for dry lips!

We are new followers and would love for you to visit our blog and follow back if you like.

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Angela said...

thanks for the review! I love your blog :)


Jenn said...

great review! I love the eos lipbalm one of my favorites

Fash Boulevard said...

adore this post. thanks for sharing, hun. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my Gossip Girl inspired look. xo


DaphYin said...

Wow great reviews and list!! :) I'll sure be referring to this if I decide to buy a new lip balm ^^


Anonymous said...

I love the Nivea ones too !

Melina-Lajolie said...

thx for your comment!
lovely post :)
would you maybe like to follow each other?
melina from melina-lajolie

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