Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lip products I regret buying part 1

All these products are budget friendly products. I will be reviewing NYX's Round lipstick Rose, NYX Lip Lacquer Pot in Coffee Run, WetnWild's natural wear in 100 Frost.

Click down below to read why I'm not a fan of these products

NYX Lip Lacquer Pot in Coffee Run: I had high expectation for this. I was under the impression that it was a cross between gloss and a lipstick, but it is just a lipgloss. Which you had to apply with your fingers. Not fun. I had to find a lip brush to to apply this so I wouldn't get gloss under my nails. So the lasting power is decent for a lipgloss, 2 hours without eating or drinking but if you eat or drink it's gone when your done. It has a very mute amount shine to it, which is nice. It also isn't sticky, but it did feel goopy on my lips. There was no color change to my lips. It's a shame because it's such a lovely color in the container.

WetnWild's natural wear in 100 Frost: It goes on smooth and has a minty taste, and tingly feeling. It last awhile maybe 4 hours tops. It lasts a little after eating and drinking but not long after that. It feels nice and smooth on your lips. I really like this, but not in the color I got. It's a frosty pale pink. Almost seems like white glitter on the lips. I would definitely buy this brand again but not in this color.

NYX's Round lipstick Rose: Its a pretty pink color, the wear is okay 2 maybe 3 hours. It lasts even after lite food and drink. The texture isn't the greatest, very gritty due to the excessive amount of silver glitter in this lipstick. Even with the grittiness and glitter the coverage was smooth and flawless. My serious and only problem was the amount of glitter in this lipstick it's too much. It almost looks like its a silver glitter lipstick with pink accents. I can't wear this. The grittiness bothers my lips too much.
as you can tell the two light pinks on either side barely visible L to R WnW, NYX lipstick, NYX pot. 

I hope this review helps you in picking out lip products. Stay tune in for part two! Stains and lipgloss next. What are the products you guys don't like? Did you guys like the products I didn't?



Mary and Dyer said...

nyx products are pretty much a miss for me... I haven't found any that I love from them. Thanks for your review girl! xox

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DaphYin said...

Indeed that was a helpful review! It's always so messy with glitters... :P

If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie) said...

I always miss with NYX products... :(

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I hate getting a lipstick in a shade that doesn't look flattering! :/

Lots of love, B
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Anonymous said...

I have never tried these products, but I'm not a fan of the nix lipsticks... love their glosses ;-)

great reviews

PolaBerry said...

Great post, NYX lipsticks can be hit and miss. I think there texture can be a bit on the glossy side.. but I do love their lipgloss

Hunter87 said...

Have you tryed any of the NXY lip gloss they work a lot more better for me.
Great blog!!

Pretty Me Purple said...

I gosh, I totally agree about that NYX lipstick. I hauled a bunch of those a while back, and that was one of my least favorites - the texture was just so gross. :(

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