Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beauty Tip 4 - ELF Facial Whip

ELF spotlight facial whip
  • This works great as a base for eyeshadow, it's sticky on the lids so your eyeshadow has something to grab onto. 
  • Use it as a highlight. It last all day and night and really noticeable in pictures! I like to put a little over my lipstick on my cupids bow, say hello to noticeable lips (I get more kisses when I do this ;) haha)
Elf Facial Whip in different colors
  • I have it in Pink Lemonade, and I use it as a blush by itself, or under a powder blush to make it last. 
  • I also use Pink Lemonade on my lids. I just swipe some on, but liner on then off I go. 
  • You can buy it in other colors and use it as a eyeshadow as well. Just add liner and mascara and out the door you go. The easiest school look ever. Promise!!


Lions and Tigers and Make-up said...

Great tips!

Staci - Makeup Chic Blog said...

I haven't ever tried these, but I suppose for a dollar, I should just do it!

Sarah said...

I have super oily skin. Do you think they would aggravate it?

Anonymous said...

nice shades!
and yes here is the link for the kat von d post,
it was one of my very first ever post! enjoy..

Beauty on a College budget said...

@Sarah - I don't think it would aggravate your skin at all. I have super oily skin myself, and I'm very acne prone. I use the facial whip all over my face, on my eyes, even mixed a bit in my lotion before I put it on my legs. It doesn't bother my skin at all. This is seriously is the best product that ELF makes.

DaphYin said...

This tip series is just awesome! Thanks for sharing all of this :D keep rocking!

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