Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NYX Haul!!

So if you know anything about me it's the fact I love NYX products. I swear by them on other peoples blogs, and suggest the brand to everyone. So when I spend $40 on NYX products I get super excited. I got so much in this Haul, 14 items. That's a steal!!
WARNING: This is a picture heavy post!
click down below to see everything I bought!

two sets of fake eyelashes

Concealer Jar in Medium 
Polish in Woman

Jumbo eye pencils: Pots and Pans, and Black Bean

Powder Blush L Natural, R Peach 

Purple Smokey eye palette (I absolutely love it!) 

Lip Lacquer Pot in Coffee Run

Round Lipsticks, from L to R: Watermelon, Narcissus, Rose

Mood lip gloss

Coming up soon a review for the products! 

What are your favorite NYX products?



Melu103 said...

thank you so much for your
sweet comments !!

they put a smile on my face
and yeah its super hard to loose
weight .. but you can do whatever
you set your mind to .

Takes time and lots and lots of work
but you can do it :)

ill soon start a new diet and exercise
routine .. ill talk about it on the post
and you can get ideas out of it :)


Chanel said...

I gave your blog and award!

Just put the post up!



Lexy said...

Nice Haul!!!! I love NYX glosses and matte lip creams. I just ordered some round lipsticks after seeing this post I cant wait till they come in the mail lol.

inmyhansonshirt said...

Looks like a great haul! I have never tried anything by NYX before but it looks like nice stuff! The blush colours look really pretty and mood gloss - what a cool idea!


Little Petite said...

Great haul, I love the lipstick colors =D

DaphYin said...

Wow! So much! Love them! :) I've dreamt of getting NYX products too but it seems that they don't get imported in my country... but I swear I'll buy some of these some day when I'll go abroad :) can't wait for these reviews!


Staci - Makeup Chic Blog said...

I have the blush in natural and the jumbo eye pencil in pots and pans as well! My faves include the jumbo eye pencil in yogurt, cream blush in boho chick, most of the nail polishes I've tried, and sad to say but the NYX Girls lipglosses. Okay, they are probably meant for younger girls, but I like them too!

Stacey said...

I love NYX products too! I think their single eyeshadows and lipsticks are the best. I've been wanting to try the jumbo eye pencils for a while now, can't wait for your review and swatches! =)

Anonymous said...

I love the nail polish !
Such a pretty colour :)

Y said...

Would you believe that i don't own a single nyx item? I know , i know, i really should try out this brand!

t said...

Sweet haul!


PolaBerry said...

Great haul I love nyx! Esp thier blush! :)

Lina Kim ♥ said...

nice haul, and now I want Lip Lacquer Pot in Coffee Run! it looks so cute =D are you going to make a full review for it? thx =D

Desiree said...

AHHH!! NYX!! LOVE IT! i love love love the jumbo pencils! milk has to be one of my absolute favorites though. ahh, this makes me want to do online shopping! haha.

Mrs.Makeup said...

I have a lot of NYX eyeshadows but I don't have any of this stuff you bought. I can't wait to see a review and I am not a follower :)

Bárbara ^^, said...

Hello there!!
First of all thank you so much for your visit and comment!
I just met your blog and I love it, I'll try to come regularly, okey? :D

I love everything you bought! They loo so cute and wearable!
Its not very easy to get NYX here in portugal but I read a lot of bloggers talking about it!
And all of that for just 40$?

So, for today thats it!


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